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Tower Defendor GDD

Tower Defendor GDD

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Published by jkadow
the game design document to a tower defense game idea.
the game design document to a tower defense game idea.

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Published by: jkadow on Feb 14, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Tower DefendorGame Design Document
Introduction and Storyline
Tower Defendor 
is an action RPG where the player controls a single character involved in defending atower from invading forces. The player is part of a kingdom that is nearing extinction as neighboringforces have been closing in, capturing cities one by one. The king has heard rumor that four greattravelling heroes are in the land: an archer, a mage, a knight, and a cleric. He pleas to them that theyassist in driving out the attackers. The player may choose to start the campaign as any one of the fourheroes. Throughout the journey, other characters will be met that may be willing to join forces with theheroes. After reconquering all the cities that originally belonged to the kingdom, the king summons theheroes and all whom they have gathered in their journey to personally thank them and offer them apermanent place in his army. In doing so, he reveals that he initiated the war with the opposing kingdomand he now wishes to crush them entirely. At this time, an envoy arrives asking for truce between thetwo, but the king demonstrates his ruthlessness, and the four original heroes decide to switch sides inthe fight, because they feel they have been deceived and exploited. Throughout the rest of thecampaign the heroes aid in taking the king
s cities back from him.GameplayBefore battle, a map view will appear where the player will be able to choose from a small selectionwhat city to protect.In order to take back cities, the heroes will sneak into the town hall of each one, and there they mustwithstand besiegement from the offensive forces. If the defensive side can hold out long enough theattackers will give up and retreat, and the city will have been won.Depending on the class of character the player has chosen, the screen view during battle will bedifferent. The mage will only be able to see the battle on the road from inside a tower. Use of ateleportation spell and clicking on the mini map will enable the mage to change what tower he is in. Theknight will be on the road itself, fighting the oncoming enemies with melee attacks. The player will beable to see him from a third person perspective. The archer will start the battle based in a tower, but hewill be able to exit/enter towers, but must travel across the battle area to do so, which is especiallydangerous because he is quite weak when it comes to withstanding melee attacks. The cleric will beginthe battle in the road, fighting alongside the knight, but he may also enter towers as the archer does.From there, he may cast spells, although he has a rather short range.
Conceptual view from a tower. Spell/Abilities selection along the top and a mini-map in the top right corner.
 Conceptual view from the battlefield. Spell/Abilities selection along the top and mini-map in the topright.
UpgradesEach class of character will have several abilities that will be upgradeable up to ten times. Each spell orability also has a cooldown time that.Mage SpellsFireball
Strong damage and a small area of effect. Medium cooldown.Poison
Medium initial damage and small damage over time. Medium cooldown.Lightning
Very strong damage to a single unit. Long cooldown.Earthquake
Medium damage with a large area of effect. Long cooldown.Freezing Ice
Stops the target in place for a small amount of time. Short cooldown.

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