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Paranormal & Parapsychology

Paranormal & Parapsychology

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Published by Ra Ka Isha

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Published by: Ra Ka Isha on Feb 14, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Semjase: You're not as physically strong as you supposeBilly's Near-Death Desert Incident:
Meier wants to Photograph UFO's by Commanding them to Appear on Film:Hypnotizer got Attacked by Billy's Spirtual-Blockade:Evolution-Overleaping for Meier on Asket's Ship by 470 years:Billy sends out Impulses to FBI to capture American Symbionese Liberation Army:Why every Transmissions always looks like Billy's Writing/Speaking Style :Astral Space-Leap by Billy & Semjase to Glanzman :BIlly's Absolute Blockade of Thoughts - A Complete Thought-Stop :
Spiritual Lessons from PETALE sphere are to be Re-Interpreted BY Billy:
How Billy is able to Write Contact Reports Very Fast:
Headaches from Telepathic Communications about Interplanetary names for Billy's book "Bookof Names"Billy's Dreams & Pain in the back :
Billy's & Quetzal's extraordinary Regenerative Spiritual Powers:
Spiritual & Primary Telepathy:
Spiritform - Body:
Connections with a spirit beings overall consciousness block :
Spirit, Soul & Pysche:Life Spans upto PETALE Level:Animal-Spirts Evolution:
Plejaren Process of Evaluating the Level of Spiritual/Consciousness of a Person:Billy Learns the 'Process of Evaluation of the Consiousness/Spiritual Level of aPerson' :ReIncarnation on Other Planets:ReIncarnation of Plejaren on Earth:
Acknowledging Reincarnation:Self-Determination possibility of the Rebirth Time:
Himalayan Gurus/Masters Control their Next Place of birth :
Amount of Spiritual Power required for a Telepathic Contacts:
To be a Parapsychologist :
Spiritual healers
Tape recorder voices
Spirit world :
Spirit music
Display of power, magicAstral walk, Spiritual-Intuiitve View & Pictorial Visions:Semjase's Spiritual-Projection Experiment:Ways of Predicting/Prophecying Future:
Spiritual Procreation:Spiritism or Channeling:
How Plejaren Move on Earth without any ID papers:Unlimited Reminiscence/Memory gets in Pure Spiritual Levels:Formula for finding the truth about a Medium:
Telenosis or Telenothy:Should a Human try to Contact with "Other Spheres" :
Echo of a Thought:COLOR VALUES(AURA)
Animals are sensitive to Beamships:
99.5 % of all Parapsychological & Paranormal Claims are Lies :Religions Creates 'Forces of Darkness' (a paradox):Violet-Color Aura Represents Low level of Development :IntrablockAccuracy of Predictions or Prediction Rate :Hearing of voices :Spontaneous Human Combustion :Psychovision of a Psychophysical form :Dream interpretation in Spirit Lessons:
Electromagnetism & "Ghoslty Apparitions" :
 Material used for Construction of Meditation Pyramids
Stigmatization -- The Wounds of Christ:

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