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National Comparison Sheet

National Comparison Sheet

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Published by Sin_tax

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Published by: Sin_tax on Feb 12, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Gingrich supported thebailout, stating that if hewere in the House hewould have reluctantlyvoted for it. He alsosupported the prior bailoutof Savings & Loans underClinton. He opposed thestimulus, yet pushed toadd $27 billion to it thathis clients profited from.Gingrich said he wasaware of the bubble priorto the collapse, but did notnotify the public. He washired by the head ofFreddie Mac's LobbyingOperations and was paid$1.8 million for his“consulting” between2000-2008. Just after hiscontract ended FreddieMac received a $170billion taxpayer-fundedbailout.
Newt Gingrich
Rick Santorum
In 1995, supported thebackdoor Clinton bailout ofMexican bonds throughthe Fed and the TreasuryDepartment. GoldmanSachs happened to be akey benefactor of thebailout. Gingrich wentagainst his own party andover 80% of the publicwho opposed the bailout.
Supports the Fed policy ofartificially manipulatinginterest rates. Thismanipulation has beenimplicated in the housingbubble crash of 2008, andeven in the crash of 1929that commenced the GreatDepression.Santorum said he wouldhave opposed the bailout.However, he voted in favorof bailouts of the Airlineand Steel industries.Santorum also condemnedthe stimulus, but has arecord of defendingspending increases,declaring in 2003 “I am nolonger a deficit hawk.”Encouraged policies whichpushed the mortgagegiants to take on moresubprime debt. In 2005,when Senate Republicanswere trying to tighten theregulation of Fannie Maeand Freddie Mac, Santo-rum was pushing to“orient” them to accomplishDemocrats’ affordable-housing goals.Breaking his prom-ise to stop any guncontrol laws from comingup for a vote as Speaker,Gingrich supported severalantigun laws includingthe infamous Lautenberggun ban as well as "safezones." Supported anational biometric thumb-print database for gunowners.
Supported theLautenberg gunban, which lowered thethreshold for losing one’sSecond Amendment rightsto a mere non-violentmisdemeanor. Supportedanti-gun Arlen Specterover pro-gun RepublicanPat Toomey in the 2005Pennsylvania Senate race.
Romney supported thebank bailout, and in 2010said that “It was the rightthing to do.” He alsoexpressed support for the2009 ‘all Democrat’stimulus writing in his bookthat “It will accelerate thetiming of the start of therecovery.” Now claims tobe against both.Paul strongly opposed thebailout and the stimulus,voting against both. Paulargued that the bailoutwas morally wrong andunconstitutional. He alsostated that it was justpropping up Wall Street bydumping the bad debt onMain Street.As Governor, Romneyaggressively promotedpolicies that were contrib-uting to the bad assets onthe books of Fannie Maeand Freddie Mac. Heproclaimed in a 2004press release "fair andaffordable housing shouldbe a right, not a privilege."He then pledged roughly$350 million in state andfederal funds to assistlow-income borrowers withspecial mortgage financ-ing.Paul accurately predictedthe housing bubble in aspeech before Congress in2001. Stated that govern-ment backed loans, suchas those from Freddie Mac,were responsible for thebubble. His warnings wentunheeded and wereconsidered fringe ideas --every expert now agreesthat Paul was correct.
Mitt RomneyRon Paul
Believes that the FederalReserve (the Fed) shouldremain "Independent." Hesupports the Fed’s artificialmanipulation of interestrates, which has beenimplicated in multipleeconomic crashes,including the housingbubble of 2008, and theGreat Depression in 1929.A partial audit that Paulpushed for revealed theFed gave out
$16 trillion
 in secret loans to U.S. andforeign banks. Paul hasintroduced legislation tobring full transparency tothe Fed. Paul has been theFed’s most outspokenopponent for 30 years.In 1994, said "Idon't line up withthe NRA." In his 2002campaign, Romneysupported a federalassault weapons ban. AsGovernor, he signed thenation's first ban onassault weapons andsteeply increased fees ongun owners by 400%.The GOA says RonPaul is a "powerfuladvocate for the 2ndAmendment," and that hehas been one of the mostconsistent defenders ofthe 2nd Amendment inCongress. Received anendorsement from theNational Association forGun Rights along withMichele Bachmann.

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