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Protecting Our Environment, Innovating Our Economy

Protecting Our Environment, Innovating Our Economy

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Published by PeggyNash

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Published by: PeggyNash on Feb 15, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Protecting OurEnvironment,Innovating OurEconomy
Fighter. Builder. Leader.
Peggy Nash Campaign
for the Leadership of the New Democratic Party
Fighter. Builder. Leader.peggynash.ca
 At Issue
Many agree that the biggest ailure o our ederal governments is a lack o meaningulaction on the environment. Canada has abandoned international agreements, retreatedrom previous legislative commitments, and made choices that put our environment andcommunities at risk.Failure on the environment is a direct disservice to the economy. The HarperConservatives and the private interests they serve are quick to argue that treating ourenvironment this way is necessary in order to bolster our economy. That is patentlyuntrue.Not only is it possible to build a strong economy while protecting the environmentand supporting all Canadians with smart social policy – it is essential. We can meetour responsibilities to the environment and to uture generations by ollowing a morethoughtul path.We do not have to sacrice environmental saeguards in the name o resource extraction.We do not have to ignore Canada’s obligations to First Nations, disrupt ecosystems, anddegrade natural resources to serve economic interests.We can and must do better. Canadians know that our environment and natural resourcesdeserve no less.
Peggy Nash Campaign
for the Leadership of the New Democratic Party
Fighter. Builder. Leader.peggynash.ca
In Context
Under the Harper Conservatives, Canada has retreated on the environment and becomean ally to interests working to actively sabotage global climate change agreements.Canada’s environmental laws are weak, their enorcement lax. Instead o investing inrenewable energy and innovative clean technology, the Harper Conservatives continue tosubsidize technologies that pollute, that contribute to climate change, and that threatenprecious ecosystems and watersheds.Each day the current government heads in the wrong direction on the environment – whether withdrawing rom the Kyoto accord, smearing environmental groups as radicals,or cancelling the popular ecoENERGY home retrot program – is another day ourenvironment and natural resources go unprotected.The role o government is to protect the public interest, to saeguard our natural heritage,and to ensure resource development meets environmental standards. And yet, leadershipon environmental assessments and species-at-risk legislation has been lacking.Canada is one o the world’s worst GHG (greenhouse gas) emitters, ranking 15th 17OECD countries on GHG emissions per capita.Not only can we do better, we must.To repair the damage to our environment and our international reputation while at thesame time strengthening our economy, we need strong leadership and innovative plans.We can build a low-carbon economy in Canada that will create well-paying long-termemployment and promote greater equality in our society. How? By providing appropriateincentives and investment, capping emissions, and improving relevant legislation.

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