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February 2012 Perch Newsletter

February 2012 Perch Newsletter

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Published by The PERCH

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Published by: The PERCH on Feb 10, 2012
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Non-Traditional  Newsletter 
February 2012
Many of us make bothsmall and sweeping
resoluons for the New
Year: weight loss, exercise,
quing bad habits, etc.Now that the semester is
quickly rolling along, wewanted to check in and
see how your resoluons
are going? We at thePerch are dedicated tohelping you achieve your
goals in 2012 and beyond. Be sure to visit us to nd out moreabout what UNCW and the Wilmington community oers for ournon-tradionals. Here’s just a sampling:* Struggling to lose weight, keep moving, or stay movated? Visitthe Student Recreaon Center, talk with a UNCW sta nutrionist,try out a self-paced program through Seahawk Fitness, join an
intramural sports group, or take advantage of a range of outdoor
opportunies oered through an Adventure Recreaon oung.
* Feeling stressed and need to talk with someone? Make an
appointment with the Counseling Center, located on the secondoor of DePaolo Hall, at (910) 962-3746.* Need help with school work? Visit the University LearningCenter, located on the rst oor of DePaolo Hall, or contact themat (910) 962-7857.* Looking for things to do? “Like” the Seahawk Perch on Facebookto get the latest event updates. Join our email list or drop by tosee our calendar of campus and community events. Aend one
of our events scheduled throughout the semester to meet both
tradional and non-tradional students on campus.
Save the Date! 
Be sure to put our upcoming events onyour calendar! Join us on Facebook forthe latest updates and informaon. All
events are
Of-Campus Cofee Breaks
Wednesdays, 10:30-11:30 a.m.February 15
Sponsored by The Reserve at Forest Hills
February 29
Sponsored by Health Promoons
Cornerstone Lounge, Fisher Center
Jump-Start Your Career Workshop:Resumés/C.V.s & Job Search Strategies
Thursday, February 166:00 p.m.Sunset Beach Room
Family Movie Manee:
The Lion King
Saturday, February 183:00-5:00 p.m.Lumina Theatre
Of-Campus Housing Fair
Wednesday, March 711:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m.Warwick Center
How’s it Going? 
The Non-Tradional Newsleer is a monthly publicaon of theSeahawk Perch. For more informaon about the Perch
and its resources, visit our web site at
cases, your GPA begins anew, which can add an undue amount of stress on top of everything else. Maybe you are inthe midst of just such a challenge, so here are some ps for overcoming Transfer Shock:
Become involved! 
Research at UNCW and other universies state that Transfer Students are 57% more likely to have a 3.0 or beerin their rst year at a new instuon if they become involved in a student club, research opportunies, or studygroups. Perfect examples of these include the Transfer Student Organizaon (Non-Trad Commiee), SGA Non-TradSenator (elecons in Spring), Departmental Honors (Honors College), Directed Independent Study (Your AcademicDepartment), and many more.
Sit in the Front of Class! 
This is a simple strategy to make a stadium-style classroom of upwards of 150 students feel like just the front row andthe professor.
Get to know your Professors! 
This falls in line with sing in the front of class. If the professors recognize you from asking quesons in class andvising them during oce hours, they will be much more recepve of allowing you exibility, should you ever need it.
Attend Campus-Wide events! 
Going to sporng events, Homecoming events and UNCWeekend events are a great way to network and begin to feelas though UNCW is your home. Many of these events are free, just check out the UNCW website periodically to get in
the know!
Utilize the Seahawk Perch! 
This is your home away from home
if you are a Non-Trad. They have aresource oce with a microwave,a full-size refrigerator and loads of helpful informaon for your use.Addionally, you can nd a babysier,
housing, roommates and more on the
Perch website. Lastly, the Perch hoststhe Commuter Coee Break mostWednesdays, 10:30-11:30 a.m., wheredierent organizaon partners provideStarbucks coee and assorted pastries.For more informaon, visit the website at www.uncw.edu/seahawkperch.
Overcoming Transfer Shock 
By Josh KinchenDo you know that there is an ocial term for adapng (or not adapng) toa new school, aer transferring? It is called Transfer Shock, which can occurin the rst semester or year aer you transfer to a new instuon. This isespecially true if you have been admied as a Junior or above, but have tolearn new buildings, new professors, new policies, new parking, etc. In many
My name is Josh Kinchen and I am your 2011-2012 Non-Trad Senator for theStudent Government Associaon. I am here to represent anyone who is: over theage of 23, married, has children, is military aliated or any combinaon thereof.I am available by appointment; please email me at jdk6042@uncw.edu.My goal this year is to increase the visibility of Non-Trads on campus, vote toapprove and create legislaon that will increase the quality of life for Non-Tradstudents.
Recent SGA Legislaon
B009.011712 Appointed Posions Bill 
Summary: This bill adjusted several posions with the SGA Senate, to encouragehigher parcipaon.History: Tradionally, several Senate seats were contested or empty due to thelimitaons of the by-laws. There was cause to revise these seats to encourage beerrepresentaon of the student body.How this benets Non-Trads: Amongst the changes, there was the addion of a Transfer Student Senator. This willallow Transfer students, many of which are Non-Trads, to have an addional opportunity to be represented to theadministraon on all associated issues.Senator Kinchen voted: In Favor, along with being the bill’s Author.Result: PASSED by the Senate. In Favor 22, Abstain 2.Visit hp://student.uncw.edu/org/sga/documents/2011-2012StatutesTitleIII.StudentSenate.pdf to review.
Senator Josh KinchenNon-Tradional
 Available by appointment 
Email: jdk6042@uncw.edu
Non-Traditional Senator Report 
The Seahawk Perch presents a free
Professional Development Workshop Series
especially for UNCW Graduate Students beginning with the
Jump-Start your Career Workshop
Resumés/C.V.s & Job Search Strategies
Thom Rakes,
Director of the UNCW Career Center
Thursday, February 16, 6:00 p.m.
Sunset Beach Room, Fisher Student Center
Bring your resumé or C.V. for a chance to learn helpful tips.

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