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Published by DooZer Bic

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Published by: DooZer Bic on Nov 19, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Dear Diatribe;

One conference means one Diatribe. I want you to know
everything, but I don\u2019t want to spend too much time tweaking the
vagaries of Diatribe tradition. I will title it at some point,
but that is the only silliness I intent to engage in here.

A late awakening had me down for breakfast late. I wanted to go find some kind of southern hospitality-type diner for my eggs. On the way out the door, a jet-lagged Dr. Malcolm Blythe passed me without a word. I tapped him on the shoulder.

Welcome to America! Can I take your bag?
Startled, he replied \u201cNo need son\u2026 Peter!\u201d
We engaged in a manly form of handshake, where you grab the
others bicep. It is almost a hug, but not too faggy.
\u201cI was wondering how the bellman new I was foreign.\u201d

In the American South, I am as much an alien. They consider northerners to be
snooty and elitist; a lot like the British. I was headed out to get the type of breakfast
they are known for here. Can you choke down a Lipton tea?

\u201cNot to worry; I\u2019ve brought my own teabags. I\u2019m always the Englishman; proper as the day is long. Fetch your lovely bride and I will join you\u201d.

Malcolm, her uncle couldn\u2019t make it, Rajeev is taking his place.
\u201c\u2026and she is not here. Drat!\u201d
Can you spend next weekend in Chicago?
\u201cI don\u2019t see where I have a choice\u201d.

I walked him to his room and helped unpack the Earl Grey.
He had never had biscuits and saw mill gravy and appreciated the
introduction. I am feeling a lot more confident now that he is
here. Gerhardstein wouldn\u2019t make it other than a solo act for
me. He needs to keep up his talking point that he has his own
job/organization to run.

Helen and Richard Gerhardstein arrived with the offer to
take Blythe, Miles and myself to dinner. I added Angela to the
group assuring payment for her meal.

I have begun to join in the palpable excitement throughout the crowd. It was infectious. Perhaps it is the psychological phenomenon called Groupthink. I will put a stop to it if it is; first thing when we get back. Here I will follow the pied piper directly into whatever river is available.

It was just getting to feel good. Now there is work to do.
I had written out a method for organizational inception. I need
to chair a meeting tomorrow explaining it and getting the
processes underway. That was to be dependant on a meeting of
the acting board of directors this evening.

The board consists of heavy hitters. Presidents and
chancellors from the major medical schools make up the lions
share of the seats. Angela sent them my proposed plan for
defining the organization two weeks ago. They were to forward
any issues or proposed changes to me through her.

Angie pulled out the comments over some great She Crab Soup
at the Swamp Fox Restaurant off the lobby. I was flush red in
the face with the praise given. \u201cI would be happy to have you
lecture on how this was assembled\u201d. \u201cAfter reading this, I see
no need for recusal of the one who is ensuring fairness\u201d.

I will recuse, however. I told them that I desire to
construct a vast and lofty fabric and will think first about the
foundations of humility. I, however, did take their applause
without offering mega-dittos to St. Augustine. He wouldn\u2019t have
minded. He was a great guy. He was a saint.

It was an early dinner; the board meeting was still set to
go on. I could give no attention to my chicken and dumplings.
The notables settling in for the meeting were shaking both of my
hands from an hour before dinner, and all the way through it.
Most of them I had met electronically, few names and faces could
I connect though.

I would be sitting out the meeting of course. For some
reason I longed for the piano. A certain self-assuredness I had
lost in the summer of my discontent felt like it was back in
full strength. It was like I had found my logos as Victor
Frankl stressed in the tradition of Heraclitus, and I was
seeking to conquer those which defined me in the past and passed
me by.

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