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Sanskrit Dictionary

Sanskrit Dictionary

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Detesto a los que no dejan bajar documentos de internet
Detesto a los que no dejan bajar documentos de internet

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Published by: Daniel Medvedov - ELKENOS ABE on Feb 17, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Dictionary reference list used athttp://bhagavata.orgto the file that was loadedfrom:sacred-texts.comand has been extended withdefinitions of theMonier-Williams dictionary  (indicated with an *=) and the ISKCON Vedabase(marked*V) and (partly) adapted to thetransliteration used at srimadbhagavatam.org (seealsohttp://www.uni-koeln.de/phil-fak/indologie/tamil/mwreport.html mwreport.htmlor thehtml-version). Transliteration functions:n with ~= J or n'; n with an ´accent is a G; A = aaor â, I = ii or î, U= uu or û, T= th, z=s', M=m/n(with dot), H=h (ha), N= n, 4= stressed inpronunciation, S (s with lower dot)=sh, R= ri (the
original list this list began with sometimes spellsthe s' or z as sh, thus creating confusion on thespelling of the s with a ´above; but this is not so for words from the MW dictionary with a *= behindthem). Apart from the transcription of Devanâgarîletters care has to be taken of accents,f Udâtta andSvarita, both represented by the digit 4.Furthermore in MW entries the indication of vowelsandhi ("blending of short and long vowels'') by circumflex is represented here by the number 7 if placed above a single vowel and by 9 if spanningtwo vowels. The (rare) combination of two separate vowels in MW is represented by adding the number0 to the second vowel.Updated: see bottom of thepage (check for regular updates)  A  AUM = Primordial SoundOMkaara = the syllable oma = notaa *= from all sides, up to, even, until, up to the
limit, not, all over,aa+ghraa = to smellaa+char.h = to practiceaa+yaa = to comeaa+ruh.h = to climbaaudau = in the beginningaauM-kaara = the sound AUMaaH = to sitaabda = yearaabdaphala = yearly prognostication, also varshhaphalaaabhaa* =1 P. {-bhAti} (Impv. 2. sg. {A4-bhAhi}RV.; pf. {-babhau}) to shine or blaze towards RV. AV.; to irradiate, outshine, illumine RV. AV. TB.BhP.; to appear, become visible or apparent BhP.MBh. Hariv. Râjat. &c.; to look like Kathâs. MBh.&c.aa-bhaa* =2 f. splendour, light; a flash; colour,