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3 Body Weight Exercises

3 Body Weight Exercises

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Published by Chris Sherlock

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Published by: Chris Sherlock on Feb 14, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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To get FREE weight lossand fat burning tips, makesure you like the
 The following piece of text has been taken from the Shapeshifterweight loss program. These exercises can be done anywhere, and asthey are bodyweight exercises…..no need for dumbbells! If you havenot already picked up your free copy of “Weight Loss Secrets” were Ireveal a method that will burn fat in 30 seconds then you can grab acopy here;Enjoy!
3 Bodyweight Exercises1. Ditch Your Pushups
Do the Screw Press instead. This cool move takes the two-dimensionalstrength you built in push ups and adds a rotational element--turning aclassic exercise into a three-dimensional functional movement. It alsogives you more corestabilization and shoulderwork. Here's how to do it:Begin in the same topposition as a basic pushup.Shoulders are pulled downaway from your ears, chinis tucked, and glutes,thighs and core stay strongto prevent "belly sag" andmaintain solidalignment.Exhale to stabilize as youbend the right arm and touch your right forearm to the ground. Elbowpits face the front, with the goal of pressing back to top position by
www.FatLossClassroom.comdriving your elbow pits forward rather than simply pushing up. Repeatthe movement from side to side, pressing off alternating arms.
2. Spice Up Your 1-Leg Romanian Deadlift
 The Flamingo is a cool variation the 1-Leg RDL. It adds an element of timing and coordination that makes it a little more fun, while burningmore fat and recruiting more muscle through increased stimulation of the nervous system. And yeah, you sorta look like abig pink bird.Here's how to do it:Stand tall with feet shoulder width apart. Shift your weight to one foot,and raise the opposite leg,bent loosely at the knee. This is your start position.Stretch the heel of the freeleg back as your shoulderscome forward, pivoting atthe waist. You can hold your armsout to the sides like atightrope walker forbalance as you extend.Keep going until you havea nice straight line from head to heel.Come as parallel to the floor as possible while maintaining that straightline.Only go as low as you can while maintaining proper alignment.Squeeze the glute of the planted leg to pivot back to the start position.
3. Do the Dead Bug instead of crunches
Crunches are a staple in a lot of bodyweight programs. But not only arethousands of crunches incredibly boring to do, they can also bedownright dangerous for your lower back health. Squash a roach
www.FatLossClassroom.cominstead! The Dead Bug gives you an awesome core workout withouttherepetitive trunk flexion of the crunch.Here's how to do it:Begin lying on your back,with one arm overheadand the other atyour side, pointing to yourtoes.Raise the opposite leg of theoverhead arm and drawthe knee in, coming asclose to your chest asyou can while keepingabout a hand width of space between yourlower back and the floor. The heel of the extended leg is raisedoff the ground, and belly button pulled in. This is your start position.Change position with your hands and legs at the same time. So the toparm goes down as the opposite leg goes down, and the bottom armgoes overhead as the extended leg draws in knee to chest. Exhale witheach switch.Remember to keep your belly button pulled in slightly, and one handwidth of space between your back and the floor throughout.Until next time, Take Care and Keep Focused!Chris
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