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Unannounced Candidates Preferred Over Current

Unannounced Candidates Preferred Over Current

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Published by PeoplesPolling

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: PeoplesPolling on Feb 15, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Polling dates: February 5-11, 2012Respondents: 1197; 1058 completed surveys Democrat
219, Tea Party
106, Independent
364 Margin ofError: +/-3
The People’s Polling Poll conducted survey, February 2012
NOTE: all results shown are percentages unless otherwise labeled.
These are findings from an internet poll conducted by 
The People’s Polling
from February 5th 
, 2012. For the survey,a Wisconsin representative, randomly selected sample of 1,058 completed responses from the general Facebook posted link, Twitter, and other Social Media posted links, multiple sharing of the links by participants and others. Respondents were restricted to 1 response and Wisconsin residents only capability. The results are considered accurate within 3 percentage points, 19 times out of 20, of what they would have been had the entire adult population in Wisconsin. been polled. All sample surveys and polls may be subject to other sources of error, including, but not limited to coverage error and measurement error. These data were weighted to ensure that the sample composition reflects that of the actual Wisconsin population according to U.S. Census figures. Respondents had the option to be interviewed in English. Where figures do not sum to 100, this is due to the effects of rounding. Responses are based on the completed sample of adults unless otherwise noted.
Unannounced candidates preferred over currentDemocrat candidates in recall for Governor.
Governor Scott Walker’s sole support in Wiscons
in comes from those that consider themselves very conservative andsomewhat conservative (88-99% favorability). His support wanes drastically when respondents identify as moderates(31.5% favorability), and near completely by those that identify as liberal (0.41-0.46% favorability).Of the possible candidates seriously considering entering the race for the recall election Doug La Follette and Peter Barcacome in 1
and 2
top choices. Russ Feingold, who has said he has no intention of running in 2012 for any office pollsthe highest to defeat Governor Walker. Senator John Erbanbach has indicated that he would not be running, but also pollshigh. Of the announced candidates, Kathleen Falk is viewed as the weakest chance to defeat Governor Walker andSenator Kathleen Vinehoult receives a very luke warm favorability.Of the announced Democrat candidates Kathleen Vinehoult polls better against Governor Walker with 54%-38% and 8%
neither or don’t know. Former Dane County Executive Kathleen Falk is seen as the we
akest choice to defeat Gov. Walkerin the recall election against Governor Scott Walker in poll results with 43%-38%, 14% would not vote for either and 5%
don’t know.
In direct matchups against Walker, Doug La Follette comes in with 59%-37%, 3.75% neither
or don’t know, and Peter 
Barca with 59%-
38%, 3.4% neither or don’t know. Russ Feingold 62%
37%, 0.8% neither or don’t know; Jon Erpenbach
38%, 4.8% neither or don’t know;
David Obey 56%-37%, 6.8%
neither or don’t know;
Tom Barrett 53%-37%, 10%neither
or don’t know; Ron Kind 48%
37%, 14.3% neither or don’t know; Steve Kagen 46%
37%, 16.6% neither or don’t
know. Tim Cullen has dropped out of the race.
Among those that identify themselves as moderates Scott Walker has 31.51% 0.00% haven’t heard enough. R
Feingold 69.18% favorability and 3.42% haven’t heard enough. Russ Feingold 69.18% favorability and 3.42% haven’theard enough. Peter Barca 52.05% favorability and 19.18% haven’t heard enough. Doug La Follette 49.32% 24.66%haven’t heard enough. Jon Erpenbach 48.63% 23.29% haven’t heard enough. Tom Barrett 39.04% favorability and10.96% haven’t heard enough. David Obey 41.10% favorability and 24.66% haven’t heard enough. Kathleen Vinehout30.82% favorability and 42.47% haven’t heard enough. Ron Kind 28.08% favorability and 39.04% haven’t heard enough.Steve Kagen 21.92% favorability and 37.67% haven’t heard enough. Kathleen Falk 19.86% favorability and 26.03%haven’t heard enough. Tim Cullen 17.81% favorability and34.25% haven’t heard enough.
 When asked what is more important to you when deciding who to vote for the respondents answered: A candidate's abilityto beat Scott Walker at 46.55% to Scott walker to remain Governor at 33.87%, and 17% for Their issue positions.Of respondents 58.31% say Governor Walker/GOP agenda and policies have affected them Negatively, and 34.52%Positively.Of respondents 26.00% are members of a local or national labor union, and 74% are not.Of respondents 43.68% approve of Governor Walker's Job Performance while 56.22% do not.When asked what is the most important to you when deciding how to vote, conservatives almost exclusively respond withgovernment spending, reducing debt with jobs/economy 2
. Among moderates and self identified liberal the the issuesare Restoring/Protecting Rights of "The People", Jobs/economy, Supporting Middle-class, and Restoring CollectiveBargaining, Corruption/Cronism in Politics, in that order. Along with other issues that affect them personally.IF YOU HAVE BASIC METHODOLOGICAL QUESTIONS, PLEASE E-MAIL peoplespolling@peoplespolling@gmail.com,or consult the final paragraph of the press release.
If the recall election were held today, whom wouldyou vote for if the candidates are...?Scott Walker 37.35%Tom Barrett 52.64%Neither 7.14%Don't Know/Refuse 2.87%Scott Walker 37.79% Scott Walker 37.22%Kathleen Falk 42.67% Russ Feingold 61.99%Neither 14.33% Neither 0.13%Don't Know/Refuse 5.22% Don't Know/Refuse 0.66%Scott Walker 37.41% Scott Walker 37.66%Tim Cullen 38.17% Kathleen Vinehout 53.84%Neither 16.73% Neither 3.27%Don't Know/Refuse 7.69% Don't Know/Refuse 5.23%Scott Walker 37.41% Scott Walker 37.66%David Obey 55.81% Jon Erpenbach 57.57%Neither 3.68% Neither 1.69%Don't Know/Refuse 3.11% Don't Know/Refuse 3.07%Scott Walker 37.41% Scott Walker 37.42%Doug La Follette 58.84% Steve Kagen 45.95%Neither 1.25% Neither 7.36%Don't Know/Refuse 2.50% Don't Know/Refuse 9.27%Scott Walker 37.60% Scott Walker 37.48%Peter Barca 59.01% Ron Kind 48.02%Neither 1.06% Neither 6.32%Don't Know/Refuse 2.34% Don't Know/Refuse 8.17%

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