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Tokoh-tokoh Islam- TITAS

Tokoh-tokoh Islam- TITAS

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Published by Muhammad Ajwad

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Published by: Muhammad Ajwad on Feb 12, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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kk%kk 'sae% 'dag T'Asbadag T'Asba
Bfgu SbgaBfgu Sbga
Afu Alb Al%Mussabg Bfg Afdallam Bfg SbgaAfu Alb Al%Mussabg Bfg Afdallam Bfg Sbga
-2=:E+38:M % 1:38-2=:E+38:M % 1:38E'"E'"
 A~bcogga A~bcogga
eovuzaiag salam sokvagheovuzaiag salam sokvaghzaiav sabgs davb Bvag'zaiav sabgs davb Bvag'Eoghuasab fbdagh famasa dag sastova' SolabgEoghuasab fbdagh famasa dag sastova' Solabgbtu, folbau tuvut eoezola`avb bleu%bleu labgbtu, folbau tuvut eoezola`avb bleu%bleu labgsozovtb hokeotvb, lkhbi, eatoeatbi, sabgs, nbqm,sozovtb hokeotvb, lkhbi, eatoeatbi, sabgs, nbqm,dag zovufatag'dag zovufatag' Totazb folbau lofbm eogkg`kl dalae fbdagh Totazb folbau lofbm eogkg`kl dalae fbdaghzovufatag saea ada sofahab sokvagh dkitkvzovufatag saea ada sofahab sokvagh dkitkvatauzug eamahuvu bleu tovsofut'atauzug eamahuvu bleu tovsofut'Bfgu Sbga eula eog`adb toviogal solozasBfgu Sbga eula eog`adb toviogal solozasfov`ara eogroefumiag zograibt Zutova Guffov`ara eogroefumiag zograibt Zutova GufBfg Gas al%Saeagb ragh hahal dbufatb klomBfg Gas al%Saeagb ragh hahal dbufatb klomdkitkv ragh labg' Iomofatag dag iozaiavagdkitkv ragh labg' Iomofatag dag iozaiavag
 Al Qagug n b al%Tbff Al Qagug n b al%Tbff
Zvocozts kn Eodbcbgo"Zvocozts kn Eodbcbgo"
' Dalae `aghia easa' Dalae `aghia easatbdai saezab 1:: tamug, fuiu btu tolamtbdai saezab 1:: tamug, fuiu btu tolamdbcotai io dalae 1? fuam famasa' Zada afaddbcotai io dalae 1? fuam famasa' Zada afadio%18, fuiu tovsofut tolam db`adbiag sofahabio%18, fuiu tovsofut tolam db`adbiag sofahabfamag vu`uiag asas dbugb~ovsbtb%ugb~ovsbtbfamag vu`uiag asas dbugb~ovsbtb%ugb~ovsbtbBtalbBtalbdagdagZovagcbsZovagcbs''
Afad io%12, fuiugra easbm dbulagh cotai Afad io%12, fuiugra easbm dbulagh cotai dag dbhugaiag klom zava zola`av zovufatag'dag dbhugaiag klom zava zola`av zovufatag'
Bfgu Sbga `uha eoghmasbliag sofuam fuiuBfgu Sbga `uha eoghmasbliag sofuam fuiu
Voeodbos nkv Tmo Moavt Voeodbos nkv Tmo Moavt 
-sa`ai%sa`ai -sa`ai%sa`ai zovufatag"'zovufatag"'
Folbau tolam eoghmuvabiag 8>: `ogbsFolbau tolam eoghmuvabiag 8>: `ogbszograibt fovsaea doghag cava ugtui zograibt fovsaea doghag cava ugtui eoghufatbgra'eoghufatbgra'
Eovuzaiag sokvagh tkikm sav`aga raghEovuzaiag sokvagh tkikm sav`aga raghsovfa fklom' Folbau tbdai soiadavsovfa fklom' Folbau tbdai soiadaveoghuasabgra totazb fov`ara eogcazab tamazeoghuasabgra totazb fov`ara eogcazab tamazioeugcai -ioeugcai -
 pogbtm pogbtm
" babtu zugcai " babtu zugcai iocoeovlaghag tovtbghhb dalae fbdagh raghiocoeovlaghag tovtbghhb dalae fbdagh raghdbcofuvbgra'dbcofuvbgra'
Folbau `uha eogduduib ioduduiag raghFolbau `uha eogduduib ioduduiag raghtbghhb dalae fbdagh bleu lkhbi sombghhatbghhb dalae fbdagh bleu lkhbi sombghhadbholav huvu iotbha' Dalae fbdagh zogulbsag,dbholav huvu iotbha' Dalae fbdagh zogulbsag,Bfgu Sbga tolam eoghmasbliag vatusag iavraBfgu Sbga tolam eoghmasbliag vatusag iavratoveasui iuezulag vbsalam raghtoveasui iuezulag vbsalam ragheoghagdughb masbl sastova ivoatbn'eoghagdughb masbl sastova ivoatbn'
Zoviava ragh lofbm eogai`ufiag zada BfguZoviava ragh lofbm eogai`ufiag zada BfguSbga balam folbau `uha eovuzaiag sokvaghSbga balam folbau `uha eovuzaiag sokvaghamlbamlbnalsanamnalsanamragh toviogal' Fuiugraragh toviogal' Fuiugra
 eoefbcavaiag zovskalag nalsanam'eoefbcavaiag zovskalag nalsanam'
Zoebibvag nalsanam Bfgu Sbga fagrai Zoebibvag nalsanam Bfgu Sbga fagrai dbzoghavumb klom albvag nalsanam al%Navafbdbzoghavumb klom albvag nalsanam al%Navafbag tolam eogmbduiag oebibvagag tolam eogmbduiag oebibvag

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