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Misa Grannis - Weekly Update 2/12

Misa Grannis - Weekly Update 2/12

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Published by Misa Grannis

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Categories:Types, School Work
Published by: Misa Grannis on Feb 13, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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take over the blockflexible system
• user-submitted feedback loop• interactive online platform• tenants rotate regularly• very loose fit between form and program• risk of becoming overly generic space• pre-selected program mix (can be a menu to choose from)based on research and observation• reduced feedback loop• limited tenant turnover • opportunity to design for specific program• is each piece designed for its specific program as a unit or are modular elements still employed?• cupcakes• bacon-themed anything• local, organic restaurant• independent coffee kiosk• gallery for local artists• whiskey bar • bowling alley
curated gentrification engine
 5      t       h       6      t       h      7      t       h      
Market Street 
tent cityweight belt
Refectons on Friday’s pin-up:
Site idencaon (shown highlighted—triangular site is where I’ll be working forthe 2/22 review but I’ll likely move it, notthat it’s that important in the grand scheme.I’ll be working under the assumpon thatthe new Wesield development has beenabandoned, which it praccally has.)These illustraons show the intendedscale of the project rather than a formalproposal. The colors of the tent structuresare indicave of the “carnivalesque”feeling I’d like to go for. I’ve realized that tosincerely try to invent a new/beer formof fast/cheap/exible is too loaded: if Iadhere to reality too much, I have to defendany decision to ignore it (such as breakingsome code and not others, deciding tomove into the building or not, etc). It alsoputs me in the posion of trying to out-invent both today’s mobile innovaonsas well as old superstars like BuckminsterFuller. There just isn’t the me to developanything to that level in this semester. Bymoving toward absurdity, I can sll presentan architectural proposal that isn’t meantto be taken literally; rather it will act as anillustraon or symbol for a larger conceptualpoint I’m trying to make (in this case, it’sspecically regarding mobile branding,twier gentricaon and the realies of SanFrancisco’s unique consumer culture).
aggregate“voltron”“weight belt”slinky+bands
closedpartially open(admits light throughaccordion/fabric screen)completely open(admits more light ORpermits access-permeability)
experimentstectonic strategies
rotating sectional module
These diagrams illustrate the organizaonalstrategies I’d been wrestling with. Asimple aggregate is too simplisc (whilesimultaneously being too open-ended),a daisy-chain of unique elements is tooarbitrary, and a patchwork of limited piecesseems to make more sense but sll doesn’tgive me a good starng point in terms of adesign strategy.These small experiments represent anumber of individual ideas I’d been tesng.The “slinky+” is an exploraon of expandingform, the rotang module explores built-inmobility and the idea of rotaon, and theband diagrams at boom illustrate variousways of extending linear space, seconally.Moving forward, it makes sense to beginwith quick studies on one or two aconwords. To give myself a constraint, I willchoose some aspect of the project thatis crical to its central concept—such asmobility, “how will it be transported?”—and do physical exploraons on how toachieve that acon (such as “rolling” or“extending”). I can then try to apply thosetechniques to various scales, such as abowling alley or bungee tower. That will giveme a constraint rooted in the project thatwill have direct design implicaons.For the review on 2/22, I should have chosena strategy and applied it to a full-scalescheme, but I’ll need to make sure I alsohave me to develop some of the graphiclanguage as well as the atude of the

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