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Lesson Plan C

Lesson Plan C

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Published by tclyles1

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Published by: tclyles1 on Feb 12, 2012
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TECHNOLOGY INTERGRATION FOR MEANINGFUL CLASSROOM USEDaily Lesson Game PlanLesson title: What is the Probability of Becoming aProfessional Athlete?Related Lessons: Graphing, FractionsGrade Level: 6-7 Unit: Data Analysis and ProbabilityGOALS
Students will demonstrate their understanding of proportions by presenting their resolution to the problem, ³What is the probability of becoming a professional athlete?´ in a final project.ISTE NETS-SCreativity and innovation Critical Thinking, problem solving, &decision makingCommunication and Collaboration Digital citizenshipResearch and information fluency Technology operation and conceptsInstructional Objective(s):
M6D1. Students will pose questions, collect data, represent and analyze the data, and interpret results.
a. Formulate questions that can be answered by data. Students should collect data by using samplesfrom a larger population (surveys), or by conducting experiments. b. Using data, construct frequency distributions, frequency tables, and graphs.e. Relate the data analysis to the context of the questions posed.
M7P1. Students will solve problems (using appropriate technology).
a. Build new mathematical knowledge through problem solving. b. Solve problems that arise in mathematics and in other contexts.c. Apply and adapt a variety of appropriate strategies to solve problems.d. Monitor and reflect on the process of mathematical problem solving.
ACTIONSCollaborative Grouping:The students will be grouped according to their sport of interest. As most of the students are low performingstudents with Specific Learning Disabilities there will be no need for grouping according to ability levels. Thestudents will be working in groups of three in order for all the members to have an opportunity to calculate probability for a portion of their project.
One student finding probability in Middle School
One student finding probability in High School
One student finding probability in college.After the students have completed most of the activities leading up to the final Project have the students beginMobile Computer Supported Collaborative Learning (mCSCL). mCSCL alleviates the constraint posed by fixedtimes and locations for doing the collaboration activities. Students will no longer have to sit at a computer toxxx xx x
simulate a real life experience, they can use their smart phones and take pictures and videos as life situations areexperienced (Boticki, Chee-Kit, & Lung-Hsiang. 2011).Collaborative learning has been backed by research across grade levels and curriculums in support of its abilityto improve student achievement (Case, 2007).Time Instructional Activities Materials and Resources30 minutes
Create a display on a trifold board,or power point to:
Highlight the four essentialquestions that your groupused to determine your finalresolution.
Show your calculations infinding probability inmiddle school, high school,and college.
Display the graphs of your  probabilityTri-fold boards, power pointsUp to 1 day Video/Photo DocumentaryUsing cell phones, smart phones, or digital cameras the students will:
Take photos of studentsathletes as they participatein their chosen sport.
Or, record the process of tryouts.
Or interview a coachThis is the students chance to havea more interactive experience withthe performance task.Cell phones, digital Cameras30 minutes Putting it together As a group the students should:
Make sure all the essentialquestion were answeredcompletely, and resolve the problem.
Double check thecalculations used to find probability in eacheducational level.
Upload all information tothe groups wiki
Decide on the order information will be presented.Media Center 
60 minutes Rehearsal
Decide on the technologythat will be needed to present the final outcome tothe class.
Choose the order your group members will besharing.
Practice flow and timing.Computer Lab30-40 minutes Present:
Remind the students towatch posture and to projecttheir voices.
Students can present live or  pre-record their entire presentation to play for theclassBoards, Charts, Computers« Notes: The Activities will take multiple days.MONITOR Ongoing Assessment:
This is the point where the final grade will be determined by guidelines presented in the rubric.Accommodations and Extensions:
For those students who struggle with their ability to maintain and present large amountsof information, they would have the option of pre-recording their entire presentation. Thiswill allow the students to edit themselves, still showing their ability to resolve the problem, without the problems of trying to make an elaborate presentation flow smoothlyin one try.
Challenge: Find the number of college students who enter professional sports at other Universities. Do certain schools have a higher rate of professional athletes? Do theschools with higher rates of professional athletes have higher requirements for entry?
Back-Up Plans:
All students can create a video presentation and upload them to their designated wikispaces.EVALUATIONLesson Reflection and Notes:The time lines are only an initial guess on the amount of time that will be needed for the students to completeeach section. All of the students have accommodations in their Individual Education Plans that entitles them toextended time, if necessary. While the amount of time is an initial guess, all work has already been created toguide the students to a successful outcome, with some guidance from the instructor, and should still be met witha satisfactory goal.

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