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Published by LabRatFan

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Published by: LabRatFan on Feb 12, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Mage the Awakening House Rules for Dreams of Darkness Page 1
Mage the Awakening House Rules for Dreams of Darkness 
Concept & Design:
Jereme – Lith Maethor – Morwen Erithil – White Wolf staff (errata on original material)
Spell Concept & Design:
Luxifer (Facade, Pyretic Shield) – Shoat(Spatial Malediction) – White Wolf staff (errata on existing material)
Merit Concept & Design:
Lith Maethor (Living Grimoire, RoteTattoo) – White Wolf staff (errata on existing material)
Jereme – Lith Maethor
Layout & Typesetting:
Jereme – Knightmare Lith Maethor Morwen Auriel
Interior Art:
Iann A.A. Watson (Path, Order and Legacy symbols)
Cover Design:
Katie McCaskill and Richard Thomas (blatantly stolenfrom Mage the Awakening till we get our own)
All you players out there...
Thanks to all those that were forgotten, skipped or omittedfor whatever reason from the Credits. Also, thanks to all our friendsand the people close to us for putting up with the mood swings andthe long hours we dedicated to this channel and the creation of thisdocument.Special thanks to all the people in White Wolf for giving usone of the best Role Playing Games out there, as well as to all thepeople who inspired us in any way – even though some of them arealready mentioned in the Credits.
Dreams of Darkness is not connected to White Wolf in any  way whatsoever, we are just a few of the people that enjoy their games, with a bit more extra time in our hands in orderto create this document. We are responsible for whatever is written in here unless stated otherwise in the credits sectionThis document includes elements from all Mage the Awakening related books. The original books are still neededand all sections of this document were written under theassumption the reader either owns these books, or at least haslegal access to them.
For more info on the channel and probably the place you gotthis file from, please visit our site:http://dreams.byethost2.comFor more info on World of Darkness, please visit the White Wolf sire:http://www.white-wolf.comFor more symbols from White Wolf (and others') games,please visit WolfSpoor:http://www.wolf-spoor.orgThis document was created with OpenOffice.org, so pay these guys a visit if you have the time:http://openoffice.org
Page 2 
Mage the Awakening House Rules for Dreams of Darkness 
Table of Contents 
CreditsChapter One: Arcanus Mundus (The Secret World)4Character Two: Character4Chapter Three: Magic4Appendix One: LegaciesAppendix Two: The Ways of MagicPage 3

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