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Connected Canada Confirmed Session Listing

Connected Canada Confirmed Session Listing

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Published by George Couros
A list of discussions that will be happening at Connected Canada in May 2012
A list of discussions that will be happening at Connected Canada in May 2012

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Categories:Types, School Work
Published by: George Couros on Feb 14, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Connected Canada Confirmed Session Listing
 TitleDescriptionPresenteIs MobileLearningActuallyHelping?Mobile learning certainly seems here tostay. But is it actually making a difference inhow students learn? Is it generating moreenthusiasm? Is it helping students becomelife-long learners?Allison HoneTheImplications of ImplementingAssessmentfor LearningPractices inthe ClassroomAssessment for Learning Practices have far ranging implications at both the classroom,school and district levels of educationalorganizations. Changing how a teacher arrives at the achievment mark of a studentcreates a ripple effect on teacher practice,student engagement, teacher collaborationand school organization that intends nothingshort of a paradigm shift for our traditionalsorting model of education.Bernie SotoInnovativeSchools -AnOxymoron?Critical question: Why is it so hard toencourage and foster innovation in publicschools?Bill BelseyThe AncientsStole All Our Good IdeasThe best 21st C education is a really ancienteducation.Brad Ovenell-Carter NextworkHow can we synthesize the power of socialnetworking tools to deepen the impact of networked learning for students, teachers,teacher-leaders and administrators? Thissession outlines inquiry that Stephen andBrian have engaged in within their learningnetwork.Brian Harrison/StephenLoucaAugmentedRealityWhat is Augmented Reality and how can itbe used in our schools? An introduction tosome simple AR tools that can be used inany school from barcodes and QR codes,to markers, Auras and Layars. Participantswill have a chance to use mobile devicesto activate and create Augmented Realitycontent. We will also have a chance todiscuss the future potential of AR in our classrooms.Dan McWilliamThe Educationof iPadsWhere do iPads fit into education? We wouldlike to move the discussion beyond 'apps'Dan McWilliam, Lisa Nelsonand Jody Pereverzoff 
and address the needs of the students toproduce and create on the iPad in newand unique ways. Topics include: Wheredo the iPads fit in the classroom? Canthe iPad replace the laptop in a 1-to-1environment? How are we/you using theiPad in classroom? What is the future of mobile technology in the classroom?How do youconnectwith your community?In this session, participants will share ideasand strategies for making and maintainingconnections within their school communities.Derek Hatch21st CenturyLearning - It'snot about thetech!Many educators misunderstand theterm, “21st century learning”, as learningwith technology. To me, 21st centurylearning means learning the curriculumbetter by having technology tools to aidus. Technology tools give students andteachers many options to present, share,and demonstrate learning.Derek HatchDialogueon SchoolLeadership"The Dialogue on School Leadership sessionwill provide an opportunity for participantsto use the seven dimensions of exemplaryleadership, outlined in the Alberta SchoolLeadership Competencies document, asa framework for discussing challenges,identifying best practices and considering anew approach to school leadership." Dr. Garry McKinnonDo TeachersHavean "Apptitude"for MobileLearning?Sharing the result of a two year studythat look at pedagogical, governance andinfrastructure challenges as teachers moveinto mobile learning.Dr. Susan Crichton KarenPegler The LearningCommons:One "HowTo" for 21stCenturyLearningHow do we move a learning community fromdoing to engaging? One way is to providestudent centered, flexible spaces thatpromote higher order thinking, encourageparticipatory learning and with teachersserving as learning coaches and knowledgebrokers (with technology as a tool andnot the “driver”) designing high level workthat moves beyond reworking of data andrequires learners to think critically andcreatively.Gino Bondi
LiteracyGroupsAll students in Grades 1 to 3 in our schoolhave been grouped according to their literacylevels and are assigned a "Literacy Coach"that they meet with on Monday, Wednesday,and Friday mornings. This has served toreduce class sizes and improve the way wedifferentiate for the needs of our students ina variety of ways.Glenise Harvey & TrinaSharun(Examples of)ProgressiveEducationModels in theUSA (?)A Canadian's perspective on US basedprogressive models for project based,student lead and in- depth personalizedlearning will be discussed. In particular,EdVisions Schools, Big Picture Schools(now in five countries) and the Coalition of Essential Schools (CES) provide concreteexamples of hope for the future.Greg LawsDesign BasedTeachingSomething on design based thinking - 3DprintingJared NicholAssessmentis not aspreadsheet-- it's aconversation.Students should experience their successesand failures not as reward and punishmentbut as information. Because grading canonly ever be experienced as reward or punishment, they have to go, and that’sokay because anecdotal evidence andscientific research have shown us that thebest educators never need tests to collectinformation nor grades to share it.Joe Bower Making ITWorkHow do we make technology work for thestudent in the classroom and beyond. Whatare the limits, how much management istoo much and where is it all headed. Is thetraditional IT model still relevant? How aremobile devices changing the picture?Jon van der RaadtHarness thePower of Twitter in theClassroomTwitter has been such a valuable tool for educators that some teachers are now usingTwitter with their students for a variety of academic purposes. Session participantswill share ideas and experiences usingclassroom and/or student Twitter accountsand "harness the power" of this social mediatool in our schools.Kim Gill1:to:1 andBeyondIn a short time, (especially in education!)KPDSB has transitioned to a 21st Centurylearning environment. One-to-one laptopand device pilot projects have evolved toLindy Henderson

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