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Single Herbal Churna (Powder)

Single Herbal Churna (Powder)

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herbs for health
herbs for health

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Published by: sunni (aamil) spiritual healer on Feb 11, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 1 0001 Adusa Patti churna Adusa patti (Adhatoda vasica) In respiratory disorder; It iseffectively used in cold, coughas well as advanced cases of 1/2 tsf twice a day withHoneybronchitis.2 0002 Anantmool churna Anantmool Root (Hemidesmusindicus)It clears obstruction in trachea,increases digestive power, aremedy for dyspepsia,inflammation.1 -2 tsf with honey or milk twice a day3 0003 Aonla churna Aonla Fruit (Emblica officinalis) Aonla rebuilds new tissues andincreases the red blood cellcount, strengthens the teeth,stops bleeding of gums andimproves eye sight. It nourishesbones and promotes growth of healthy, lustrous hair and strongnails.1/2 table spoonful (tsf)twice a day with water 4 0004 Apamarg churna Apamarg whole plant(Achyranthes aspera)Toothache, Scabies, Piles, Skindiseases.1/2 tsf with lukewarmwater twice a day5 0005 Arjun Chhal churna Arjun Chhal (Terminalia arjuna) Ideal for cardiac diseases,hypertension, heaviness in thecheast, a cardio protective andcardio-tonic.1/2-1 tsf twice a daywith milk or water 6 0006 Ashok Chhal churna Ashok chhal (Saraca asoca) Leucorrhoea, UterineTonic,Menorrhagia.1/2 tsf twice a day7 0007 Ashwagandha churna Ashwagandha Root (Withaniasomnifera)It counteracts the effects of stress and generally promoteswellness. It has also been1/2 tsf twice a day withMilkshown to inhibit inflammationand improve memory.Good for general weakness, seminaldebility and arthritis.8 0008 Babool Chhal churna Chhal babool (Acacia arabica) Skin diseases, stomatitis, drycough.5 -7 gm with water or decoction to be taken9 0009 Bael Chhal churna Chhal bael (Aegle marmelos) Arthiritis, cough, Jaundice, Piles,Inflammation.2 -6 gm with water or decoction twice a day10 0010 Bael guda churna Bael Fruit pulp (Aeglemarmelos)A valuable preparation for chronic constipation, chronicdysentery and dyspepsia.1/2 -1 tsf twice a daywith water 11 0011 Baheda churna Baheda Fruit (Terminaliabelerica)It is purgative, laxative,analgesic, anti-inflammatory,nutritive, anti-pyretic,expectorant and in thyrioddisease.1/2 -1 tsf twice a daywith Honey or water 12 0012 Bhuin Aonla churna Bhuin Aonla whole plant(Phyllanthus amarus)It is an efficient liver tonic, whichimproves the functioning of liver and the spleen.Before meals 1/2 -1 tsf twice a day with water 13 0013 Chandrashoor BeejchrunaChandrashoor seed (Lepidiumsativum)Diarrhoea, Chronic Spleendisorders & Hepatomegally,Lambago and increasing heightin early age.1/2 -1 tsf mixed withsugar candy andcoconut kernel, givento ladies in post natalcare for sufficientlactation14 0014 Chitrak mool churna Chitrakmool roots (Plumbagozeylanica)Digestive, Arthiritis. 1/2 gm to 2 gm withwater or honey twice aday15 0015 Daru Haldi churna Daru Haldi Churn (Berberisaristata)Leucorrhea, Metrorrhagea,Cough, Liver and fever.3 -5 gm with water twice a day16 0016 Giloe churna Giloe Stem (Tinosporacordifolia)It is rejuvenator and increasesbody immunity against diseases.It is the best herb to cure fevers1/2 tsf twice a day withHoney or Water in all type of diseases, includingmalaria, typhoid, jaundice andtuberculosis.17 0017 Gokharu churna Gokharu fruit Urinary tract diseases, Vat- 1/2 tsf twice a day
(Tribulus terrestris)
Vyadhi, diuretic, appetizer.
18 0018 Gorakhmundi churna Gorakhmundi fruit(Sphaeranthus indicus)Blood purifier, rheumatism andboils.1/2 tsf with water twicea day19 0019 Gudmar Patti churna Gudmar patti (Gymnemasylvestre)It is used for healing diabetiesmellitus. restores pancreaticfunction; stimulate the1/2 table spoonful (tsf)twice a day with water circulatory system, increasesurine secretion.20 0020 Gulab phool churna Rose flower petals (Rosacentifolia)Heart tonic, Digestive. 2 -3 gm with milk or water twice a day21 0021 Gular Chhal churna Gular chhal (Ficus glomerata) Leucorrhoea, Metrorrahagia. 6 -10 gm with water or decoction to be taken22 0022 Harad churna Harad Fruit (Terminaliachebula)A safe and effective purgative,astringent and alterative.1/2 -1 tsf twice a day23 0023 Harsingar Patti churna Haarsingar patti (Nyctanthesarbortristis)Sciatica, eliminates coughcongestion.1/4 -1/2 gm with water or honey twice a day24 0024 Indrajau churna Indrajau fruit (Wrightia tinctoria) Diarrhoea and chronic dysentry. 1/2 tsf with water twicea day25 0025 Jamun guthli churna Jamun seeds (Syzygiumcumini)Diabeties. 1/2 tsf with water twicea day26 0026 Kaifal churna Kaifal fruit (Myrica nagi) Reduces swelling, Arthiritis. 3 -5 gm with honey or milk27 0027 Kali Mirch churna Kali Mirch fruits (Piper nigrum) Loss of Appetite, Cough andCold.1/2 -1 gm with water twice a day28 0028 Kali musali churna Kali musali tubers (Curculigoorchioides)Genital Tonic and Good for general weakness.1 tsf with milk twice aday29 0029 Kalmegh churna Kalmegh whole plant(Andrographis paniculata)It is an hepatic stimulantcholagogoue and blood purifier;useful in the cure of turbid liver, jaundice, Maleria and other critical fever.Decoction of 1/2 -1 tsf to be taken after mealswith honey or jaggery30 0030 Katsariya churna Katsariya chhal (Barleriaprionitis)Arthiritis, reducing fat in thebody.1/2 tsf twice a day31 0031 Keoti Chhal churna Keoti Chhal (Ventilagodenticulata)Diabeties, Kidney disorders. Alltypes of prameha1/2 tsf twice a day32 0032 Khareti churna Khareti whole plant (Sida acuta) Leucorrhoea, Urinary diseases& Vata Vyadhi1/2 tsf twice a day33 0033 Kiwach Beej churna(Shodhit)Kiwach seeds (Mucuna prurita) Inspermatosshoea, paralysisand Good for general weakness3 -5 gm with milk twicea day34 0034 Kuda Chhal churna Kuda chhal (Holarrhenaantidysenterica)Bleeding dysentry, digestive,Diarrhoea3 -5 gm decoction withwater 35 0035 Kutki churna Kutki chhal (Picrorhiza kurroa) Liver tonic, Jaundice, Hepaticderrangement, Dyspepsia,Chronic dysentry, Heartdiseases5 -8 gm with water twice a day36 0036 Majuphal Maju Fruit (Quercus infectoria) It is used in the treatment of piles, dysentery, diarrhoea.1/4 -1/2 tsf twice a daywith water 37 0037 Mulaithi churna Mulaithi Root powder (Glycyrrhiza glabra)Sweet, Cold, Aphrodisiac,Diuretic, Intellect promoting.1 table spoonful (tsf)twice a day with water or honey38 0038 Nagarmotha churna Nagarmotha roots (Cyperusscariosus)Hair cleanser, Colic pain,Diarrhoea, Dysentry, Urinarydiseases, Cough, Heartdiseases.1/2 tsf twice a day39 0039 Neempatra churna Margosa Patti (Azadirachtaindica)It is antibacterial and antisepticand it is use for all sorts of skindisorders like eczema,1/2 -1 tsf twice a dayringworm. It is an excellentblood purifier.40 0040 Nirgundi churna Nirgundi patti (Vitex negundo) In strengthening hair, reduceswelling and nausea, Helpscuring swollen joints and itspain.1/2 tsf twice a day41 0041 Pashan Bhed churna Pashan-bhed roots (Bergenialigulata)Calculii, Kidney pain 1/2 -1 gm with water twice a day42 0042 Pathani Lodhra churna Pathani Lodhra chhal(Symplocos racemosa)Leucorrhoea, Menorrhagia 1/2 tsf twice a day
43 0043 Pippera mool churna Pipperamool Churn (Piper longum)Digestive, Collic disease 1 -3 gm with water andhoney twice a day44 0044 Pippli churna (LongPiper)Pippli fruits (Piper longum) Colic pain, Cough and Cold 1/2 -1 gm with water or honey twice a day45 0045 Poaad beej(Chakrarmard) churnaPoaad seeds (Cassia tora) Ring worm, Scabies, Skindisease1 -3 gm with water or milk & oily paste to beapplied locally46 0046 Punarnava mool churna Punarnava mool (Boerhaviadiffusa)Colic disease, Gonorrhoea,Oedema, Anaemia, Jaundice,Abdominal diseases.1 table spoonful (tsf)twice a day with water 47 0047 Makoi Churna Makoi for Swalon desease, Heart
(Solanum nigrum)
probllem, piles and fever.48 0048 Rasna patti churna Rasna patti (Pluchealanceolata)Fever, Rheumetide, Cough,Reduce inflammation of trachea.3 -6 gm with water twice a day49 0049 Safed Musli churna Safed Musli Root(Chlorophytum borivilianum)It is cooling, aphrodisiac andnervine tonic. Ideal for development of body musclesand resistance power.1/2 tsf twice a day withMilk50 0050 Sanai Patti churna Senna patti (Cassiaangustifolia)Laxative and Purgative After meals 1/2 -1 tsf with Munakka51 0051 Sarpagandha churna Sarpgandha roots (Rauvolfiaserpentina)Hypertension, Heart diseases,Insomnia, Epilepsy.1/2 gm twice a day52 0052 Sarponkha churna Sarponkha Churn (Tephrosiapurpurea)Cough, Lever, Spleen and Piles. 3 -5 gm with water twice a day53 0053 Saunth churna Saunth roots (Gingibar officinale)Colic pain, Rheumatic pain 1/2 -1 gm with water twice a day54 0054 Shatawar churna Shatawar Root (Asparagusracemosus)An excellent rejuvenator andhealth tonic.It is aphrodisiac,increases breast milk &After meals 1/2 -1 tsf twice a day with Milkappetite.It helps in heelingpeptic ulcer.55 0055 Tulsi Patti churna Tulsi patti (Ocimum sanctum) It is well known stimulant,carminative and expectorant. Ithas good anti-bacterial quality.1/2 -1 tsf twice a daywith Honey56 0056 Vach churna Root (Acorus calamus) It is good for dyspepsia, colic,remittent fever, epilepsy,bronchitis and throat disorder. It1/2 -1 tsf twice a dayis an expectorant, anthelminthic,antipyretic & carminative57 0057 Vaividang churna Vaividang seed (Embeliatsjerium cottam)Anti worm, Digestive, bloodpurification1 -2 tsf twice a day withhoney or butter milkafter meals58 0058 Vidarikand churna Vidarikand roots (Puerariatuberosa)Spermepoeitic Tonic, Good for general weakness & clear sweetvoice.1/2 tsf with milk twice aday59 0059 Vidhara mool churna Vidhara Root (Argyreiaspeciosa)General Debility, Diuretic,Aphrodisiac3 -6 gm twice a day
60 0060 Ajmodadi churna Ajmod, Vaividang, SendhaNamak, Deodaru, Chitrak,Pippera mool, saunf, Pippali,Kalimirch, Saunth, Vidhara,Best Pain killer for stomach andJoints pain, Aamvat.1/2 -1 tsf with water twice a dayHaritiki61 0061 Amlakayadi churna Aonla, Sendha Namak, Pippli,Haritiki, ChitrakUseful in loss of appetite andindigestion.1/2 -1 tsf with water twice a day62 0062 Amritadi churna Giloe, Saunth, Gokhru,Gorakhmundi, Varun chhalIt is useful in renal calculi andrheumatic pain.1/2 -1 tsf with water twice a day63 0063 Ashwagandhadi churna Ashwagandha, Saunth, Pippali,Kalimirch, Dalchini, Tejpatra,Nagkesher, Laung, Jatamansi,Nagarmotha, Sugar & other.General tonic for all, tridoshnashak. Rasayana & Vajikaran1/2 -1 tsf with milktwice a day after meals64 0064 Avipattikar churna Saunth, Kalimirch, PippAli, BalHarad, Bahera, Aonla BidNamak, Elaichi, Tejpatra,Laung, Sugar, Nisoth,Vaividang & Others.It improves the digestion anduseful in several digestivedisorders like hyper acidity andcolic pain.1/2 -1 tsf with water twice a day beforemeals

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