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Radiative Forcing

Radiative Forcing

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Published by Ishan Sharma

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: Ishan Sharma on Feb 14, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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A linear mathematical function is being fit in the experimentally observed values of CO2 concentrations to predict the future CO2 concentrations.12000369.4822001371.0232002373.142003375.6452004377.3862005379.6772006381.8482007383.5592008385.34102009112010122011132012Co2 concenration in any year can be estimated as:2.042*(Year-1999)+367.2
y = 2.0423x + 367.24R² = 0.9981360365370375380385390200020012002200320042005200620072008
CO2 Concentration
CO2 ConcentrationLinear (CO2Concentration)
Reaction 1:C+O2-->CO27.5E+12352.14286E+13200001071428.571According to the National Centre for Atmospheric Research:Mass of Atmosphere:5.148E+18kgAverage Molecualr Mass of Air:28.85gmMoles in Atmosheric Air:1.7844E+17kmoleFrom Graph of Sheet 1:CO2 Concentration in 2012 (If we don'tImplement Kite Technology)=393.746ppmThermal energyInput required(W)Calorific Value of Typical Coalused in Power Plants (kJ/kg)Efficiency of a typical Coalbased Power Plant(%)Rated Power Capacity(W)Amount of CoalReplaced (kg/sec)CO2 Concentration in Pre-Industrial Era=280CO2 Concentration in Pre-Industrial Era=280Change in net positive RadiativeForcing of CO2 due to implementationof this Technology:-0.141210085W/m2CO2 oncentration in 2012 (If weImplement Kite Technology)=383.489263ppm

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