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Cs3 Photoshop Whatsnew

Cs3 Photoshop Whatsnew

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Published by drrafalski
A briew review of new features of CS3
A briew review of new features of CS3

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Published by: drrafalski on Nov 20, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Photoshop CS3 What’s New
Wa’ New
For years, creative proessionals such as designers, photographers, and prepress specialistshave relied on Adobe Photoshop soware to help turn imagination into powerul imagery.But Photoshop has also become the digital imaging standard or a wide array o otherproessionals—including people working with motion graphics or lm and television; 2Dand 3D design imagery in manuacturing, architecture, and engineering; and medical andscientic proessionals dealing with specialized images. o best meet the diverse needs o allthese proessionals and more, Adobe now presents a choice o two versions o the soware—Photoshop CS3, and Photoshop CS3 Extended.Both new versions help increase yourproductivity with streamlined workows orevery imaging task, getting you rom start tonish aster. New palette managementmaximizes your workspace, and additional presetcapabilities let you store even more o youravorite settings or reuse. Te unrivaled editingpower o Photoshop is enhanced with new live, re-editable lters; improved color-correctioneatures including better brightness, contrast,and monochrome conversion; cloning andhealing preview overlays; and improvedperspective-based editing. And breakthroughcompositing stems rom new eatures thatautomatically align and blend multiple imagelayers, automated selection tools, and more.
Photoshop CS3 speeds the path rom imagination to imagery.New automated eatures slash the time needed or selectingand compositing. Live lters boost the comprehensive,nondestructive editing set to keep you more exible thanever. And with the new, streamlined interace and time-savingtools, your work simply ows aster. With Photoshop CS3, youcan create any image.
CrEAtE POWErul ImAgEs WIththE PrOEssIONAl stANDArD
 The proessional standard now comes in two versions—Photoshop CS3, and Photoshop CS3Extended with additional eatures and enhancements or specialized image proessionals.
Photoshop CS3 What’s New
Top eatures in Photoshop CS3
Inceaed podciviy& eained wokfow
Streamlined interace (Page 4)Zoomiy™ export (Page 8)Adobe Bridge CS3 with Stacks andFilters (Page 5)Photoshop Lightroom™ integration(Page 8)Improved print experience (Page 8)Adobe Device Central (Page 9)Workow enhancements (Page 9)Next-generation Camera Raw (Page 4)
univaed ediin
Nondestructive Smart Filters (Page 2)Vanishing Point with adjustable angleperspective planes (Page 5)Black and White conversion (Page 6)Improved Curves (Page 7)Adjustable cloning and healing withpreview overlay (Page 7)Enhanced Merge to 32-bit HDR (Page 6)
Beako copoiin
Quick Selection tool (Page 3)Rene Edge (Page 3)Automatic layer alignment andblending (Page 3)Photomerge® with advancedalignment and blending (Page 7)
Adobe Pooop Cs3 i eiae‑ediin coponen o AdobeCeaive sie® 3 Dein sandad, acopeenive oion o dein andpin podcion.
See page 10 or details.
Photoshop CS3 Extended builds on top o the digital imaging standard, by starting with allo the new eatures and enhancements in Photoshop CS3, and adding specialized eaturesand tools designed especially or proessionals in lm and television, manuacturing,architecture and engineering, and medicine and science. New 3D and motion supportincludes time-based cloning and healing on new video layers; 3D model visualization andtexture editing; and export o 3D models rom 2D images. And comprehensive imageanalysis comes rom new 2D and 3D measurement tools, and support or DICOM imagesand MALAB processing routines.
What’s New in Photoshop CS3 covers the eatures and enhancements that arecommon to both new versions o Photoshop, including:
Inceaed podciviy and eained wokow—
Photoshop CS3 comes with a widearray o new eatures and improvements to existing ones, but i there’s one thing you willnotice immediately, it is this: Compared to previous versions o the soware, Photoshop CS3is just aster. As o December 1, 2006, beta versions o Photoshop CS3 are perorming 40%aster than Photoshop CS2 on Intel-based Macs. Te new Photoshop also gets you thereaster with streamlined workows stemming rom new preset capabilities, redesignedpalette management, and compatibility with the newest systems—including nativeMac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) on PowerPC and Intel processors, and Microso® Windows® Vista™.
univaed ediin—
How do you improve on the kind o editing power and perormancethat are the proessional standard in digital imaging? By going the extra mile in protectingthe ultimate quality every step o the way, and by making even more o the eaturesproessionals rely upon live and re-editable. With Photoshop CS3, you can now apply, adjust,add, and remove lters at will, without starting over. Enhancements to color correctioninclude easier, more powerul monochrome conversion, an improved Curves adjustment,and cloning and healing tools that now eature preview overlays and multiple source points.
Beako copoiin—
Whether it’s a peak-to-shore panorama or creating that oneperect shot rom a series o images, Photoshop CS3 makes compositing aster, easier, andbetter. Speed compositing by automatically aligning and blending layers. Make an imageselection with one stroke o a brush. Perect any selection edge in a easy-to-use, intuitivedialog box.
top new and enancedeae in AdobePooop Cs3
Nondestructive Smart Filters
Smart Filters are simply Photoshoplters that are applied nondestructively,and remain live and re-editable. Tatgives you the exibility to experimentwith dierent lters and settings,without having to back up and startover with the original image. You canedit the Smart Filter mask to precisely adjust the lter’s eects on dierentareas o the image, and because SmartFilters are applied within the context o Smart Object layers, your designs areaccelerated by now being able to scale,transorm, and lter your images in anefcient, nondestructive workow.
Smart Filters are easily accessible andadjustable in the Layers palette.Stay exible, with live re-editable Smart Filters you canadjust at any time, without starting over (see palettedisplay in let column).
Photoshop CS3 What’s New
Quick Selection tool
Photoshop has always been distinguished by its powerulselection tools, which enable you to target editing andenhancements to precise areas o an image. Photoshop CS3slashes the time necessary to choose image areas with thenew Quick Selection tool. Now, instead o painstakingly outlining the image region you need to work on, you cansimply paint the general area with the Quick Selection tool.Photoshop CS3 watches as you paint, and analyzes the imageto complete the selection automatically. Expanding orcontracting the selection is as simple as holding downmodier keys. And the Quick Selection tool can be used inconjunction with all o the other powerul selection tools inPhotoshop. Whether it’s simple or complicated imageselections, or image area extraction or advanced compositing,the new Quick Selection tool is a real time saver.
Rene Edge
Te nal touch to any image selection, the new Rene Edgeeature is the simple, exible way to modiy the edge o aselection beore you begin editing the area. With one-click access rom the Options bar, orrom the Select menu, Rene Edge lets you precisely smooth, eather, contract, or expandthe current selection, with simple slider controls, in a single, intuitive dialog box.
Automatic layer alignment and blending
Automatic alignment and blending o image layers makes it especially easy to createadvanced image composites—or example, combining the best parts o multiple images o the same scene into one “best” image. Now you can simply place multiple, related images onseparate layers in one document, and then let Photoshop CS3 analyze the contents, movingand rotating the layers so they overlap as precisely as possible. Use the masking tools toreveal the areas you need rom dierent layers to nalize the elements o the compositeimage. Ten use automatic layer blending to seamlessly blend the color and shading into thenal image. You could achieve the same highest-quality results in earlier versions o Photoshop, but the new automatic layer alignment and blending eatures get you there aster,with less work.
 The new Quick Selection toolmakes short work o complicatedselections (like this one, shown inQuick Mask mode).Use Rene Edge to easilyadjust the edges o anyselection, in your choice o display modes.
 The aster route to perect composites—Auto-Align Layers takes the efort out o perectly lining up the contents o multiple layers. Once aligned, aew brush strokes on the layer mask combines the best elements o the many into the perect one. Then, Auto-Blend Layers completes the task o blending texture and lighting rom the layers into a seamless composite.

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