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exponentiation ezine [2.0]

exponentiation ezine [2.0]

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Published by rama09999

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Published by: rama09999 on May 25, 2007
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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nE exponentiation ezine [2.0] ISSN 1555-693Xhttp://www.anus.com/zineModern society conforms us with bureaucratic linear thinking, contentsus with sanitized entertainment, pacifies through meaningless wealthand plastic rewards, domesticates with democratic and moral rhetoric,destroys irreplaceable environments and ecosystems with a blind lustfor wealth. We have "rights" and "freedom" but only in the context ofsuch a society; we are not free to live apart from it. Where didmeaning go? Heroism? Great art, not pop culture? We throw our bodiesonto the fire to keep society running just long enough for the nextgeneration take over. And they, through "youth culture" and mediavalues, rebel against the impossible, fail, and are drawn in to thesame servitude.It is an invisible slavery that is enacted over us, and its method isa loss of values and a replacement of those values with materialismand an ever-expanding, "unique" human population. Where the ancientssaw a world in three dimensions, we see a line stretching fromatechnological poverty to wealth and independence in an age ofmachines; it is a footnote that these same machines chew up our worldand leave poisons behind, as well as people whose evolution in thissystem has made them dependent upon these machines. The future is afew who crawled up from the ruins, and then an endless sea oflumpenproles. How can one escape?We must willfully step outside, above, beyond the linear mindset if wewish a future. Revolutions murder and replace one elite with a newone, much as economic competition takes the servants of yesterday andmakes of them equally oppressive elites today. If we take to heartwhat is manifest in the natural world and discover what is significantabout life, and what has meaning to us as beings, we have discovered agreater "freedom": an independence from the illusion that ismodernity. Finding this autonomy requires no allegiance to any oneparticular doctrine, or manifesto, or political stance. It is simplyembracing what makes life both joyful and terrifying; it is acceptingthat what was true in ancient times is also true now, and it concernsour souls and hearts and minds more than our physical sustenance andpolitical equality.The goal of exponentiation ezine is to restore this vision of infinitythrough nature, to rid ourselves of the mundane, and to welcome thepossibilities of the eternal.CONTENTSI. NewsII. CultureIII. FeaturesIV. Literature_~= News =~_Corporate Scientists say Refuse is Good for Wildlife and EnvironmentAugust 23, 2005BENTONVILLE, AR - In an unprecedented study, scientists have concludedthat the refuse created by disposable products is in fact helpful to
the environment and its creatures, reversing a previous assumptionthat toxic byproducts and non-degradable waste were harmful.The six-month study, sponsored by the Corpoate Ethical ResearchSociety, analyzed the behavior of wildlife in environments saturatedwith corporate waste. "Wildlife find homes and improved lifestyles inthe landfills," scientist David Lyons stated. "Many cute furryanimals, such as the chipmunk, attain superior shelter from the harshnatural environment and its amoral predators."Fellow researcher Danica Weathers agreed. "Our negative view of trashis out of date. These animals would otherwise be left in the rain andsnow, where predators can find them, but now they are protected byquality homes such as this box from a Toshiba 24-inch LCD TV. Besides,about the only open space left for animals is landfills andtrash-strewn ghetto lots."Lyons, sponsored by the Wal-Mart corporation, said the research wasgroundbreaking. "It proves that chemicals leaking from this waste arekilling off the weaker and excess members of each species, making eachanimal stronger over time. Also, by making larger predators extinct,it guarantees these creatures long and happy lives not unlike ourown."The study found that the only species eliminated by trash are the oneswe would like to see less of. "Primitive species such as rats andcockroaches survived the plagues and famines of a less civilizedtime," said Weathers, "but now they are obsolete. They had their dayin the sun, and it's time to move on to a better future throughtechnology."When Citizens for Ethical Animal Consumption, a grassrootsenvironmental preservation organization, was contacted for a comment,spokespersonn Erika Richards said trash was a low priority. "The KraftFood Corporation is re-releasing Roadkill brand fruit snack candies,telling youth that wildlife is edible. Trash can wait until we haveaddressed this crisis," she said, returning to a McDonalds hamburgerand large strawberry shake.-=-New Scholarship for Americans Gifted in Trivial WaysOctober 13, 2005MINNEAPOLIS, MN (FNN) - President Bush, in an early-morning ceremonyattended by fewer than three of those honored, promotedmulticulturalism and equality with a new scholarship for Americanswith unconventional gifts.The new federally-funded scholarship, Opportunity for Americans Giftedin Trivial Ways, goes into effect next semester, providing funding forthose with skills not conventionally recognized as important. "Theseare America's heroes, too, and they're helping us defeat terrorism,"said Bush.Recent nominees for the scholarship included a suburban kid whofigured out on his own how to clean a toilet; an inner city dwellerwho refused to spraypaint obscenities on the project walls; office
workers who have made fully-functioning neck supports entirely out ofpaperclips; rural slackers who lack a single rusting automotive objectstored on the premises.2004 nominee Fuzzy Jackson, who was recognized for having sold a 2003HP laptop without lying, inflating the price, or exaggerating itsspecifications, said he believed the award celebrated America. "It'swhat makes this country great," he said. "You go into some job, and doless than absolutely failing it, and they give you a medal. I loveAmerica!"-=-Al-Qaeda "Chronic Marijuana Abusers" says CIAOctober 24, 2005LANGLEY, VA (NNN) - Most Americans see Osama bin Laden as adiabolical, Hitleresque character with malevolence on his mind. Notso, says a recent CIA report, which construes bin Laden as being morelike a neighborhood criminal: destitute, watches bad TV, andchronically addicted to the drug marijuana, which is illegal inAmerica.The CIA's Rosenberg Research Center released the report,"Psychological Analysis of Al-Qaeda Leadership," on Monday, citing anumber of sources throughout the middle east and America which havestudied the terrorist leader and his murderous brethren. "A typicalday for bin Laden starts with a heaping bowl of some fine indica,perhaps sprinkled with tobacco," said William A. Rauschweig, leader ofthe think tank's middle east study project.According to the report, bin Laden was unaware of the success of theSeptember 11 attacks because he did not wish to be disturbed during amassive drug bash in which he and Ayman Al-Zawahiri, hissecond-in-command, smoked more than a kilogram of Indian sinsemillaand Nepalese hashish while playing consecutive games of "Grand TheftAuto." While the CIA report does not state this, a highly-placedanonymous source near the top-secret Pakistan hideout of al-Qaedareveals that al-Zawahiri won."For some time, we've been baffled as to the leader's choice ofreclusive hideouts and random activity," said Marshall A. Redstone,with the Middle East Peace Policy Project, a non-profit corporationdevoted to solutions to earth's longest running conflicts. "Whilewe've been trying to find a guerrilla fortress, what we should havebeen looking for was a dark, smoky room with a Nintendo."The report details al-Qaeda's habits, including vast binges onmarijuana, massive expenditures on snack food and videogames, andhating our freedom. Brent Hubbart, chairman of the Washington-basedMedia Bias Foundation, explained. "It shows us that these people aremotivated more by laziness and drug addiction than Islam. It must beaccurate because our press always is, and is never, ever influenced byhidden oligarchies of government or business. Right?"-=-Stricter Environmental Regulations in New York

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