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Mesothelioma Sui Lawyers

Mesothelioma Sui Lawyers

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Published by bengkelblogger27
Visit http://www.mesotheliomacancerlaw.info/ for more details.
Visit http://www.mesotheliomacancerlaw.info/ for more details.

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Categories:Types, Reviews
Published by: bengkelblogger27 on Feb 16, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 ==== ====Find more Informations herehttp://www.mesotheliomacancerlaw.info ==== ====Top Ten Personal Injury News Items in July July was a busy month for the personal injury sector. Here is our pick of the top ten personal injurynews items to come out of the month. 10. Cadbury's Worker Makes Successful Asbestos Claim A retired publications officer who used to work at Cadbury's Bournville factory has received a sixfigure compensation sum after he developed mesothelioma, a cancer associated with asbestosexposure. Brian Harrison worked for the company between 1954 and 1962, often spending histime interviewing colleagues for the monthly works magazine. He recalls that he conducted many an interview with workers who were stripping and repairingasbestos pipes, with the exposure eventually leading to him being diagnosed with mesothelioma inJuly 2009 when, as he recalls, "I enjoyed good health until I noticed during my weekly swim that Iseemed to be struggling for breath. I was diagnosed with mesothelioma after a lot of tests and Iwas so shocked that I initially told the doctors that I couldn't recall having been exposed toasbestos. But when I had time to reflect on the working conditions at the factory it became obviousthat I was. There were no warnings given by my employer about the dangers of asbestos." Mr Harrison made a successful personal injury claim for his exposure to the deadly substance inthe workplace, which is known to cause many health problems ranging from mesothelioma tovarious lung diseases. 9. Disabled Boy Awarded Massive Compensation Payout A boy left disabled after medics gave the wrong drugs to his mother has been awarded millions inpersonal injury compensation for the Durham and Darlington Foundation Trust after he went on todevelop cerebral palsy. The trust admitted liability for their medical negligence, including a delay that took place during thechild's delivery, and the decision has delighted his mother, Gina, who says that her son is an"adorable character" and that "It has been a difficult few years, but now we can look forward andachieve something positive out of a tragic situation". Medical negligence can lead to catastrophic and even fatal injuries, and so must be guardedagainst vigilantly by all medical staff. 8. Woman Awarded Multi-Million Dollar Compensation From Ford A California woman has been awarded over $20million in damages from the Ford Motor Co. after
she suffered a car accident in her 1997 Ford Explorer that resulted in her being renderedquadriplegic as a result of her catastrophic injuries. Cynthis Castillo's personal injury solicitor successfully made the argument that, as her FordExplorer was travelling down the freeway the left-rear tire suddenly detreaded, leaving her unableto control the car and veering off the road before rolling three times down an embankment. Hercompensation lawyer successfully argued that design flaws in the vehicle caused this, leavingFord responsible for any damages. The personal injury lawyers also provided evidence that Ford's management had refused to payfor safety improvements, despite engineers at the company having found a way to improve thevehicle's stability, leaving it more liable to be involved in a serious accident. Ford counter-argued that the worn out tire that the claimant had placed on the vehicle was toblame for the accident and that there were no design flaws in the Ford Explorer, however a juryunanimously awarded the verdict in favour of Ms Castillo, awarding her $23.4million in damagesthat included payment for both loss in quality of life and the medical bills that she had and will face. Ford currently harbours plans to appeal the decision. 7. Woman Granted Compensation for Abuse Suffered Under the Care of the Church The Church of England has made a compensation payout to a woman who claimed to havesuffered years of abuse at a children's home run by the church. Teresa Cooper made the claimafter she argued that the abuse she suffered led to her three children being born with birth defects.In the process of making the compensation claim she also found 18 other previous occupants ofthe home, all of whom had children that had been born with birth difficulties. Mrs Cooper contended that her abuse consisted of being sedated with tranquilizers and anti-depressants more than 1,200 times, as well as being sexually assaulted and violently restrained ifshe tried to fight off her attackers. She has three children, all of whom have been born with adefect of some form, and she contended that this treatment led to these disabilities. After an 18 year campaign for justice, Mrs Cooper has finally been granted her compensation, andnow wishes for the Government to launch an inquiry into the care home, stating that "I want tomake sure the Church of England understands and publicly acknowledges what happened to meand dozens of other girls at Kendal House and I would like to see a genuine Christian will to helpothers who suffered like me." 6. Man Dies as a Result of Father's Exposure to Asbestos A man has died of the asbestos related cancer Mesothelioma after being exposed to the deadlysubstance due to his father working with it when he was a child. Keith Baker, aged 57 of Chipperfield, died on June 3rd after developing a cough in 2009 andsuffering shortness of breath which was eventually diagnosed as Mesothelioma in September oflast year. Depsite undergoing chemotherapy, his condition deteriorated and he passed early lastmonth.
 Coroner Edward Thomas stated that "Dr Robert Rudd examined Mr Baker's medical records andthose of his father, Kenneth Baker, who died in 2004 from industrial disease. Mr Keith Baker toldhis solicitors that although he was not exposed to asbestos while working, his father KennethBaker was - he would come home with his overalls covered in asbestos dust." It is unknown at this point whether his family will make a compensation claim for the asbestosrelated death. 5. Ministry of Justice to Investigate Personal Injury Text Pests The Ministry of Justice is believed to be investigating the increasing wave of personal injuryorganisations sending unsolicited text messages to mobile phone users, advertising personalinjury solicitors and services after motor insurers blamed increased amounts of compensationclaims for falling profits and a study demonstrated that 15% of claims had arisen when a customerwas contacted by text or email. Mark Brill, chair of the Direct Marketing Association's (DMA) mobile council has stated that suchmethods may be in breach of the Compensation Act 2006, stating that "If it is a personal account,then people they contact should have directly opted-in, or at the very least, made a soft opt-in as aresult of an enquiry or previous purchase. To send messages to people who haven't is a breach ofregulations. The company should also identify themselves in this kind of communication," The Claims Standards Council (CSC) has claimed that this practice is frowned upon, howeverthere is little they can do to prevent it as disciplinary action comes under the remit of the Ministryof Justice, with the CSC claiming that "There is nothing we can do other than warn them." 4. Thief to Make Compensation Claim for Public Humiliation A man who was forced to walk the streets wearing a sign declaring him a thief after he was caughtstealing from his employer is now to file a compensation claim for the humiliation he sufferedduring the ordeal. Mark Gilbert was marched to the police station with his hands secured behindhis back by former employer Simon Cremer after being caught stealing 845. Mr Cremer forced Mr Gilbert to wear a sign around his neck that stated "THIEF - I stole 845 am onmy way to police station" after Mr Cremer caught Gilbert forging a cheque to himself from thecompany. For his part, Mr Gilbert claims the money was wages owed to him and that he needed itdesperately. He was cautioned after 4 hours in police custody before being released and is nowmaking a 90,000 compensation claim for lost earnings after the incident, in which Mr Gilbert claimshe suffered psychological trauma that has left him unable to return to work. 3. July 7th Victims Receive Compensation From CICA Victims of the July 7th terrorist attacks in London have thus far received a total of 11million incompensation after 650 claims were made in the wake of the bombings. Of those claims, 71 havebeen rejected and seven are still awaiting some form of compensation payout from CICA.

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