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Published by jtpatel

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Published by: jtpatel on Feb 17, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Web Site: www.youngisraelwh.org
  Y   O  U  N   G  I   S  R   A  E  L   O  F
   W  E   S   T
  H   A  R   T  F   O  R  D
Rabbi Brahm Weinberg 860-233-3084 orrabbi@youngisraelwh.orgJudith Hessing, Coordinator 860-233-6042 or judith.hessing@gmail.com
בוט לזמבוט לזמבוט לזמבוט לזמבוט לזמבוט לזמבוט לזמבוט לזמ
to Rivkie Elbaum on her upcoming marriageto Joshua Schickman
בוט לזמבוט לזמבוט לזמבוט לזמ
to Sarah, Zvi, Estie &Pinney; Rachel, Raffi, Zev, Chaim, Yehuda & AvrahamBerkovic.
בוט לזמבוט לזמבוט לזמבוט לזמ
to the Elbaum & Schickmanfamilies!
בוט לזמבוט לזמבוט לזמבוט לזמ
to Inna Stein & Arie Shteyntsayg on thebirth of a baby boy!
בוט לזמבוט לזמבוט לזמבוט לזמ
big sisters Sara &Rivka; to grandparents, Galina Shteyntsayg,Sofiya & Val Khilkevich, and great grandmotherLisa Khilkevich. May he grow L’Torah, L’Chupah,u'L'Maasim Tovim!
תמאה ןיד ךורבתמאה ןיד ךורבתמאה ןיד ךורבתמאה ןיד ךורב
We regret to inform you of the passing of DinaWizenfeld ob"m, beloved mother of our member Irv(Betty) Wizenfeld; beloved grandmother and great-grandmother to Howie, Rachayl & Eliana; Charlie &Michal; and Joey. Irving will return to West Hartfordbefore Shabbat to sit Shiva at his home , 366 NorthQuaker Lane. Shiva visitation will commenceSaturday night and end on Tuesday morning.Davening will be held at the Shiva home.See Schedule on Page 4May the entire Wizenfeld family be comfortedamongst the mourners for Zion and Yerushalayim
Rabbi’s Corner
Last week I had the privilege of attending the SiddurPlay at Hebrew Academy. It was so nice to see the way the1
 grade students performed was inspiring. They were sowell prepared, so talented in their singing and dancing, andso proud of the siddurim that they recived. I always look for-ward to hearing the notes that parents write to their childreninside the siddur and it was great to hear them this yearagain.I want to tell you a little bit about the upcoming pro-gram we are having next Sunday February 26
. I hope thatyou have already seen the flyer in the shul lobby or on ourwebsite. The Israel Advocacy committee at YIWH has beenworking really hard to plan this program which I hope will besuccessful. As you know, there are a lot of things that occuron college campuses around the country having to do withIsrael. College campuses have become a hotbed of pro andanti Israel activities. We hope to be able to educate ourselvesand our community about what some of the real issues are andhow to address them. The program is geared for high schoolstudents, their parents, and anyone concerned for Israel’s wel-fare.The program will feature Sgt. Benjamin Anthony whohas had extensive experience travelling around the world toover 200 different college campuses seeing what’s going onand also sharing some of his knowledge of the IDF and theIsraeli scene with American students. He is a wonderfulspeaker, as those of you who were in shul last year when hespoke know very well. He is passionate and dynamic and has agreat life story to tell.Following Sgt Anthony’s speech we will have smallerbreakout groups with Rabbi Yosi and Sheera Eisen (JLIC coupleat UMass Amherst. JLIC is a program which places ModernOrthodox couples on Campuses to help serve the needs of theJewish community) as well as students from UMass StudentAlliance for Israel. They will give real life current experiencesand perceptions of some of our nearby campuses and help torole play what it might feel like to face anti-Israel propagandaand what it might feel like to take part in a counter event of apro-Israel nature.THIS PROGRAM IS IMPORTANT FOR A NUMBER OFREASONS AND WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT – It is important be-cause we want people in our Jewish community to be knowl-edgeable and be capable of supporting Israel. SECONDLY, thisevent is a way for YIWH to make a name for itself in thebroader non-orthodox community. It is our time to shine. Wehave support for this event from local institutions of ALLKINDS – reform, conservative, and non-denominational. It isamazing PR for our shul. It is really important that as many ofyou as possible show up in order to be the face of our shul to
all those who perhaps have never had exposure to us. Pleasemake every effort to be there – Sunday Feb 26
at the JCCfrom 4:00-6:00PM.Thanks and Shabbat Shalom
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 Affiliate of the National Council of Young Israel Synagogues, Member of the Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America,Sponsor of West Hartford NCSY, National Conference of Synagogue Youth, Kashrut Commission of Greater Hartford,Mikveh Bess Israel of Greater Hartford, Eruv of West Hartford
February 18th, 2012
25 Shevat 5772Kiddush this
 Is sponsored byRuth Alcabes & Michael YoungOn the occasion of The Yahrzeits of Ruth’s ParentsIsaac & Nancy (Kramer) AlcabesYitzchak ben Chaim &Devorah bat AvigdorAndInna Stein & Arie ShteyntsaygIn honor of of the new additionto their family!
Page 2
ACKNOWLEDGEMENTAcknowledgment donations should be sent toDebbie Luger at 37 Miamis Road
Vera Schwarcz & Jason Wolfe:Mazal Tov to Inna Stein & Arie Shteyntsayg on the birthof a baby boy
Come & learn in a
format with your child.At Chabad House Grades: 1
– 8
This Shabbat - February 18
at 7:00 PMMarch 3
at 7:00 PMNO Tuesday night class or Late MaarivRabbi Weinberg will be away this weekFebruary 20th - 26thcall Rabbi Yitzchok Adler (860) 236-1241 orRabbi Ari Weiss (860) 233-6241 with halachicquestions; or call Judith Hessing at(860) 233-6042 in case of emergency - she willknow how to reach Rabbi Weinberg.ROSH CHODESH
GROUPNext Tehillim Group will meet onWednesday, February 22nd at 8:00 PMAt the home of Debbie Luger, 37 Miamis RoadBOOK CLUBThe Invisible Bridge--Julie Orringer.Next meeting at the end of February.
MY RABBI’S GOT TALENTHAGH 8th Grade EventSaturday Night, February 25thFrom 7:00 - 9:30 PMAt Beth David SynagogueProgram features Rabbis: Gary Atkins, StevenChatinover, Gary Lavitt, Daniel Loew, RichardPlavin, David Small, Ari Weiss and Mordechai Weissand others.Please support HAGH 8th Grade Trip to IsraelSee flyer for further detailsYIWH ISRAEL ADVOCACY EVENTSunday, February 26th at 4:00 PM at the JCCSpeaker will beSgt. Benjamin AnthonyFollowed by workshop with Jewish LearningInitiative Campus Couple.
YIWH GARAGE SALEYIWH is planning to have a garage sale sometime in thespring/early summer. Barbara and Michael Snyder havegraciously agreed to host this event on their front lawn.Start setting aside your stuff for the sale.More information forthcoming.
בוט לזמבוט לזמבוט לזמבוט לזמ
Mazal Tov to 1st graders who took part in the Siddur Play!Elaine Braunshweiger, Tziyona Goldfischer, Yitzy Loew,Aliyah Moss, Yonatan Rockland Aharon Sheinkopf &Atara Weiss!
IN THE SHTETL" PURIM SEUDAHEntertainment by Barynya (Russian dance and music group),face painting, costume contest, prizes and moreThursday March 8th @ Agudas Achim4:30 PM Megilla reading, 5:00PM Purim mealPrepay rates $20adult, $15student, $10child, $60familyRSVP to Chabad House
DVAR TORAH OF THE WEEK - RABBI JAY KELMAN – www.torahinmotion.org
Modern man loves his freedom. No-one is going to tell him how to act. This is why giving criti-cism, even when constructive, is so hard and usually ineffective. It is no coincidence that the obligation to rebuke aperson committing a wrong is juxtaposed with the prohibition "Do not hate your brother in your heart". While con-structive criticism is a sign of love it often generates friction between people. We like to do what we want, when wewant. Of course, Judaism places all kinds of demands upon us, telling us to do all kinds of things even if they may beinconvenient. Hence it should come as no surprise that Jewish thought says that "greater is the one who is com-manded and does than the one who volunteers and does." With our natural tendency to resist orders and to feelgood about ourselves when we volunteer, it is the following of G-d's orders that marks the truly devoted person.Whereas volunteers can take a day or a week off and still be considered giving, no break is allowed for the"employees". The discipline required in the daily performance of mitzvot, demands observance even when one isnot in the mood to do so.While mitzvot are meant to bring us joy and impart meaning and enrichment to our lives we must performthem even when they do not have the "desired effect." While our subjective feelings help determine our attitudes,they must not interfere with our performance of mitzvot. Whether something feels spiritually uplifting or not, doesnot impact upon its obligatory status. Mitzvot are the objective standards by which we are judged…While we are obligated to do mitzvot our attitude towards them should be that of a volunteer. A volunteerwill bring enthusiasm excitement and tremendous caring to the task at hand. No task is too menial and no challengeis too great. They are deeply committed to their organizations. We all know what happens however, when we areforced to do something against our will. There is no real concern for the what we are doing; rather we just do theminimum needed to fulfil our obligations. Often it is an acceptable job that meets our standards as opposed to thebest job possible…. All mitzvot should be done not out of a sense of duty but rather because we feel it is the rightthing to do. We should perform our obligations voluntarily. Our generation has unfortunately seen a marked drop involunteerism, the lifeblood of any organization. Whether due to less "time", increased pressures or just the focus onme, myself and I this is a trend that must be reversed. We must learn to say yes when asked to help so that ourincreased involvement is a matter of "when" not "if". Shabbat Shalom!
Page 3
The Dinner Committee is working very hard on this year’s Gems and Jewels Gala Dinner, honoring Tsion and AnitaCohen and Steven and Debra Luger. By now you should have received your invitation and we hope you plan to attend thedinner and support our Scroll of Honor.Part of the evening’s festivities will be a Silent Auction. We have several items ready for auction but are lookingfor more. Please consider what you do for a living and the service providers you use on a regular basis. A donation of anitem or a gift certificate would be tremendously helpful.The YIWH Solicitation Committee is diligently working with potential donors for the Scroll of Honor. We haveattached the merchant solicitation letter and request that everyone ask family members (many of whom come to YIWH asguests during the course of a year) and companies they do business with in helping us reach our fundraising goal.In addition to a fun, and special night honoring the Cohens and the Lugers, we desperately need to raise signifi-cant funds to continue to maintain and grow our shul. In these tough economic times, we understand that not everyone isin the financial position to contribute as generously as they may want to, or have in the past. To that end, volunteering isanother great way to give back! The Dinner Committee is looking for additional people to assist in making this fundraiser ahuge success. We are specifically looking for volunteers to help us run the silent auction, another way we can bring inmuch - needed money. No one person can do this alone. If we all work together we can make this event a huge suc-cess. Please take a moment to seriously consider giving some of your time to the one institution that gives back to youevery day. You may contact Harriet Rosenblit, Fran Wittenberg, or Shayne Kesler if you would like to help.Thank you, YIWH Fundraising Dinner Committee
SHOP RITE, BIG Y, CROWN & STOP & SHOP Eliza Katz is collecting bottles, cans, and glassBuy Scrip then use it like cash! to raise money for the Rabbi’s Fund.Let's support our
by buying scrip! Please bring empties to: 24 Miamis Road;Every dollar counts! 860-680-9847When you shop at any of these supermarkets, youcan use their scrip to buy many other stores’ scrip!Contact: Judith Hessing at 860-233-6042;18 Grenhart Street

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