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Enclave First Issue Nov 20th 2008 [Second Edition]

Enclave First Issue Nov 20th 2008 [Second Edition]



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Published by The Enclave
First Issue of the Enclave's Go magazine, released in November of 2008
First Issue of the Enclave's Go magazine, released in November of 2008

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Published by: The Enclave on Nov 19, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Enclave
As the first year of The Enclave draws to a close, I find my-self looking back at some fond memories. The Enclave hasturned out to be everything I wanted it to be, with some minorsetbacks , and some very unexpected developments here andthere.When the room started, there was just me, and sometimesmy brother for moral support. In a few days, we’d managed tospread word among our friends, and it grew. Within just a fewdays we had doubled our numbers to four! Then, as we gainedmembers, we started to gain volunteers. Without the helpof our volunteers, we may never have le� the proverbial ground. When it becameclear that we would grow larger, I began looking for stronger teachers. The ones weeventually chose were Shygost, an excellent teacher, and Baousai, also an excellentteacher. With the advent of lessons from Shygost and Baousai, the room almostliterally exploded. Within weeks, the Enclave was the single largest social room onKGS outside of Computer Go.As the numbers grew, so did my ambition. We had some wonderful programsgoing for a while, and the room gained recognition from some of the beer knownKGS users, including the admins, whom I was constantly pestering with questions.Alas, a real life change le� me with the hard decision to leave the Enclave for the realworld for a while. It took a few months, but I’ve now made my return.And I’m so happy I have. Through the Enclave, I’ve met people I never wouldhave, and made some friends that have changed the way I look at the world, politics,the internet, and life as a whole. I’ve passed on learning to people I may never get toknow, and I’ve even helped people become beer players than I am.When I first founded the Enclave, I thought I might enjoy doing it for a fewmonths, then I could let it go and it would slowly erode and I would be forgoenand go back to my niche in KGS and be happy. But instead of eroding, the roomkeeps going, instead of being just a room where people come to learn, the Enclavehas turned into a kind of extended family for me, where I don’t just help people withGo, but I get to know them as people and we become friends.While my purpose in founding the Enclave hasn’t changed, the way I do it andmy priorities for it have. I’ve learned that Go is not everything, even if it is an obses-sion. As someone said just yesterday, ‘I enjoy the game
I make friends.’ Remem- ber, though Go may be a deep road, it is an empty one without friends.And that’s why you, and all of your fellow Enclavers hold such a special placein my heart. I may never meet you outside of the computer screen, but your wordsand your actions have touched lives thousands of miles away.Thank you all for everything you have done. Here’s to another great year, formany years to come.~Eric Dunham
A Letter from Our Founder 
2 A Letter From Our Founder 4 Beginner Lessons — The Object is to Take Control8 Beginner Life and Death9 Amateur Life and Death12 From Heights Above—Alexander Dinerchtein, 3p17 Go: A Matter of Life and Death22 Insights28 A History of Go—Sunjang Special31 A Picture Worth a Thousand Moves30 Marketplace
Man vs. Machine:World 9x9 GoChampionships p. 16 
5 Go in a Land of Ice and Snow10 Future History18 Man vs. Machine37 2007 Volunteers and Contributors
Go in a Land of Ice and Snow:The Norwegian GoChampionships p. 5 
4 Beginner Lessons8 Beginner Life and Death9 Amateur Life and Death12 From Heights Above — Alexander Dinerchtein, 3p17 A Matter of Life and Death22 Insights32 A History of Go35 A Picture Worth a Thousand Moves36 Marketplace
From Heights Above: Alexander Dinerchtein,Russian 3p p. 12 

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