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Barclayballadry (1)

Barclayballadry (1)

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Published by Svetla Baloutzova

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Published by: Svetla Baloutzova on Feb 14, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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chp 2
‘and F ys Sp, bing mnnd Wif, h ling agd’:Bd nd e mdnundsndings f mig
Ki B
If trying to grasp the popular understanding of something as uid and complex as the
i nin d is n s sk, ing  ndsnd ig 250 s g is
signicantly more difcult. In Britain and Western Europe between 1650 and 1750,
fi inships nd h n f ig  nsidd b n hisins fndn hng. lwn Sn nd rndph tbh bi hhnging ids  h is’s pn  in h snnh n d wknd nwks f kinship nd ing, whih bind wih  is in h pw f h s nd h spd f Psnis, isd h nw-fd n hshd. this inii sd in  pih f f fi if, b g w ffi indiidis b h ighnh n. th wkning f pinn ni gin ws ss ib nd fiis  isd, ing i inships wihin h fi nd ss nd f n  wisnd hidn.
ohs h hngd h id f sh swping hng. F nhisins, h p-indsi fi ws nih sk hiin n king inffin. lis ti nd Jn S g h wn’s i ni  wihinh p-indsi hshd g h nsidb hi wihin  pihsi.
min Sgn, wh sdis psn in Fn, shws s dgf qi bwn h sxs, whi and vik sggss  nd ffinw s ipn  snnh-n si s pih n.
th is f h indiid nd is ip n h fi hs bn sii qsind, wih J
1 lwn Sn,
The Family, Sex and Marriage in England, 1500–1800
(lndn,1977); rndph tbh,
The Rise of the Egalitarian Family: aristocratic kinship and domestic relations in eighteenth-century England 
(lndn, 1978).2 lis ti nd Jn S,
Women, Work and the Family
(lndn, 1989).3 min Sgn,
 Love and Power in the Peasant Family: rural France in thenineteenth century
(oxfd, 1983); and vik,
The Gentleman’s Daughter: women’slives in Georgian England 
(lndn, 1998), p. 40.
 Finding the Family in Medieval and Early Modern Scotland/Barclay
Wnbrg dnsrng  ndds dpd nn rss erp ndn s ps  w rssn.
t nr f r rnsps n r drn Snd s n rn ndr sd.
an nrsng sr f ds n rrg n Snd bwn1650 nd 1750 s  sngs  sr. trg sdng bds, nsg n bgnd n w sngrs nd r dns ndrsd , rsp, rwn rrg nd  r f sbnd nd wf. Bds n gg rs f 
tension and negotiation during a period where the newly identied individual should
 b png  p s r r nds bfr  f  f.t r bd s ppd   r f sngs  wr ppr n wsrnerp sn  d prd. B  sxn nr  dsrbd sngs wr prnd n n sd f  sng s f ppr knwn s  brdsd.lr  rfrrd   fr f nrr sng  xsd n r rdn.
Wr n b dffrns n nn nd s, brdsds nd r bds srdn sr nrns. t r fn sdd spr,  b frs xsdnprns nd wr rd r rd b  s pp. Bds d frr rdn n prn nd  rs.
B r nd brdsd sngrs nnnbsd sngs fr b rdns wn rng nw wrks, sggsng n
separation of the two is articial.
Bds fn  ng srs, rnng n pbn nd n r rdn r n gnrns. mn ppr nnn-nr bds rgnd n  snn nr. t fndn srr f  sng rnd  s, g ngs  d wr d. ts prss f r-rn nsrd  sngs rnd rn  r dns’ s. indd bds xsd n p rsns   s , ggng rs f nsn r dffrn prsps n  s s.
lk n fr f rr, bds nn b kn s dn f r br, b  ffr nsg n ‘ ds nd rns f  bd-sngng fk  wrd rnd ’.
ts s prn s  ‘bd-sngng fk’ wr fnsn n r rdn srs, w bds bng prr ssd w wr sss nd wn. y, w r bds r fn ssd w sd,rr ns w w s f r nd brdsds w  rbn pr,
4 J Wnbrg,
 Disorderly Women and Female Power in the Street Literature of  Early Modern England and Germany
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