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Basic occult and psi abilties

Basic occult and psi abilties



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Published by Ondine_
Basic articles: psi balls, telepathy, clairvoyance, psychic shielding, healing, telepathic suggestion etc :)
Basic articles: psi balls, telepathy, clairvoyance, psychic shielding, healing, telepathic suggestion etc :)

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Published by: Ondine_ on Nov 19, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Steps to making psiballs- Havik 
Here is one of the most important steps in Psionics. This skill is very useful for you, andcan also be very dangerous to you, and others.What Are Psiballs?Psiballs are balls of energy made of Psi-energy. These balls are limitless. They are fun to play with and easy to use. This article is to teach you how to make a Psiball, and to giveyou a little information as to what you should do once you can make a Psiball within 2Minutes.The DangersWell first off. Psiballs are, like I said before, limitless. So that means if your angry atsomeone, think of it as your Psiball is angry as well. If you were to tell it to, "hurt(name)" Most likely, (name) will be hurt by your attack. Sometimes you can not controlit. It could very well harm you, and others.With this said, that informs you of ONE of the many dangers there can be to doingPsionics. Don't get me wrong. I'm not trying to say that Psiballs are dangerous and youshould stay away from them. I'm saying, that if your not careful, someone could get hurtIncluding yourself. Don't take this subject lightly.TroublesYes I know how it's going to be. Your going to learn this, after about three attempts at it,you'll say, "Is this really all I can do with this?" Here's your answer, no. You can doalmost anything with Psiballs. However after doing that about three times? The other stuff will be way over your head. Once you can make an decent Psiball within under 2minutes or so, then you should move on.PreparationOK, here's the truth. As much as you may want to, your not going to be jumping off walls, teleporting across countries (Maybe in a different sense though) This is not DragonBall Z. Although you can do some pretty amazing things with this. As a side note as well,You may make a Psiball, and go, "Why can't I see it?" Now I know what your worryingyou'll hear, you expect to hear, "No, they will never be visible." Right? Wrong. With practice you can do something called flaring. Flaring allows you to make the Psiballvisible, This takes allot of energy. Although I am not getting into that subject right now.Ok, now your probably saying, "HURRY UP! I WANNA BLOW STUFF UP" Well. A) if thats what your thinking, leave now. B) The learning process begins now.
First things first. If your new, you can start out by meditating, that helps a whole lot. If you don't know what meditating is or how to do it, Ill give you a quick technique. Closeyour eyes, get comfortable, and just clear your mind, think of nothing for 15 to 20minutes, more if you need to.Make sure there are no distractions. This can help a lot.The first Psiball I made was done on my first try, it's simple for some people, like it wasfor me. For other's, no so easy.Gather EnergyThis is Really easy. What you do is, visualise energy coming from your source. A sourcecan be absolutely anything. Visualize the energy as a mist and you absorbing it.Hands In Position Now this is not necessary. You don't need your hands to make a psiball. Although for newcomers to Psiballs and Psionics, it would be the easiest place to start. Now there are plenty of positions you could have with your hands if you want you couldhave them like this: ---( o )---- (the ---( and )---- are hands, the o in the middle is the psiball.) There are many different ways you could put your hands just do whatever feelscomfy to you.Making The Ball Now that you have your hands in position, and energy gathered, you can move the energyinto a ball. Now remember how in the Energy Gathering Article, I said something about,visualization? Well to do this part all you need to do is visualize, and concentrate.Visualize the energy running throughout your body, and down your arms, out your hands.I imagine the energy Swirling into a big ball. With enough energy being put into it, youcan start to feel the ball of Psi. You can tell your feeling the psiball by the way it feels, if you feel a warmth in between your palms, a cold sensation, Fuzzy almost fluffy thing in between your palms, A magnetic push or pull type of feeling, or on very, very rareoccasions you can physically "see" the Psiball. Now the last one is very rare, but hashappened on occasions. I know of one person, that I taught myself. It was a big black Psiball. I wasn't there when it happened. But she wouldn't lie to me. I know her better than that. If you get any of these signs, you have a Psiball, If there is something else thatyou feel, you can once again e-mail me at, JuggaloDuncan@hotmail.com . If you made aPsiball, Congratulations! You have just Tasted a little bit of something called programming. If you didn't. Then try, try again! You'll get it eventually. There is not one person on this earth who can not do this. So don't think you can't. The only way this
CAN'T work is if you don't believe you can do it, or you don't believe it exists. Trust me.This is all real.Wait...Programming?Yes you probably remember me saying something about Programming. This is the art of giving your psiballs commands to go out in the world and do. You just gave you psiballthe command to sit there as a ball of energy. This is what you should go onto next. Also,if you’re thinking, "now I can make Psiballs. Time to go to the advanced section" or "Looks like it's time for me to start learning how to hurt people" First if you thoughtabout the second one, leave this site, never come back. If you said the other one, I think you should just learn to make a shield, and learn to ground yourself. It will help. Makesure you learn to make an actually shield, not just learn to make one, but never try it.Make one first, try different ones, see how they fit, you know?Thank you for taking the time to read through this article. If you have any questions, please Email me at, JuggaloDuncan@hotmail.com Add me on MSN if I give you the permission, if you need extra help.Thank you once again.
Simple Shielding
Simple ShieldingShielding is important to any psion, not matter his or hers strengths. Empaths, shielding isimportant for you to, it can keep out unwanted emotions, stop you overloading, detectincoming hostile signals and absorb or reflect them. Shielding is for you, it is simple to.Okay, now to start; I advise you first decide what shield you want and any other specifications. Here are a few simple shields to make this a whole lot easier:• Bubble Shield- The most basic shield. It can absorb empathic projections from everyday people (that simply means, stopping peoples emotions interfering with you.)• Mirror Shield- A little more complicated than the bubble shield, still fairly simplethough. It is a shield designed to deflect incoming hostile energy signals and emotions.Simple.• Marshmallow Shield- A shield designed to absorb all incoming… well everything. Now have you chosen?Making the shield.Here are the first few steps to making any shield:• Gather energy- Pick a source, be it yourself, be it the moon, the earth, your dog or your cat, just as long as it has enough energy for you to take from.• Shape the energy- A technique I use is, I first get all the energy inside of me moving,visualize ALL the energy inside of you speeding around all over the place (inside of you),

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