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Feb10 - "Sickness"

Feb10 - "Sickness"

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Published by Nyxstory

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Published by: Nyxstory on Feb 15, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 My Father’s Thoughts 
“..Words & Thoughts are NOT mine; I do not own anything.All wisdom, knowledge & understanding was provided by the LORD.It came from my Heavenly Father, through His Spirit in me..”
(However, I would claim ALL sin/ fault/ error/ mistake as the LORD’s work is not 
done in me.)
2/10/12 “SICKNESS”
We know a better solution to the problem..Then why not give it to those who are in need of healing?If they are hungry, will you give them a water to drink?If they are thirsty, will you give them a bread to eat?Or is your faith so little and you have unbelief in your heartthat all sickness will be healed by the power of YahuShua’s name?What on earth will not submit to His Name?The Name above all names, YaHuWaH?The Name under heaven given among men by which we must be saved, YahuShua?You say you trust Him, you have faith in Him,But by your works, it shows that you have faith in man’s medicine..and not on The Living God who heals, YaHuWaH Rapha!If you come to man and receive of its temporary healing (through medicated drugs),will not the pain and sickness be gone for a while and return again?Why not come to the greatest healer and cure to all sickness?YahuShua-YaHuWaH, in where all sickness will be healed?
Where is your heart? ..your faith? ..your trust?Do you truly desire for God’s glory and power to be manifested here on earth?..Then why are you hiding?..Why are you withholding God’s power?IT IS HIS POWER.. THAT WILL BE MANIFESTED THROUGH YOU..
Therefore, come to Him directly..Seek Him MORE..The way you never did before..By your actions it will show Him if you truly love Him..More than your father, mother, brother, sister, son or daughter…
Don’t you want those you love to come to know the truth?For them to trust in The Living God and stop worshipping idols,..which cannot see, hear, speak, heal nor save?Show them that your God is alive,By believing in the Power of His Name, YahuShua-YaHuWaH!How can you prove you believe in the power of His Name,When you do not use the authority give to you?Do not just believe..Act according to your faith..Remember not to make decisions on your own..Seek Him.. Hear from Him..Not making your own decision and will only ask for His approval..Rather ask Him..“What is the right thing to do?”“What do you want me to do?”“What do you want me to say?”Be still.. Be quiet.. wait and listen..Never do anything without truly hearing from Him..
Exercise your faith..Walk with God..
Hear the Word of The Lord spoken to This Modern Generation!Letters from God and His Christ
Free at 
Build Trust in The Beloved
Home>MORE Letters From God and His Christ> Build Trust in The Beloved
 From The Lord, Our God and Savior 
- A Letter Given to Timothy,For Roselle, and For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear
 Roselle’s email: “Hi Timothy. I was wondering if it would be too much to ask you, to lay your handson me for healing. I have herniated discs in my neck after an injury at work. I know that I will get healed. The Lord has been continually healing me since I got hurt. We are moving to Colorado from Illinois, and we’ll be passing through Nebraska this coming Sabbath. If it would be a possibility, I would love to hear from you, to tell me where we can meet with you. Thank you so much!”
Thus says The Lord:
Beloved, what is the power of man?...
 He has little, and what he does haveavails nothing.
And what healing is accomplished by a man, who has no knowledge of medicine?...
 Are there not physicians for that?...Yet the gift of healing, by the Spirit, is true... And healing, of this kind, comes by faith, Even by complete trust in Me and the power of My name... Having little to do with the one who calls upon it.
 Even Timothy has not this gift, nor does the power to heal reside in any man. Yet Timothy hasperformed it, but only when My presence was strong upon him, and when My will was spoken inhis ear, that he call upon My name to perform it, which I did, both from a distance and by thelaying on of hands...
 I am The Lord.
Yet of you, it is not My will that Timothy perform this...
 It is My will that you pass him by, and look to Me.
Look past him and seek My face, and build trust in The Beloved, (for this is also whatI require of Timothy)...
Wherein flows peace in healing, of every kind.
And what do I require of a daughter? And what is pleasing in My sight?...
 A daughter who loves Me, placing Me foremost in her heart... A servant who remembers My Commandments, and takesdelight in them, even to do them... Resting in Me on The Sabbath, of which I had sanctified fromthe beginning... A blessing which I have made for her, by which she also reveals her love for Me,in the keeping of it...
 I am The Lord.

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