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The Teachers

The Teachers

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Published by Pat Taylor Fuller
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book idea

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Published by: Pat Taylor Fuller on Feb 11, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Teachers’ “Work” RoomPrologueHello There! I am the district’s “new” copy machine. I got here because thesuperintendent’s nephew gave them a good deal on a refurbished copier. That means thatI’ve been to rehab and I’m ready to give it another go. I’ve seen some pretty interestingcharacters and heard some truly astounding remarks from them in just my short timehere. Just the other day, I heard them discussing the new principal. Wow, the stuff theysaid would really burn them if it got to the right people. But, they never worry about me;they say what they are thinking. It’s a good thing the administration doesn’t put a bug inme. Now, there’s an idea worth considering, hum???Chapter One – The New PrincipalShe walked in briskly, heels clacking on the tile floor. So pretty, and she knows it. Theother teachers call her “Miss America” behind her back. Sally is known for her fashionsense and her hairdos. She wears the latest styles and her long, shoulder length hair isalways styled in the latest “hot” look. Ms. Sally Goodshoe is aptly named. She musthave a thousand pair of them. Right now, she is in a hurry to get some copies made for her classroom. Of course, I am out of paper. The previous user got what he/she wanted, but, didn’t bother checking to see if I needed more paper. Now, Sally has to stop andreload the paper tray. I can hear her cussing under her breath.Right then, in walks the new principal, Mrs. Margaret First. “Is there a problem with thenew machine?” she asks Ms. Sally. “Oh, no!” Sally replies. “It’s just out of paper.” Mrs.First is old school. That means she runs a tight ship and expects her teachers to work hard, stay late, and not complain. She wants to be called Mrs. First, not Maggie or Peggyor any nickname. Pity the fool who even tries to use her first name, Margaret. They areswiftly informed that it is not professional. So Mrs. First asks, Ms. Goodshoe if she willhead up the volunteer committee this year. What can she say? After all, when you arenon-tenured staff, you’d better step up to the plate every time you are asked or you maynot make it to your tenure year. Ms. Goodshoe says, “Oh, thanks for asking. I’d be happyto serve.” Meanwhile I’m sure she was thinking, “If it wasn’t for the damned copymachine running out of paper, I wouldn’t have been in here when the old bag came in.”She walked toward the door mumbling, “Damn, Damn, Damn.”Just then, Pop-off Paul came into the room. He was hopping mad, again. He’s always gothis panties in a twist over something. This time he’s telling Ms. Sally about an email hegot from a parent. “If that idiot thinks I’m going to bend over backwards and give his kidmore privileges just because he has an I.E.P., he’s just crazy.” He tells Ms. Sally to look at the message he’d printed off his computer. “What the hell is the matter with parentsthese days?” he asks. Not waiting for an answer, he says, “When I was in school, my dadwould never have asked the teacher for special privileges. And he would have kicked my butt if I didn’t work hard and make him proud. Now days, parents want us to bemagicians and fix whatever baggage the kid brings in from home.” Ms. Sally finally gets

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