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Table Of Contents

ARSystem documents
Areas for integration
Real-time versus asynchronous integration
Integrating with ARSystem
Chapter 2Architectural overview of ARSystem 21
Multitier architecture
ARSystem clients
Web client
BMC Remedy User
BMC Remedy Developer Studio
BMC Remedy Data Import
BMC Remedy Alert
BMC Remedy Mid Tier
ARSystem server
Database servers
Communications between clients and the ARSystem server
Communications between ARSystem servers and database servers
Many-to-many connections
ARSystem components
Security and access control
Where to integrate
ARSystem client
Database integration
Multiplatform issues
Choosing an implementation method
Integration technologies
Chapter 4ARSystem CAPI 41
Understanding the ARSystem API
Program structure
Multithreaded API clients
Using the API for integration
Example: Network management platform integration accessories
Issues and considerations
Installed files
Contents of the ARSystem Java API installation
Run-time configuration
Java driver
Programming model
Server objects
Cloning objects
Exception handling
Programming with the Java API
Overview of web services in ARSystem
Web service standards
Predefined ARSystem web services
Forms and field mappings for web services
Basic and custom web services
Creating web service clients
Setting up the environment for web services
Verifying the ARSystem server configuration for web services
Configuring for a proxy server
Accessing WSDL or web services over https
ARSystem web services architecture
Information flow for web services published in ARSystem
Information flow for consuming a web service in ARSystem
Publishing a web service
Creating a web service
Creating a basic web service
Viewing a list of web services
Registering a web service
Web Services Registry prerequisites and configuration
Managing web services registry entries
Synchronizing the Registry and Category forms with the registry
Exporting and importing data in the Registry and Category forms
Consuming a web service
Creating a Set Fields web service filter action
To create a Set Fields web service filter action
Querying the registry
Obtaining an End Point URL at run time
WSDL limitations for consumption
Managing web service performance issues
SOAP headers and authentication
Authentication information for a published web service
Authentication information for consuming a web service
Supported schema constructs and ARSystem web service limitations
Supported XML schema constructs
The choice element
XML schema constructs not supported in ARSystem
About ARSystem plug-ins
Installing plug-in components
Creating C plug-ins
C plug-in conventions
Defining plug-in aliases
Running the plug-in server
Logging plug-in information
Common plug-in C functions and Java methods
Common C plug-in functions
Common Java plug-in methods
AREA plug-ins
AREA plug-in CAPI functions
AREA plug-in Java API methods
Sample AREA implementations
ARDBC plug-ins
ARDBC plug-in CAPI functions
Calling ARSystem API from an ARDBC plug-in
ARDBC plug-in Java API methods
Creating a vendor form for an ARDBC plug-in
To create a vendor form for an ARDBC plug-in
AR filter API plug-ins
AR filter API plug-in C function
AR filter API plug-in Java methods
Overview of LDAP and ARSystem
ARDBC LDAP plug-in
Configuring the ARDBC LDAP plug-in
To configure the ARDBC LDAP plug-in
Figure8-1:ARDBC LDAP configuration form
Building ARSystem forms for directory services
“Organizing data”
“Creating a vendor form to represent a collection of LDAP objects” on page140
Organizing data
Identifying objects uniquely
Multivalued attributes
ARDBC LDAP run-time performance tips
AREA LDAP plug-in
Configuring the AREA LDAP plug-in
Configuring AREA LDAP group search
Mapping LDAP groups to ARSystem groups
Configuring ARSystem servers to use the AREA LDAP plug-in
What’s next?
Overview of AREA authentication
About the AREA LDAP plug-in
Specifying AREA plug-in server settings
Configuring authentication processing
Specifying when to use internal and external authentication
Authenticating unregistered users
To authenticate unregistered users
Cross-referencing blank passwords
Specifying authentication chaining mode
Determining AREA behavior
Configuring Atrium SSO integration
Setting up the AREA hub
Services provided to the data visualization modules on BMC Remedy Mid Tier
Services provided on clients
Using Java classes
Working with native libraries
Storing shared library files on the mid tier
Creating data visualization fields
Creating data visualization modules on the mid tier
Example: HelloWorld plug-in
Registering data visualization modules
To register a data visualization module
To add a data visualization field to a form
Configuring right-to-left format in a data visualization field (DVF)
About vendor forms
Creating vendor forms
About view forms
Database requirements for view forms
ARSystem requirements for view forms
Field properties for fields on view forms
Database data types for view forms
Creating and modifying view forms
Mapping an alternative ARSystem field type
Modifying view forms
Setting up a remote database for view forms
Accessing ARSystem data externally
Pushing data from ARSystem with SQL
Pulling data into ARSystem with SQL
Creating multiple data sources
Compatibility with ODBC clients
Using Crystal Reports with ARSystem
Using field labels or database names in Crystal Reports
Crystal Report report options considerations
Selecting report fields in Crystal Reports
Using Crystal Reports with join forms
Limitations when using Crystal Reports
Using Microsoft Access with ARSystem
Using Microsoft Excel with ARSystem
Developer Studio
About extending BMC Remedy Developer Studio
Prerequisites for creating plug-ins
Software requirements
Project dependencies
Extension points
BMC Remedy Developer Studio API
Installation directory
ARSystem workflow for AtriumOrchestrator integration
Job status for asynchronous execution operations
Exporting objects and data to XML format
ARSystem objects in XML
ARSystem data in XML
Using XML with the ARSystem API
Using the import/export command-line utility
Guidelines for using the import/export utility
DefinitionImport and DefinitionExport options
Import/export examples
Using the runmacro command-line utility
runmacro example
Using the BMC Remedy Data Import utility
Options for BMC Remedy Data Import command-line utility
Importing in a multithreaded environment
Importing with a mapping file
Importing without a mapping file
Localization tips
BMC Remedy Data Import utility examples
Using the BMC Remedy User CLI
Client and server processes
Using Run Process to start applications
Example: open a reference document from an active link button
Example: call a pager application from a filter
Using Run Process/$PROCESS$ to retrieve data from applications
Figure19-3:Retrieving data from another application
Run a process on the web
Limitations in using JavaScript
OLE overview
ARSystem and OLE automation
Active links and OLE automation
Using the GUID
The OLE automation active link interface
Reading the method tree
Maintaining server context across multiple active link actions
Working with ActiveX controls
ARSystem as an OLE automation server
DCOM support
The OLE automation active link action
Working with your dde.ini file
DDE time-out settings
Using active links with DDE
Using the DDE active link action
Using the DDE active link keyword
Using BMC Remedy User reporting with DDE
Configuring BMC Remedy User to pass report data
To configure the BMC Remedy User to pass report data
Creating a report for DDE export
Using a DDE execute from an external application to trigger ARSystem
Using a DDE execute from an external application to trigger ARSystem
Using ARSystem with DDE, third-party applications, and macros
DDE server name of BMC Remedy User
DDE server name and BMC Remedy User path
Supported DDE topic and function
Example program and buffer
Integrating with Microsoft Excel
Integrating with Microsoft Word
Using DDE to pass data to Excel for graphing
BMC Remedy SNMP Agent functions
Monitoring ARSystem
Remedy MIB
Sending traps
SNMP configuration
The arsnmpd configuration file
System information
Access control information
Community-based directives
User-based directives
Trap configuration
Location of the armonitor configuration file
The snmpd configuration file
The armonitor configuration file
Starting BMC Remedy SNMP Agent
Stopping BMC Remedy SNMP Agent
Application licensing options
Application licensing overview
Making applications licensable
Adding the application license to your server
Assigning application licenses to users
Setting the start record and the maximum limit
Mapping to simple and complex documents
Simple documents
Complex hierarchical documents
Set operations with line items
The Get operation type for complex documents
Filter flow for complex documents
Mapping to complex documents
To map to complex documents
Using join forms in web services
XML editing
Simple XML editing
Object properties
Handling null, empty, and missing values
To remove an existing field from the mapping list
Advanced XML editing
Importing an external XML schema
Data types
Creating the inetorgperson vendor form
Attaching fields to represent inetorgperson data
Attaching fields to represent inetorgperson data
Alternative method of adding a field to represent the uid (User ID) attribute
Defining a filter to generate a DN
Summary of fields
Example 1: Publishing a simple flat document
Example 2: Consuming a simple flat document
Example 3: Publishing a complex document
Example 4: Consuming a complex document
EAdding a certificate to a
About certificate databases
Create a certificate database (page402)
Add a certificate to a certificate database (page403)
Creating a certificate database
To create a certificate database
Adding a certificate to a certificate database
To add a certificate to a certificate database
Listing certificates in a certificate database
Introduction to archgid
Syntax of archgid
Using archgid in prompt-driven mode
Using archgid in bulk mode
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