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Family Conflicts-Me Myself, And the Others-How do I see the Divine in Others

Family Conflicts-Me Myself, And the Others-How do I see the Divine in Others

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Published by holisicra
Articles, books, and various divanation items, as well as videos, also special topics on author Raven Grimassi, visit: http://divination.holisticrats.com
Articles, books, and various divanation items, as well as videos, also special topics on author Raven Grimassi, visit: http://divination.holisticrats.com

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Published by: holisicra on Feb 15, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 ==== ====Want to Learn more about Divinations?Visit Http://diet.holisticrats.org today! ==== ====We received a series of e-mails from a troubled soul who had been having relationship issues withher family. Shanaya had been given the responsibility of maintaining a family property in the hills,and had been doing a very good job of it. Some of the family members had been criticizing her fornot doing a timely job because they needed to visit there with friends and some maintenance workwas pending. The delay was due to no fault of Shanaya's. Some unpleasant things were said, some aspersionscast, and she resigned her position as caretaker of the property. Obviously she found the lack ofunderstanding painful and troubling. We wrote back advising her not to resign her responsibility, while giving her specific guidance, andshe responded with a changed mood. The darkness having lifted, Shanaya went back to hercaretaker responsibilities with the support of the family. We were happy to have been able to helpher. A student of vedanta philosophy, Shanaya sought to understand this relationship issue in thecontext of what she had been studying. "I am wondering... and wandering. I keep reading in the Gita and in discourses about it, andgenerally in what saints and gurus have said that one should recognize the divinity in other beings.Sometimes I find it very hard. And sometimes downright impossible. Please guide me--Shanaya." "Does God, or the Divine, create our life situations?"We see that situations coming at us to dealwith come from my accumulated balance of action or karma from the past. The karmic balancebeing delivered to me is through the agency of the witnessing Divine. The Divine is not an initiatorof such actions, but only reminds us that we had called for this in the past. When we become aware of the divinity within us, only then can we effectively see the divine inothers. If I do not have something which is 'divine' within--why will I see it in others? I can only seein others of that which I have a reference sample within. I cannot recognize what I do not alreadysee. The divinity is present in all but not very visibly active. In any situation if we connect with the divinewithin ourselves and inside the other we can connect with the truth of our relationships. Our actions are our responsibilityThe actions of the divine are not one with the individual, butalways separate and unconnected with what the individual does. In the same way our actions arenot the responsibility of the divine, but solely our own. The results of our actions must come backto us.
 So even an animal has the divine element in it but we cannot assume that the animal or individualis 'as good as the divine' because the divine chooses to live with that individual. That is only thegrace of the divine. So the animal may injure us and we cannot say that the divine is 'responsible'. At the same timethe divine is guiding the animal to deliver us the stored results of our karma. The divine is alsoguiding us what we can do to mitigate our suffering and ultimately completely heal our karmicbalance. Our lack of sukriti (pious activity), a shortage of pure spiritual karmic bank balance, andan active false ego prevents us from accessing this higher wisdom. Seeing the divine in myself and others makes me free of pain Me, my higher self, and the other person--we are all connected through the divine element. Asmuch we can change our karmic balance by various methods, that much we benefit and are ableto connect with the divine in ourselves and others. By connecting with the divine within us, wereduce the pain. Being free of pain gives a clear mind with which we can improve the course of our lives. A clearmind also means that the ego factors are not coloring our vision that much. When we are able toacknowledge that just as there is a divine element within us, the other also has a divine elementwithin him. This realization calms us, and allows us to deal conclusively with the issues facing us. If we do this well, then there is no residue of pain or discomfort carried forward into our tomorrows.Our daily experience is improved and we are that much in awareness of the blessings of the divinethat are always with us. Being aware of this makes for a daily experience of happiness and joy. For more details on the understanding of karma or how our actions affect life events, go to theauthors' ezine article: Getting Life Success - Winning at Everything by Knowing How RealityWorks. You can also get more detailed information at their website: http://www.getting-positive-karma-now.com GettingPositiveKarmaNow offers detailed knowledge, methods and techniques that everyone canuse to change their lives for the better. Nalin K. Nirula and Renoo Nirula are karma healers, authors and teachers of karmic healingmethods and techniques. Renowned clairvoyant-psychics, they are based in New Delhi and havehelped thousands of people worldwide to shift their lives immeasurably. Their methods includespecial empowerment seminars where they initiate and connect people to universal karmic healingenergies which are instrumental in radically improving and turning around their lives.  

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