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Published by John Milhoan

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Published by: John Milhoan on Feb 16, 2012
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The design of the All Weapons Weekend will foster thedefining characteristics of a warrior who is confidentand willing to close with the enemy. This goal will beaccomplished in a safe, instructive and competitive en-vironment. From novice to expert, all are encouragedto participate and test their skills. This event is not justfor the experts among us. Coaches and mentors willbe on site to teach techniques, best practices and keepthe events safe. From novice to expert, all are highlyencouraged to participate and test their skills.This event is a great opportunity to build camaraderieand get to know shooting enthusiast from across thestate. It is also fun. In midst of a thousand tasks andcompeting priorities, here is your opportunity to enjoy acompetitive exercise designed to make us all betterSoldiers. It’s what we do; move,
, communicate,survive and adapt . Hooah Stuff!Max Butler, CSMArizona’s 8
Command Sergeant MajorTreat ‘em Rough
Arizona’s 12th Annual All-Weapons-WeekendShooting Competition 23-25 MARCH 2012Florence Training Center
, Communicate, Survive and Adapt. Mostevery Soldier can recite these words. They understandthe foundation of Soldiering best demonstrated in ourWarrior Task and Battle Drills. Above all, it’s what we dothat makes us who we are; Soldiers. The ability to Shootis a defining characteristic of a Soldier. We wear it withpride on our uniforms and compete with enthusiasm for abetter score each time we shoot. Shooting is Soldiering;it is what we do. So, a competitive exercise such as Ari-zona’s All Weapons Weekend is more than marksman-ship synergy at its best. It is an opportunity to Soldier,shoulder to shoulder, and to learn from the best how to bethe best.Maintain, employ, and engage with an assigned weaponsystem is a collection of supporting tasks to the warriortask - shoot. The All weapons weekend will test, proveand hone those very shooting skills. Beyond this, Sol-diers who take the challenge and compete will walk awaymore confident and resilient. Their skill and ability toadapt will increase. This shooting event will build strong-er, better Soldiers in dimensions far beyond the tech-niques of maintenance, trigger squeeze, and breath con-trol. From strengthening the bonds of the battle buddysystem to adapting, listening and learning; this exercisewill test and forge new strength in many critical dimen-sions of our warrior task proficiency.
The ultimate achievement for a soldier is to earn Distinguished designation in shooting.
The Distinguished Rifleman and Distinguished Pistol Shot Badges are awarded to mem-bers of the Armed Forces, or civilians, in recognition of “a preeminent degree ofachievement in target practice with the service rifle or pistol.”The top 10 percent of shooters in the Excellence in Competition Matches (Rifle and Pis-tol) will receive official points towards their Distinguished designation. Many shooterstake years to reach a distinguished level. But to be double-distinguished is a rare ac-complishment. “there are fewer double distinguished shooters than there are Medals ofHonor”
Other prestigious awards are:
President’s 100– Top 100 at Camp Perry, Ohio
Chief’s 50– Top 50 shooters in the National Guard. Winston P. Wilson NationalCompetition, Little Rock, Arkansas.
Governor’s Dozen– Top 12 shooters at All Weapons Weekend, Florence, AZ .
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This year’s All Weapons Weekend brings together members of the Arizona Army and AirGuard, the United States Army , Navy, and Marine Reserve, and Foreign Nationals mem-bers into an event that will facilitate camaraderie and sharing of military marksmanshipskills and field craft amongst fellow soldiers. We are the only State National Guard organi-zation to host an International military delegation in a State marksmanship competition.
British Accuracy Speaks Club-
These Brits are special invites. They fly here on their owndime because they love the All Weapons Weekend in Arizona. In exchange for shooting thematch they work long days putting targets together and arranging this match to be possi-ble.
TO ENTER: Complete and submit an official entry form NLT 15 MARCH 2012 
(see attached).Enter as an individual or identify four members whowish to participate as a team.There are no rank or MOS requirements for entry. Questions? E-mail us first! SARTB@az.ngb.army.mil or call at: 
SARTB at (602) 267- 2648 Small Arms Readiness Training Branch 
 All Weapons Weekend 2011
AZ Recognized Shooters (staff) :
SFC.(Ret.) Derrick Martin– Distinguished Rifle and Pistol, President’s 100, Chief’s 50, Governor's DozenSGT Darrell Stettmeier—Distinguished Rifle and Pistol, Chief’s 50, Governor's DozenWO1 Chris Marcott– Distinguished Rifle and Pistol, Chief’s 50, Governor's DozenSSG (Ret.) Scott Follmer- Distinguished Rifle and Pistol, Chief’s 50, Governor's DozenSGT. Greg Gamboa– Distinguished Rifle, President’s 100, Governor’s Dozen,SGT. Marc Martinez– Chief’s 50, Governor's DozenCMSGT Jeff Kellow- Distinguished Rifle, Governor’s DozenSFC. Robert Perisky– Distinguished Rifle and Pistol, Chief’s 50, Governor’s Dozen1SG. JP Salazar– Distinguished Rifle, Chief’s 50, Governor’s Dozen, National Machine gun Champion
The top 12 shooters in the Arizona State Match (AWW 2011) will be awarded Governor’s Dozen.This is a highly honored award signed by the Governor and the TAG Authorizing the Governor'sDozen” patch to be worn on the uniform in this state.The Governor's Dozen Award has been around in Arizona for over 12 years and is authorized inaccordance with STARC AZ PAM 672. Every year at the State Competition (All weapons Week-end) the individual competition scores are added up and published. Some questions have beenasked about whether or not the same 12 people can win that award again and again.1) In Accordance with the National Guard Marksmanship Training Unit, out of LittleRock, Arkansas. We will follow suite much like the “Chief’s 50” and The “President’sHundred”. In which, there is no limit to the amount of times a person can win thataward.2)
You have to earn it.
If you want it, then practice and take it. One thing is for certainwith almost every Governor’s Dozen recipient; They practice. They practice onweekends, they practice on weekdays, they practice like professional athletes be-cause they plan on winning. They memorize the match program and they have theinitiative to run their own drills and practice even when they do not have bullets. Ifwe only gave it to “NEW” recipients then eventually everyone in the AZ NationalGuard would have one. It is designed to be an award for excellence. Not an awardfor attendance.3) Most Governor’s Dozen recipients will tell you that winning is 50 percent marksman-ship, and 50 percent mental.Recipients of the Governor’s Dozen are expected to attend the Regional Match in California andthe National Match in Arkansas. Governor’s Dozen are also expected to be the MarksmanshipCoordinators and trainers for their units.
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NO PRIOR COMPETITIVE SHOOTING EXPERIENCE IS NECESSARY! This eventis designed as a “Battle Focused Training” opportunity for current members of the NationalGuard, Army Reserve, Marine Reserves, Navy Reserves and State College ROTC’s. Each Ser-vice is encouraged to send at least one team. A team consists of four members. If a unit cannotfield a four-member team then composite teams can be sent to represent battalions and above.Individual competitors are welcome and will be squadded into “pickup” teams, which are noteligible for team awards. Each Fire Team will fire three basic U.S. Army weapons; the M9 Pistol,M-16/M-4 and M249 SAW/240B. Competitors will also fire two Excellence in Competition (EIC)Matches that will give them the opportunity to earn points towards Distinguished Shooter Badg-es.Team awards will be made upon completion of the matches and the “Governor’s Doz-en” patch will be presented to the top Twelve Individual Shooters in the Arizona Army/Air Nation-al Guard. This patch is an authorized award for Arizona National Guard soldiers/airmen and isworn on the ACU/BDU Uniform.
A limited number of weapons will be available for use at the competition. Unitsare asked to provide their soldiers with weapons and transportation if at all possible.Commanders are reminded that AR 350-6 states that unit weapons and transportationassets can be made available to soldiers participating in marksmanship training events.
All Competitors must be on some type of official military orders; AT, 12B, Split-Train,“Points Only”, etc. A sample copy of “Points Only” Orders is attached.
Complete and submit an official entry form NLT 15 MARCH 2012
(see attached).Enter as an individual or identify four members who wish to participate as a team.There are no rank or MOS requirements for entry.
TO ENTER: Complete and submit an official entry form NLT 15 MARCH 2012 
(see attached).
Enter as an individual or identify four members whowish to participate as a team.There are no rank or MOS requirements for entry. Questions? E-mail us first! SARTB@az.ngb.army.mil or call at: 
SARTB at (602) 267-2648 Small Arms Readiness Training Branch 
 All Weapons Weekend 2011

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