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Damnation City Extras

Damnation City Extras

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Published by LabRatFan

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Published by: LabRatFan on Feb 11, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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DAMNATION CITY:District Map Segments
This free companion kit contains larger versions of the nine map segments thatappear in
Damnation City 
, pp. 184–195,plus two bonus maps.In this packet, we present the maps without the labels given with them in
Damnation City 
. While each map wasdesigned with a particular kind of neig-horbood in mind, whatever label you want to put on one of these maps is justas evocative as any we could put on them.Cities come in all shapes, neighborhoodsdefy expectations, the cold lines of a mapcan’t always describe the sweaty details found at street level. Pairinglabels and maps is part of the brainstorming process, part of whatmakes your own city unique. What if those buildings in the Industrial map aren’t warehousesanymore, but condos? What if there’s a hospital in there, or a bunch of underground nightclubs, or even a zoo? Are those circles on one of thebonus maps marking the location of English-style roundabouts, or arethey fountains, war memorials, or the legs of an overpass?For quick guidelines on combining these map segments into largerurban landscapes, see “Putting It Together” on p. 195 of DamnationCity. Change the sense of scale on these maps by printing them out atdifferent sizes, or expanding them 10-25% or more on a photocopier.Cut out parts of the map you like and tape them on another map. Geta black marker and draw in a new river. Make them yours.
©2007 CCP, Inc. Allrights reserved. Reproductionwithoutthewrittenpermissionofthepublisheris expresslyforbidden, exceptforthepurposes ofreviews, and forblankcharactersheets, whichmaybereproduced forpersonaluseonly.WhiteWolf, Vampire and World of Darkness are registered trademarks ofCCP, Inc. Allrights reserved. VampiretheRequiem, WerewolftheForsaken, MagetheAwakening, PrometheantheCreated, StorytellingSystemand DamnationCityaretrademarks ofCCP,Inc.Allrights reserved.Allcharacters,names,places and texthereinarecopyrighted byCCP,Inc.Thementionoforreferencetoanycompanyorproductinthesepagesisnota challengetothetrademarkorcopyrightconcerned.This bookuses thesupernaturalforsettings,characters and themes.Allmysticaland supernaturalelements are
ctionand intended forentertainmentpurposes only.This productcontains maturecontent. Readerdiscretionis advised.CheckoutWhiteWolfonlineathttp://www.white-wolf.com
Designed by:
 Will Hindmarch & Craig S Grant
The Prince is the master of the city, buthe has named you lord of your territory.Are you a tyrant or a saint? Will you pullthe Prince’s strings or become the Princeyourself?This book includes:• Guides to selecting or designinga modern city that’s right for yourchronicle, and giving that city theWorld of Darkness’s gritty supernaturalatmosphere.• Tools and tricks for running dramaticand suspenseful stories in a crowded and shadowy city, including suchnew systems as “City of Millions” and “Attitude and Ambience.”• New styles of gameplay for
Vampire: The Requiem
, called Baronyand Primacy, that take advantage of more than 50 urban Districtsand unique Sites.• A guide to the fictional city of Newcastle — a new World ofDarkness environment ready for you to customize and bring to lifein play, using any or all of the book’s dozens of optional rules.400 pages • ISBN: 978-1-58846-267-1 • WWXXXXX
Map Segments
  D  A  M  N  A  T  I  O  N  C  I  T  Y
Look at the example of the park map on this page. By putting tall buildingsall around the park, you get a big-city, Central Park kind of neighborhood.Tall buildings mean money — money to build them, money to live or work inthem, and a neighborhood desirable enough to bring in all that money.This park must be nice enough that people want to look at it. Expensivehigh-rises line its edges like spectators. Lavish penthouses and breathtakingboardrooms look down onto the red-and-gold treetops in the fall. Wealthy mortals (and lordly vampires) look down through the skeletal winter treesat the park’s orange lanterns and tiny, distant visitors. Just by changingthe height of the buildings, we create a sense of the District’s character.
Push it further. This is the World of Darkness, so maybe this neighbor-hood was coveted once, long ago, but after a series of violent crimes, acouple of bad fires, and a week-long riot, the rich people and their money fled for some other neighborhood. Now the buildings on one side of thepark are husks, with squatters living inside them like maggots in corpses —or like refugees from the social warfare that ruined the neighborhood. Onthe other side of the park are the posh flats of the lingering glitterati.Now the park has a degreeof the fearful symbolism of the World of Darkness: It isthe wilderness separating thehedonists from the desperate,the repressed from the lawless. As the sun goes down, thefields transform from frisbeegrounds to drug markets. Thegarden becomes the grave.
A Handsome ParkDistrict
Tall buildings cast longshadows. Tall buildingscan also provide the secu-rity of windows and wit-nesses. When you’re on thestreet between the loomingconcrete of gargoyled sky-scrapers, are you safely inthe public eye or are youtrapped in the cold corridors of a uncaring city? When you look at the shapes on any of 
Damnation City 
’s Districtmaps, what do you see? Take the park map as an example. Do you see aresidential park where locals go to play catch with the dog or keep watchon the kids during soccer practice? That’s one way to look at it.No matter how you’re looking at it, though, take the time to consciously change up your expectations. Your first instinct is valuable — it can get you an atmospheric and vivid setting for your stories — but if you wantgreater longevity out of these maps, you need to go beyond your gut.Reverse your assumption. If your first instinct was to make the park intosomething happily suburban — something that could be horrifically cor-rupted by the presence of 
characters — turn your first impulsearound and make the park boldly urban. Now you’ve got a new kind of atmosphere and, if you will,
for the District in that map. Now  you’ve got New York’s Central Park or Chicago’s Grant Park.Think about how you can change the character of the map just by visu-alizing taller or shorter buildings rising out of those shapes on the map. You don’t have to get deep into the details at this stage. Just play around with your mind’s eye. Imagine yourself walking up and down the streets,headed toward the park. Are the buildings stone towers capped with jaggedGothic spires, or are they severe tinted-glass slabs reflecting the lights of theoutside world? What’s on the ground floor of these places — dirty shopshuddling behind steel accordian-grates between the feet of giant buildings,or bright-white fishbowl-lobbies staffed with pale, corpse-like sentries?Imagine you’re being chased down this street. Would you want to fleeinto the safety of the park’s trees and Christmas lights, or would you ratherface your pursuers than venture into that gnarled, haunted urban forest?
  D  A  M  N  A  T  I  O  N  C  I  T  Y
A Barren ParkDistrict
Now turn it all around. Whathappens if you lower all thosebuildings? If you drive some of them into the ground or tearthem down? Some of thoseshapes on the map are justempty lots, mud littered withneedles or sharp grass growingaround rusted cars. What kind of buildings arelong and low? Wide kind of buildings are wide and flat? We’re probably looking at ware-houses, factories, single-story strip-malls, row houses, junk- yards, mechanic’s shops, and the oddball apartment or office buildingleft over from the nights when this neighborhood was something closerto thriving. Tonight it’s a mix of ruins and rehabs, with chain-link and vines all around. More windows are broken than not. Kids come hereto do a little UE (urban exploring) so they can put pictures on their websites, but those kids disappear. Their shoes and clothes end up ascuriosities in some brick-studded empty lot.The low buildings here means that sound travels differently. Line of sight is different. Crazed dogs bark...
in the distance. Head-lights go by on the other side of a rotten fence, in the middle of thenight. A gunshot cuts through the night.It’s lonely here. Out here by yourself, you’re stealthy or you’re vulnerable.
 What kind of a park lies at the centerof this bombed-out District? Once it was anice, green place, where the families of fac-tory workers barbecued and played baseball.The rows of multi-family housing that facedthe park were envied back then. But tonightthe park is a stretch of dead leaves, brownponds that smell like gas and piss, all punc-tuated with half-dead trees and vandalizedplayground equipment. In a way, the park itself is undead — poisoned by chemicalrunoff from the nearby factories.
Or maybe it’s all the park’s fault.Maybe the park was ruined first by thekids who turned it into a garden of sin, slipping away behind the trees tofuck, drink, and abuse themselves with drugs. Their vice attracted those who would feed on it — dealers to feed their habits, and vampires to takeadvantage of their addled bodies. Once the shadow of fear fell across thepark, it was surrendered to those who dwell inside fear. Once a Kindredlandlord got his fangs in the neighborhood’s flesh, it was doomed. Hepushed the neighborhood lower and lower, making feeding easier andeasier, until missing persons and sexual assaults were so common thatmost of the kine drifted away. The Kindred pushed too hard. Now theneighborhood is bleeding out.
The 3D buildings in this booklet were created using the free version of Google SketchUp™ (www.sketchup.com). With it, you can create rough versions of your own Districts’ buildings, adding a new dose of visual powerto your chronicle. (White Wolf Publishing is not affiliated with Google.)
  D  A  M  N  A  T  I  O  N  C  I  T  Y

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