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Gifts: No Expections no Devastations

Gifts: No Expections no Devastations

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Published by Gregory Valentine
The Art of forced Giving, beware it can happen to you
The Art of forced Giving, beware it can happen to you

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Published by: Gregory Valentine on Feb 15, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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What is “Forced Gift Giving?”By Gregory Valentine
Oh no! Not another family holiday! What! I’m still recuperating from the lastone! Did you know around the turn of the century the family was the main producer of goods in the community? Yeah I was shocked too. This means that the society we live inis not based on giving, but receiving. In Acts 20:35 Scripture says Paul told people “toremember the words of the. Lord Jesus, how he said, '
It is more blessed to give than toreceive.*
How does this translate into our culture? Well around the holidays, many havesought the altar of commercialism to provide that Oh so special gift for that Oh so specialsomeone who deserves it.I’m being sarcastic, you say? Well just try to not to give a gift to anyone of your regularsnext year. You will be met with the very loud attitude of you’d better give me a gift orI’ll-be-forced-to-kill-you-with-my deadly-bad-vibes and non-compliant-body language istypical weapons wielded for birthdays and most holidays, especially Christmas.
No expectations, no devastation.
When you start expecting to get a gift you are in essence trying to force the decision of another person to favor you. If you do that in our post modern hyper-capitalistic systemof society regarding of economics, you must buy me the most up-to-date consumermerchandise. I must have it or your love for me will be questioned. When are you goingto buy me an engagement ring?
What is a Gift?
Webster-Merriam Dictionary sayDefinition of GIFT
Gift a noun
1: a notable capacity, talent, or endowment2: something voluntarily transferred by one person to another without compensation3: the act, right, or power of giving
A gift by definition is something given to someone else thatis not earned by something they did. Voluntarily.
Dang it, Santa! He’s been teaching us wrongly all these years! He knows when you aresleeping he knows when you’re awake, he knows when you’ve been bad or good so begood for goodness sake. Naughty or nice is a seeking for a payment, like, like it’s a wageat the end of a two week pay period. I deserve this gift! I did a lot of chores to get towhere I am today. I want that gift! This is so wrong! Yet, this is the song that we hear inthe toy stores Christmas Eve.
You are expecting someone to give yousomething that you think you deserve!Now a gift is a sacrifice from the one giving it and anundeserved blessing to the one receiving it.
Now we get to the dilemma of Valentine’s Day, the most commercial conspiracy of themall, after Christmas. It preys upon your very soul. Forcing you to make various non-instinctual actions, that you’re supposed to do, which is more than you‘re already doing.Why? Because the commercial markets tell us to, that’s why! The desire to buychocolates, flowers, candies, metallic balloons, and cards is mixed with feelings of fear,and the dread of being either unsympathetic, unloving, or worse, “un-human.”
So what’s my advice? Yes, I have advice for this debacle.
God’s example,
I like to take my examples from things that do notchange. He gave his only son that the world may be saved through him. He didn’twant the world to perish with the consequences of sin but he makes it a free gift toany who will receive it. He doesn’t give that gift because we deserve it.It said thathe demonstrated his love to us in that while we were still his enemies he send hisson to die in our place for our sins. Here in is love, not that we loved God, but thatGod first loved us.2.
A gift is to be directed and implemented by love
. Love isnot conditional, otherwise it is not love. We hear of all the lives of people who
were devastated by parents who would be proud of their children during times of good but not times of bad, would love them less. How they were loved or showedlove on sunny days, metaphorically but were abandoned on the rainy troublesomedays. To give something should be directed by and governed by love.3.
Show your love to your friends and loved oneseveryday,
as much as you can or are able to. Daily, be kind to them, do stuff for them and be a blessing to their life.4.
Do a little something extra nice for them not becausethey deserve it or that they are entitled to but becauseyou care for them as a whole person
if they are to earn it, that’swhat monetary allowance is for, not a gift.5.
You can’t earn a gift. If you could, just by thedefinition alone it is not a gift, but a wage and reward.
 A gift is correctly exchanged when it is something of meaning to a person whomeans a lot to you.6.
Purposely, do not do anything special for anyone, indirect connection to a holiday, or a birthday date
, becauseof the commercial demands forced upon you.7.
Things are more affordable
way before holidays or directly after amajor holiday.8.
It teaches the person not expect to get something
becauseeveryone else is pressuring you to act and get them something, it lacks thegenuine and sincerity as you are standing in line trying to buy a present forsomeone who is forcing you to.9.
It gives you ample opportunity to be creative
and to keepthat special someone from expecting something, and to be completely surprisedwhen then do get something.
This forced propaganda of trying to get us to buyinstead of being the producers and initiators of ourown romance and ongoing affections.
Keep them guessing, is my best bet
and don’t do it because themarket says so, this goes for any holiday where you are forced to fund theeconomy because it is imposed because of external pressure.12.
Teach them how to give by not expecting but give others.
It’s your choice
. Either it’s a gift when you determine to give it or you must do itbecause society pressures and external expectants forces you to so.

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