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Know Your English Collections From the Hindu

Know Your English Collections From the Hindu

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Published by acorna
jan 2005 - jan 2009.this is not my work i just upload it.
jan 2005 - jan 2009.this is not my work i just upload it.

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Published by: acorna on Feb 12, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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(Collection of English tips from”HINDU daily paper” from Jan 2005 to Jan2009)URL:www.hinduonnet.com/nic/kyeINTEGRATED BYG.K.Mohanraj,Program Analyst Trainee,Cognizant Technology Solutions, Coimbatore,99425 93682.
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What is the meaning of "bury your head in the sand"?
(K. Praveen, Pune)What happens when you `bury' or `hide' your head in thesand? The most obvious thing is that you won't be able tosee anything! If you can't see anything, you will not knowwhat is happening around you. When a person buries hishead in the sand, he tries to run away from his problems; herefuses to even acknowledge that he has any. Instead of tackling the problem, he deliberately ignores it. By turning ablind eye to it, he hopes that somehow the danger or troublewill go away on its own! In other words, he is wishing itaway; he doesn't want to deal with it.*You cannot continue to bury your head in the sand. Weneed a plan of action.When an ostrich is in danger and doesn't want to bedetected, it stays low and stretches out its long neck alongthe ground. People thought the bird was trying to bury itshead in the sand - it wasn't!S. UPENDRAN
When do you use `how ever'?
(G. Jayanthi, Pune)Don't confuse `how ever' with `however'. `How ever' occursmostly in questions. The word `ever' is used to giveemphasis to various expressions. It is used to indicatesurprise, admiration, anger, etc.
*How ever did you manage to get the tickets for the movie?The word `ever' is used to add emphasis to the question.Notice that even without the word `ever', the questionswould be grammatically correct. According to some scholars,`how ever' in these questions has the same meaning as "howon earth". "How on earth did you get a job as teacher?"
"A man's face is his autobiography. A woman's face is herwork of fiction."
Oscar Wilde
Why are street vendors sometimes referred to as`costermongers'?
(I. Ranjani, Chennai)The word `costermonger' is mainly used in British English torefer to someone who sells fresh fruit, vegetables and fish onthe street. `Monger' means `seller or trader'; `coster', onthe other hand, is actually a corruption of an old English word`costard', meaning `apple'. A `costardmonger' was someonewho sold apples
What is the meaning of the expression `no ifs and buts'?
(Bharanidharan, Sriperumbudur)Very often when we tell children to do something, theirstandard reply is, "But can't I do it later? I want to watch thismatch on TV!"
or something like that. They always try toput things off, and they provide all kinds of excuses as towhy things should be postponed. They will keep arguing withyou till they are blue in the face. When you tell someone thatyou don't want any `ifs and buts', what you mean is that youwant them to stop arguing and do what they have been told

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