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Published by Malou Tiquia

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Published by: Malou Tiquia on Feb 13, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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13 February 2012
Throughout my public career, I have never been involved in anyanomaly or scandal. Whatever assets my wife and I have acquired areproducts of 45 years of toil and honest work.My wife and I have been privileged to come from families ofcomfortable means. We grew up never lacking in anything and evenenjoyed some luxuries. We earned our academic degrees in some of thebest exclusive schools in the country. I went on to earn severalpostg
raduate degrees, including a Master’s degr 
ee in Harvard Law School.Our parents provided well for our future. Family resources continue to beavailable to us anytime.I had a very successful career in the private sector where I was a topexecutive before I joined the government. That is public record.For the past 40 years, my wife and I lived in a house, which wasinherited property, and for that reason never had to pay rent oramortization on our residence. This translated to significant savings overforty years.We have lived simple and frugal lives since we got married morethan 40 years ago, to the point of thriftiness. This contributed to how wehave been able to accumulate these assets. Other than our house, whichwe have lived in for almost 40 years, we have never had any other house.I do not spend on vices like smoking, drinking or gambling, and havebeen completely devoted to my family. My family has always been mypriority.It pains me to see my family suffer the reckless abandon of a fewwho want to paint a different Renato C. Corona. I will not allow a careercarefully nurtured and a family lovingly cared for in my lifetime to betarnished by people in the business of lies and falsehoods.But I am determined, with my Defense Team, to explain everythingsatisfactorily when our turn comes to present our evidence. If you lookclosely at the documents already marked, the explanations are all there.In the meantime, I would like to request the public not to make anyhasty conclusion
s. This “expose” that the prosecution is trying to herald asanother “bombshell” will, in due time, be exposed as another dud like the
45 properties they claimed I owned.To the Prosecution Team, I do know my law. I have not broken anylaw. I have no liability to the people and to the government.What my wife and I have is the fruit of hard and honest work forwhich all taxes have been fully paid. Since the Prosecution allegedwrongdoing, the obligation to prove it is theirs and theirs alone. Do not

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