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DuBow Digest Germany Edition February 15, 2012

DuBow Digest Germany Edition February 15, 2012

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Published by Eugene DuBow
An American Jewish - German Information & Opinion Newsletter
An American Jewish - German Information & Opinion Newsletter

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: Eugene DuBow on Feb 14, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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GERMANY EDITIONFebruary 15, 2012Dear Friends:I hate to keep talking about it but, unlike Europe we’re experiencing an unusuallywarm winter with practically no snow thus far. In fact “Spring Training” for theprofessional baseball teams begins next week so maybe we’ve dodged the bulletthis year. However, I’m a great believer that Mother Nature evens things up so oneof these days we’ll have to “pay our dues”.The American Jewish community like everyone one else here is following theRepublican primary election season trying to figure out whether Mitt Romney willhave enough strength to become the Presidential candidate.Aside from that there is considerable interest in the Iran situation which so intimatelyinvolves Israel as well as our own government. A very interesting article about howPres. Obama is dealing with the situation appeared the other day in
andthen reprinted in
The Daily Beast,
an Internet news sheet. You can read it by clickinghere.http://www.thedailybeast.com/newsweek/2012/02/12/obama-s-dangerous-game-with-iran.html All the other important news is covered below so let’s get on with it…IN THIS EDITIONTHE PEACE TALKS – Nothing much to talk about.ISRAEL & “US” – The Knesset gets more serious about “us”.AMERICAN JEWS & FUNDAMENTALISM – Another issue for them to get seriousabout.1
DUMB! DUMB! DUMB! – One American Jewish publisher/editor wasn’t so smart.SYRIA – Israel is not involved, but for how long?LIMMUD – It means learning and, in some places, Jewish survival.YIDDISH – A new lease on life.THE PEACE TALKSThe Israelis and Palestinians have been holding (very) low level “peace talks” under pressure from the “Quartet” of nations who see virtue in having some kind of talkseven if they are almost useless. Neither side is committed to getting anything doneat the moment for all sorts of reasons. However, (I guess) the EU.’s HighRepresentative for Foreign Affairs, Catherine Ashton, has been pushing to keep thetalks going with the hope that something (miraculous?) will happen.The Palestinians are still divided between Hamas and the Fatah with their scheduledelections supposedly coming up in May. There was an announcement that somesort of agreement between the two factions had been signed. Pres. Abbas wouldcontinue as President. However, the Gaza based section of Hamas disagreed so thewhole thing is still pretty much “up in the air”.President Abbas in the last few months has been pouring his energies into gettingPalestine recognized as a state. How that moves the Palestinians toward peace is,at best (in my mind), questionable especially since he continues to say (as he didthe other day) according to
Israel Mayom, “The Palestinians will not give in to Israeli demands to recognize Israel as a Jewish state, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas said on Sunday, in a pointed attack against Israel during a meeting of Arab League foreign ministers in Cairo. According to Israel Radio, Abbas said that were the Palestinians to agree to thisrequirement, Palestinian refugees would not be allowed to return to Israel as part of a future agreement, and some million and a half Arab citizens of Israel would havelittle say in shaping the country’s affairs. Israeli Arabs have previously challenged Israel’s Jewish identity by calling for it to become a “state of all its citizens.”  Abbas said he intended to send a letter to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu outlining his demands for resuming to negotiations, which included basing talks on1967 lines, an immediate halt to construction in the settlements and east Jerusalem,and the release of Palestinian political prisoners, including those jailed during theSecond Intifada. Abbas warned that should Netanyahu refuse to negotiate based on these parameters, the Palestinians would renew their campaign to isolate Israel 
diplomatically and would resume unilateral efforts to seek recognition for anindependent Palestinian state at U.N. institutions.
The Palestinian Authority is supported by outside money from both Europe and theU.S. So, even though they have declared the talks at an end after five sessions, theymay have to eventually go back to the table in order to keep the euros and dollarsflowing.The Israelis have agreed to keep talking and, amazingly, even made a proposal onborders. Granted, it was a maximum position proposal but it was, indeed, aproposal. The Palestinians immediately rejected it.
The Jerusalem Post 
,“Palestinian officials said Friday that Israel’s presentation of its ideas for border and security arrangements of a future Palestinian state at a meeting in Amman onWednesday was a nonstarter, envisaging a fenced-off territory of cantons that would  preserve most Jewish settlements.Israel’s envoy to the talks, Yitzhak Molcho, outlined the principles and parametersWednesday night for the Palestinians that will guide Israel’s policy on border issues,an Israeli government official said. According to the official, Molcho did not draw aline on a map, but rather spoke in general principles about what Israel would takeinto consideration when drawing that line.“He killed the two-state solution, set aside previous agreements and international law,” PLO source said of Molcho’s presentation. “Basically, the Israeli idea of aPalestinian state is made up of a wall and settlements.”  An Israeli official said the presentation was in line with a framework for talks set by the Quartet – the United States, European Union, Russia and the United Nations.Its aim is to ensure that the core issues of borders and security were clearly set out by January 26, with the goal of relaunching negotiations stalled since November 2010, to reach a framework peace accord by the end of this year. After five rounds of talks in Jordan, including Wednesday’s session, the Palestiniansource said there are no more meetings scheduled. Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas has said he wants to consult Arab League states on the next move. According to the Palestinian source, Molcho’s team suggested that any solutioncreating a Palestinian state living in peace alongside Israel needs to “preserve thesocial and economic fabric of all communities, Jewish or Palestinian.” The idea presented by Molcho “does not include Jerusalem and the Jordan Valley,and includes almost all [Jewish] settlements,” the Palestinian official said.

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