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The Africa - European Union: Energy Partnership, Fiche 4

The Africa - European Union: Energy Partnership, Fiche 4

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Published by development4all

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Published by: development4all on Nov 19, 2008
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From policy to implementation
Europe and Africa have a long-term relationship and areconnected byhistory, culture, strong trade linksandcooperation programmes. Recently, European and Africanleadersrecognised itwastime to reassesstheir relation-ship and transform itinto realpoliticalpartnership. Theresultisthe EU-Africa StrategicPartnership thatlaysouta number ofselected priorityareasand activities.One ofthese isthe Africa-EU EnergyPartnership thatwillstrengthen existing Africa-EU actionsand dialogue onenergyaccessand energysecurity.Together, Africa and the EU aim to create:A more structured and effective Africa-EU dialogue onaccessto energyservicesand energysecurity.Improved accessto reliable, secure, affordable,climate friendlyand sustainable energyservicesfor both continents.Increased European and African investmentsinenergyinfrastructure in Africa, including promotion of renewable energyand energyefficiency.
Making ithappen – an integratedframeworkofEU instruments
The Africa-EU EnergyPartnership willbe a politicalframe-workfor stimulating existing and new funding instru-mentsasdescribed below.
The EU-Africa Partnershipon Infrastructure – interconnecting Africa
The EU-Africa Infrastructure Partnership waslaunched in2007. Itfocuseson cross-border regionaland nationalinfrastructure. For energy, the Partnership facilitatesinvestmentsin cross-border interconnections, grid exten-sion and ruraldistribution, in order to improve accesstosustainable and affordable energyservices.The Infrastructure Partnership respondsto the develop-mentgoalsofthe African Union and itsNew EconomicPartnership for Africa'sDevelopment. The EuropeanInvestmentBank(EIB) ismanaging a trustfund setupasone ofthe financialinstrumentsofthe Partnership.The Fund receivesgrantfunding from the EuropeanDevelopmentFund and additionalMember Statescontri-butionsofapproximately€100 million. The EIB willmobilise loansfour to five timesthisamount.
The ACP-ECEnergyFacilityreaching-outatthe locallevel
The ACP-ECEnergyFacilityenablesthe EuropeanCommission to co-finance projectswith Governments,the Private Sector, InternationalOrganisationsand CivilSociety. Itsobjective isto increase accessto energyservicesatlocallevel. A firsttranche of€198 million isbeing allocated to 75 projects.The private sector participatesin manyofthe projects,both in smalland large-scale infrastructure. The projectsspan from the extension ofthe electricitygrid in Benin todecentralised renewable energysolutions, such ashydropower, efficientuse ofbiomassand solar power inIvoryCoast, Burkina Faso, Tanzania and Ghana.Some ofthe projectsare regionalin nature and varyinscope from cross-border electrification to capacitybuilding. In addition to these projects, the EnergyFacilityalso providesa €10 million supportto the four Power PoolsofSub Saharan AfricaA replenishmentofthe EnergyFacilityunder the 10thEuropean DevelopmentFund isbeing considered asanEU contribution under the EnergyPartnership.
ENRTP ThematicProgramme –flexible financing for energy 
The EU ThematicProgramme for EnvironmentandSustainable ManagementofNaturalResourcesIncludingEnergy(ENRTP) 2007-2013 hasa globalbudgetofmorethan €800 million. One ofthe ENRTP’sprioritiesistosupportsustainable energyoptionsin the EU’spartner countriesand regions. Thisincludesa follow-up oftheCOOPENER programme and core contributionsto theGlobalEnergyEfficiencyand Renewable EnergyFund.The currentCOOPENER programme addressesthe marketand regulatoryconditionsfor the provision ofsustainableenergyservices. Launched under the IntelligentEnergyfor Europe Programme with a budgetof€17 million,COOPENER supportsmore than 40 projects– mostlyinAfrica – aimed atstrengthening localcapacitiesin energyplanning, energyefficiencyand renewable energy.
GlobalEnergyEfficiency& RenewableEnergyFund – mobilising commercialinvestments
The GlobalEnergyEfficiencyand Renewable EnergyFund (GEEREF) aimsto accelerate the transfer, devel-opmentand deploymentofrenewable energyandenergyefficienttechnologies.GEEREFaimsto help overcome barrierscre
ated bythe lackofriskcapitalin developing countriesbyproviding new risk-sharing and co-financing optionsto mobilise internationaland domesticcommercialinvestments. Itwillinvestin a broad mixofenergyefficiencyand renewable energytechnologies. Theinitialgrantfunding for GEEREFexceeds€125 millionand includessignificantcontributionsfrom theEuropean Commission and from EU Member States.
GlobalClimate Change Alliance –mainstreaming climate change
Climate change isthreatening poor countries, particu-larlyLeastDeveloped Countries(LDCs) and SmallIsland Developing States(SIDS). To addressthischal-lenge, the Commission proposesto build a GlobalClimate Change Alliance (GCCA) with the developingcountriesthatare mostvulnerable to climate change.The Alliance willprovide a platform for dialogue andexchange ofexperiencesofintegrating climatechange into alllevelsofdecision-making and devel-opmentinvestments. Itwillcomprise ofcontributionsfrom ENTRP and the 10
EDF, and willseekcooper-ationwith EU Member States.

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