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Dreamscenraio Finished

Dreamscenraio Finished

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Published by klandry9165

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Published by: klandry9165 on Feb 13, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Panel 1: Girl returns back inside, closing the door behind her, shutting the bastinglight out of the room.Panel2: Girl walks down the stairs, towards the entrance room hall.Panel 3: Girl stands in center of entrance roomPanel 4: Girl pauses to thinksCaption: Inner thought: Where should I go next?Panel 1: Girl goes up opposite wing of stairsPanel 2. Girl chooses a door down the left side of the hallwayPanel 3: Girl enters room. The room is a hallway full with children. They follow awoman in two rows of single file lines out two other doors on the opposite side of the hallway. The doors are paned with glass and natural light can be seen on theother side. The girls wear plaid jumpers, and the boys where khaki belted shortswith buttoned shirts.Panel 4: The children walk outside, spilling out of line as they pass the doorsPanel 1: Girl follows themPanel 2: Girl presses hand against the glass of the doorPanel 3: girl is outsidePanel 4: Wide shot: The children are playing on a playground. The leaves on theground are only yellow and orange, illuminating the area with a golden light that compliments the afternoon sun. No green grass is visible, only a thick layer of leaves.Panel 1: Girl takes all of the information in, looking out unto the play area.Panel 2: a ball in the knee taps Girl.Panel 3: The girl goes to pick up the ball, children start to circle around herPanel 4: A full circle of children forms, she throws the ball back to one of them.
Panel 1: A blond haired boy, the one who received the ball looks a the girlCaption: Boy: I dare you to jump the fencePanel 2: The boy points over to the chicken wire fence bordering the playground. Athick forest of pine trees and straw breaks up the pattern of golden and orangeleaves in an unnatural way, like satin stitched to burlap.Panel 3: The girl reaches the space on the other side of the fence, one leg on theground, and one still lingering on the chicken wire. The children are circled aroundas close as the fence allows,Panel 4: The girl disappears into the trees, leaving the children behindPanel 1: The girl continues to walk around the pinesPanel 2: She stops at an unusual hill. It runs evenly and unnaturally horizontal as faras she can see, both in the right and left direction, like a levee. The hill does not stopthe trees from growing where they wish- they climb up the hill completelyunaffected by the shift of in ground.Panel 3: The girl follows the trees example and climbs up the wall of earth.Panel 4: the girl reaches the top. On the other side the pine and hay abruptlydissipates into sand. The sky beyond what the trees can shade is a bluish-grey. Thesand submerges into crashing waves that touch the horizon. Where the trees endand the sand meet run wild brown rabbits. The weave in and out of the borderingtrees, lean limbs jumping up and down.Panel 1 : The girl looks down, looking at the rabbits as they spring from her left toher right Panel 2: The rabbits start to whisper as they run pass herCaption: rabbits: Run westPanel 3 : Cont.Caption: to the partyPanel 4: The last of the rabbits runs passed the girl, hurdling towards rest.Panel 1: The girl enters a through another doorway. Time has elapsed betweenbeing in the forest and entering the new room.
Panel 2: The Room is dimly reflect from all angles a strange light. The light is verymuch like the northern lights, reflects a spectrum of colors in waves. The spin alongthe walls in shapes of reflective water.Panel 3: Children run through the doorway, pushing the girl to one side of the post.They all where animal masks and are dressed in fancy childrens attire.Panel 4: They all snatch a stuffed animal from a large open container in the room,and run through to another set of posts on the adjacent was.Panel 1: The girl copies, and approaches the pool of stuffed animals.Panel 2: The girl digs deep into the pit, Clawing stuffed animals aside from left toright.Panel 3: A key is spotted among the animals. It is an old key, the kind you would findin an antique store or mimicked for the aesthetic look of a womans accessory.Panel 4: The girl grabs the key and holds it up to inspect it.Panel 1: She looks towards the opening that the children ran through.Panel 2: The girl runs through passed the post and lintel opening. Unexpectedly shefloats for a second or two. This is because of the floor below, which has droppedfrom the same level of the room she was in before. Wherever the floor is, it is muchdeeper than what the girl can see. It is blocked by hundreds of stuffed animal belowher feet. They all fill the room like a sea of cotton.Panel 3: The girl lands in the animalsPanel 4: The Girl begins to sink into the masses of stuffed fabric.Panel 1: She sink deeper and deeper into the animals.Panel 2: Deeper and deeper, until it gets too dark to see much of anything.Panel 3: Her head pops out the other side, hair swinging away from her neck out into the open air. She looks upside down, her body still caught in the web of animalsabove.Panel 4: Below her is a door, the keyhole conveniently the same shape as the key shehad found. The door is made of wood, the top rounded off and making a u-shape. Astain-glass window sites on top the thick doorknob underneath it.

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