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Saturn Means Shanidev is Dand Nayak

Saturn Means Shanidev is Dand Nayak

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: Dr.Eswara Reddy Siddareddy on Feb 15, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Saturn means Shanidev is Dand Nayak. We allafraid of his effect. In astrology first we see saturnwhile giving prediction saturn complete one rashi intwo n half year, so slow but very keen in givingresults. It gives results according to our Karmathatsy saturn called Dand Nayak. On November 15th,2011, Saturn moves into Librawhere he becomes exalted, meaning the ability todeliver his highest and most beneficial qualitieswithout encumbrances. Saturn will be in Libra for 3years until November 2nd, 2014. This is aremarkable 6 months longer than a normal Saturntransit which is usually 2.5 years.Saturn is a planetthat takes almost two and half years to shift from oneRashi to another. Saturn will shift to its mostfortunate sign Libra on November 15th 2011 at10:11. This is the sign of exaltation for Saturn. The biggest relief will be for the people of Leo sign asthis Rashi is getting rid of Saade Saati of Saturn after seven and half years. The Rashi that has come under the effect of Sade Saati is Scorpio. Saturn isconsidered as a natural malefic. Saturn is the planetthat breaks a person’s false ego and shows the reality
to an individual. During Saturn’s period, the nativefaces maximum pain, sorrow and obstructions.Saturn is the planet which brings the native down toearth and shows the true colours of life. On thecontrary Saturn is the planet that takes the native tothe unexpected heights. Thus, Saturn plays a vitalrole in human life.Generally we can predict how your time whilesaturn in libra according to your moon sign. Let'stake a quick look on various rashi what effect theyhave in this period.....Aries : Saturn will be placed in the 7th housewhich is the house of life partner, marriage, maritalhappiness, , trade and speculations for Aries. Thisshifting of Saturn for Aries will not be veryfortunate. Since, it is placed in an exalted signtherefore the marriage due from the long time can bedecided in the near future provided the Saturn in the birth chart is well placed. Your health can beaffected during this period. Business can be affectedand you can also face some losses during this period.Taurus : Saturn will placed in the house of enemies, disappointments, sorrows, debts, illness,
maternal relations and disease for Taurians. Saturn isconsidered to be fortunate in this house. The nativewill dominate the enemies in this period. He will befreed from all his enemies. If there is any diseasethat existed for a long time that will be cured in this period. The native will enjoy the company of women. Some throat related problems can persist if Saturn is weak in the birth chart.Gemini :The Saturn will be transiting in thehouse of intelligence, discriminating power, childrenand fame for Gemini. This transition will causemental strain, unknowing expenses, lack of concentration, separation from children and havequarrels within family. But, those looking for thecareer in engineering might get success. Child birthwill take place after difficulty. Those who are inspeculation business will find some gain. Overall,this period will give mixed results.Cancer :Saturn transits in the house of happiness, mother, self prosperity, landed property,education and vehicles for Cancer. Although, Saturnin this house is not fortunate but we can expect somemixed results since it is in its exalted sign. The positive part is that those looking for transfer will

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