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Aggies for Palestine Constitution

Aggies for Palestine Constitution

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Published by Duke Machado

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Published by: Duke Machado on Feb 13, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Constitution.By Mojanito Farasin in Aggies for Palestine.Aggies for Palestine (AP) Texas A&M University Constitution:Purpose: Aggies for Palestine is a political, social, and cultural organization at Texas A&M University aiming topromote the Palestinian cause of struggle for justice, liberation, human rights, and self-determination both oncampus and off campus.Vision: Our vision is to have an organization in solidarity with Palestine, where students can show their supportand learn about the Palestinian cause. The focus of this organization is to address the issues of human rights,equality, discrimination, refugees, right of return, occupation, and apartheid in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Thisorganization is committed to standing firmly with other organizations against racism and discrimination of allforms and promote equality. Also, this organization stands firmly in solidarity with liberation struggles of peoplearound the world.Goals:
Raise awareness about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
Advocate the rights of the Palestinian people.
Promote the Palestinian history and culture.
Work for accurate and balance reporting in the mainstream media.
Advocate the historic and scientific Israeli-Palestine conflict narrative.
Create a dialogue about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
Exchange ideas, experiences, and views.
Build a social network between pro-Palestinian students on campus.
Collaborate with other organizations.
Support people working against injustice.Membership Eligibility, Standards, and Requirements:
Any Registered Texas A&M University student, staff, or faculty is eligible for membership.
There are no GPA requirements for members.
There is no membership fee.
Members must fill out a membership application before they become members.
Officer Disciplinary Procedures:Notice:
If an officer misses two unexcused meetings, This officer will get a warning.Perspective:
After the warning, if the officer misses a meeting, there will be a meeting held where the officer can explain thereason for not attending the meetings. In that meeting a decision of removing the officer from his position will bemade by the officers majority vote with or without the officers attendance of the meeting.Membership Disciplinary Procedures:
Notice: Attacking others using force or violence in any of the organization's function results in a membershipcancellation.
Perspective: Upon the member's violation the member is asked to explain and discuss his actions in front of theexecutive board as soon as possible and no later than the next scheduled executive board meeting. If the memberfails to refute the accusation the membership is canceled.Officer Selection Procedures:
Process: Officers are selected by members voting. Candidates must be at least members for one semester beforerunning for an office. If there was a tie, a decision will be made by the current executive board majority vote.
Timing: Elections are held in April of every year, and the elected officers term starts at the beginning of the Fallsemester.Executive Board:The elected officers constitute the executive board.
Decision at the executive board are taken by majority vote.
Two thirds of the organizations members can rewrite any decision the executive board adopts.
Three fourth of the members can any officer from his position in the executive board.
Duties that are not specified in any of the officers duties in the below section become the duties of theexecutive board.Officers Duties: President:
Responsible of ensuring that the organization's actions are in accordance with the organization's purpose, vision,and goals.
Responsible of ensuring that the organization's actions are in accordance with Texas A&M laws, Texas statelaws, and the federal laws.
Responsible of scheduling, organizing, and heading the executive board meetings.
Responsible of mediating between the officers.
Responsible of parliamentary order during executive meetings.
Responsible of ensuring that the executive board decisions are implemented.
Responsible of ensuring that the officers are doing their tasks
Responsible of preparing the agendas for each meeting.Vice-President:
Responsible of fulfilling the Presidency in the absence of the president.
Responsible of scheduling, organizing, and heading the general meetings.
Responsible of mediating between the members.
Responsible for insuring the officers are fullfilling their duties and request their removal other wise.Treasurer:
Responsible of the organizations bank account.
Responsible of making sure that the financial policies are followed.
Responsible of creating an abstract budget plane with the executive board.
Responsible of managing issues pertaining to money and costs.
Responsible of recording financial documents.
Bookkeeping costs and revenues.Financial Aid:
Responsible for applying for grants.
Contacting potential donors.
Organizing fundraising
Acquiring sponsorshipsSecretary:
Responsible of noting all issues/events discussed in meeting.
Responsible of keeping a history of the organization's events.
Responsible of sending meeting summaries and notes to the officers.
Responsible of sending monthly updates to members.

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