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CPA Advantage

CPA Advantage

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Published by Nelson Yong

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Published by: Nelson Yong on Feb 15, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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For Use With Financial Professionals Only - Not For Use With The Public
Moving in New Directions
Let CPA Advantage be your guide
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New Directions
When you do business with us, you can be sure thatNational Lie Group is committed to be there or youand your clients, giving you the comort that comes romhaving a partner who has been providing insurance andfnancial products to its policyholdersor over 160 years.We exist because o, and or, our customers. Ourcompany’s ability to grow and prosperis linked to their satisaction with the products andservices they receive rom the company and itsrepresentatives. Accordingly, we place considerableemphasis on the quality o those products and services,as well as on the excellence o the men and women whoare selected as agents to represent National Lie.
This team stands readyto partner
a winning combination
the trusted advisors.
For Use With Financial Professionals Only - Not For Use With The Public
Times are Changing
Traditional sources o revenue, generally resulting rom taxand accounting practices, have been eroding largely due tothe availability o new technology and sotware. You knowbetter than anyone else that to remain protable, you mustconsistently develop resh sources o growth and income.Because they trust you and respect your advice, your clientscome to you to help them address their nancial concerns.Who better to trust than the one most amiliar with theirnancial needs and wants? But have you been able to provideall that your clients need?For some time now, CPAs have been able to get licensedto sell commissioned products, typically lie insurance andsecurities. Yet only approximately 10 percent* o CPAs haveobtained those licenses. Tremendous opportunity now existsor you to provide your clients with the nancial productsand services they need. Are you ready to take advantage o those opportunities?
You, the CPA, are in a position to make choices. National LieInsurance Company (National Lie) is in a position to helpyou make those choices. We can review with you, in detail,what your various choices are and discuss ways to makethem work or you.I you choose to work with us, our CPA Advantage Programofers a wide range o models rom which you may choose.Through our interactive planning process we can customizeany approach that works or you.
Lie insurance and securities companies are jumping onthe bandwagon o change. Why should you turn to us toprovide you with the tools you need to enter these excitingnew elds? One word – experience.While most companies are just now oering to helpCPAs expand their services, we have been providingpartnerships to CPAs or over 25 years. We’re not jumpingon the bandwagon, we’re leading the way.National Lie Insurance Company has been in business orover a century and a hal. Throughout our history, we’vebeen an innovator in the introduction o new orms o lie,annuity and pension contracts. As the needs o our clientsand policyholders have changed, we have responded withproducts and services designed to turn those changesinto opportunities.
The choice
 Copyright 2005 National Lie Group – all rights reserved.
Source: Allen Koltin, PDI Global Research, April 2008
For Use With Financial Professionals Only - Not For Use With The Public

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