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Mem Tech Acm 72

Mem Tech Acm 72

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Published by Delbert Ricardo

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Published by: Delbert Ricardo on Feb 16, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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New Model MTI-755 Offers Low Cost, High ReliabilityMonolithic Main Memory for IBM 370/155 Users.
The 370/155 user now has a lowercost, more reliable alternative formemory storage. The significantcost savings is reason enough touse the MTI-755. In addition,designed-in reliability, self-diag-nostic hardware and plug-for-plug compatibility make it easy tounderstand why the MTI-755 wasthe first 370/155 monolithic mainmemory purchased by a user.
Low costUp to 2 million bytes of storageComplete System / 370compatibility- no CPU modi-fication required.Increased ReliabilityInternal self test and fault diag-nosis (to isolate memory fromCPU for maintenance).Replaceable memory arraycards for rapid, simplified
All standard 370/155 memoryupgrades available.Field upgradeable to largermemory sizes.Up to
floor space saving50% less power required.370 level of diagnostic andmaintenance capability.
General Description
The MTI-755 Monolithic MainMemory System is a plug-for-plugequivalent to the IBM 3360 BasicStorage Module used on the370/155 computer. The memoryconnects directly to the StorageAdapter in the 3155, without Cen-tral Processor modification. Allstandard storage increments, from256K bytes to 2 million bytes areoffered. All memory specificationsof the IBM 3360 are met orexceeded by the MTI-755. Mono-lithic Semiconductor technologyprovides a five fold increase inreliability.
Memory Technology, Incorporated 1972 
Technology of the 70's
Monolithic Semiconductor isclearly the technology of the 70's- already chosen by IBM for its370/135 and 145 memories. MTI'sMonolithic Semiconductor designresults in the over-riding purchaseconsideration:
significant cost 
Increased Reliability - 
In addition, Monolithic Semi-conductor reliability surpassesother main memory approachesbecause of the substantially fewercomponents and fewer wiredinterconnections.
Reduced Power Consumption - 
Less than half that of IBM memory- minimizes power requirementsand reduces air conditioningloads.
Space Savings 
up to
77% are 
madepossible by MTI's MonolithicSemiconductor technology - up to2 million bytes can be containedin the same amount of floor spacerequired for 512K bytes of con-ventional core storage.
Memory Upgrades
Field expansion of the MTI-755 tomeet increasing capacity require-ments is also greatly simplified.MTI's approach allows completeflexibility from an additional 256Kbytes to the full 2 million bytes.For example, field expansion from256K bytes to 512K bytes isaccomplished by simply pluggingin additional array cards into thepre-wired connectors in the MTI-755.For capacities larger than 1 mil-lion bytes a second enclosure isused.
The MTI-755 is attached directlyto the existing IBM MemoryCables, and operates at the samespeed as the IBM 3360. Whenreplacing a 3360, no CPU modi-fications are required.
Complete hardware diagnosticcapability is an integral part of theMTI-755. This feature enables theCustomer Engineer to locate faultsquickly, and to identify individualarray cards in the system for easyreplacement. Fewer componentsand the organization of mono-lithic semiconductor componentson the Array Cards not only helpsimplify circuitry, but also mini-mize down time.
Monolithic semiconductor device stores 
2,048 bits.
Semiconductor memory card in the MTI-755 stores 16K bytes of information.MTI-755 enclosure houses up to 1,024K bytes of storage.

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