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Veda and Mamo Visit New York City

Veda and Mamo Visit New York City

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Published by Pat Taylor Fuller
book series idea
book series idea

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Published by: Pat Taylor Fuller on Feb 11, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Veda and Mamo visit New York City The big decision was whether to take the Amtrak from Chicago or fly to NYC. They’dalready narrowed the choice down from bike, car, or bus. They were in too much of a hurry for those options.Veda was interested in flying as she’d never been on an airplane. Mamo hadalready flown across the country and Atlantic and she wanted the train. Becauseboth options were acceptable to them, they decided to flip a coin. Veda calledheads, the coin was tossed, and heads it was. So they ended up flying to NYC.When their airplane arrived at LaGuardia(http :// www .panynj.gov /airports /lga -history .html ), Mamo and Veda retrieved their luggage and went looking for a taxicab to take them to their hotel. It was a very interesting ride, to say the least. Thedriver did not speak very much English and neither Veda nor Mamo spoke Urdo,which is the main language of Pakistan, the birthplace of their driver. He didunderstand hurry and their ride was quite exciting. He got them to their hotel inrecord time and Mamo gained a few new gray hairs in the process.Immediately, Veda wanted to explore. Mamo wanted a drink. They decided tohave a soda in the hotel before taking off for a walk in Central Park. (http :// www .centralparknyc .org /visit /) They discovered there was so much to do atthe park that they didn’t know where to begin. So, a free walking tour seemed likea good idea. That’s when they learned that there were again many choices and thatyou could even custom design your own tour! Wow! During their tour, they learnedabout the Sandbox program (http :// www .centralparknyc .org /visit /things -to -do /family -community /sandbox -program .html ) and it sounded perfect for their firstday in NYC. They could learn some African dance moves, listen to music, and hearsome stories about goblins, witches, shoemakers, princesses and fools. When Vedaheard that there are 21 playgrounds in Central Park, she wanted to visit all of them.Mamo told her that they would have to save some of them for another day. Beforethe day was over, they realized that it would take many more days to really explorethe entire Park. If they were going to see anything else in NYC, they would have tosay goodbye to Central Park.On the way back to their hotel, they stopped at a deli and had a quick meal. Mamosaid they would need their rest because in the morning they were visiting theEmpire State Building and the Statue of Liberty.Veda was so excited that she thought she wouldn’t be able to sleep, but, as soon asher head hit the pillow, she was dreaming about tomorrow.Meanwhile, Mamo was wide awake. She glanced at the book she’d bought about theEmpire State Building (ESB) and decided to read up on it so she would have someinteresting facts to tell Veda when she woke up. The first thing she noticed was theESB sustainability exhibit. She knew that Veda’s mommy would be interested inthem visiting this exhibit. (http :// www .esbnyc .com /sustainability _ exhibit .asp)Before Mamo finally dozed off to sleep, she read thaton a clear day one can see toNew Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and Delaware. That would bean interesting fact to share with Veda in the morning.

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