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The Egyptian Revolution

The Egyptian Revolution

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A Political analysis and eyewitness account by The Revolutionary Socialist: Sameh Naguib.
A Political analysis and eyewitness account by The Revolutionary Socialist: Sameh Naguib.

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Published by: الاشتراكيون الثوريون on Feb 15, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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A politicAl AnAlysis And eyewitnessAccount by
Sameh Naguib
Te Egyptian Revolution
ev  r hra ga ar akg a  h Ara r.A r  rv ha ga  ta a ra  eg, ym,la, bahra a sra ar h    h m r ha-g ag us mram a r aam  h a r a.i  a h v  h x  h r aa r hark   2008 a   rvrra ar h r a hgrg ma ra  ar mar hrgh er, h ar ar rg a r  xrarar r a hagr rvar a raa.th ega rv ha ga  25 Jaar 2011 a a a vrhr Marak  18 a,   ar h m ga  h Ararv. eg    h m   h Ara r, a ha h arg, m ma a xr rkg a  hrg. th a  h gg ega rv  a a majr r rmg h r,    h r Ara rv  a ha r a  us mram a r aam  a hr hag.A h m  rg (ar J 2011), h a  h ega rv- ar ar rm vr. w ar xrg a rra rvar r- h ava a rra, h r  raar aak  r  ma rk a mra. Raar r h -raa (h us, eu, sa Araa a ira) a a (h egarg a, h arm gra, h rma  h r aara) ara g  rvr r a a a h rv.i  h   rvar r   h arg a mma ar mvm h h ega a Ara rv, aj a mra   rvar mvm a rgaa hr  r  gh hr  rg a.wha   a rgh g  h a, vm a r h ega rv   r  mh.
Sameh Naguib
, car, J 2011th ahr  a ag mmr  h Rvar sa  eg
Te Egyptian Revolution
Mubarak’s turbulent last decade
th ega rv   m   h ar. Ahgh   r h v , rg h a a  H Marak’ r -a, m a a  r rahg v har  a.Marak’ r r  hr rra . th r a a ram hh rhr gra h ega m  a v a h r aa m a ra mvrh h va majr-  h a. th am a  m  mr r  h r h maa a a ma gr  ega aa.th   a  rh h rgm a  arm a a raga, r rahr a a,  h rv  us mram a ira. thhr  a  maa a rh  a ha  rh a ha-g  h rgm’ r a h aa’ ah.A ra ak  us mra   h rg, a hr  hr, a    m r vm a xa  m-aa rra. Mar a rag r  h va  r-g rg  g ha  ha h h raa   m.th      r  h rgm  h rg,   - h h r  h a rg a. th rg a a ma  ram, a aa h h us, a h rgaakg r ira  ga a  r mark a  m arrh majr maa. th a r h r  h us r hrra a a-mra rgm, h a Marak’.A Gram, h gra iaa rvar, arg ha  rma r a rg a rqr a ma  r a . thrgm  Gama A nar, hh am  r ar h vrhr  hmarh  jr arm r  1952,   r. b  a ma    h rkg a a aar. nar a aa r a a ham  a-mram. H r r h paa aa hm  maa h m  a r a mm - h rm h  a rm a iamm  h 1967 ar.th   nar’ r, Aar saa, a h  Marakh am  r g saa’ aaa  1981, graa r- h rav  ra  h nar a ra. pararrg Marak’ 30 ar r, h rgm mr a mr r  rarr a  maa  gr  r.

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