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The Most Important Benefits of Hot Yoga

The Most Important Benefits of Hot Yoga

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Published by Greg W Sheldon
Here is some really good information on Yoga. It has certainly helped alot of my friends. Please check it out.
Here is some really good information on Yoga. It has certainly helped alot of my friends. Please check it out.

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Published by: Greg W Sheldon on Feb 18, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 ==== ====Are you sick and tired Of dealing with poor flexibility, poor posture, back problems, aching joints,being overweight, poor balance, stress, or just want to increase your sense of health andwellbeing? Than you need to click the link below:http://ow.ly/98fxF ==== ====Many claims are made about the benefits of hot yoga. These ideas are often publicized byenthusiastic hot yoga devotees expressing their fanatic love of the program of their guru. Toevaluate the truth of these claims it's necessary to move beyond bias and take an honest look atthe nature of hot yoga. According to the teachings of Patanjali, the 'father of modern yoga', the asana is one part of aneight-limbed system leading to greater understanding. Asana is meant primarily to purify andstrengthen the body, preparing it for lengthy meditations and raised levels of energy. In thissetting, hot yoga is best suited to assist in the removal of ama, or waste. Ama is considered the cause of all diseases. It is a byproduct of improper metabolic processes.This is not only related to digestion, but also includes the creation of all parts of entire body.Ayurveda clarifies that there are seven tissue systems formed in the making of the human body.Any fault in the creation of these tissues can result in the accumulation of ama, causing disease.Heat helps to stoke the Agni, and aids in the efficient fabrication of these building mechanisms. The body removes ama in three ways: sweating, urination and defecation. Hot yoga improvesmetabolism, which helps to direct toxins to their proper removal areas. Only small amounts oftoxins are actually sweated out. Most leave in urine and feces. The urinary system is the body'stemperature regulator, so practicing hot yoga will promote frequent urination, thereby expelling theama that has been stored in this system. Hot yoga directs added heat to the digestive fires, insuring that food will be broken down properlyand ama removed. Cleansing through asana is not limited to the physical realm. Once the grossama is removed, prana, subtle energy, is allowed to surge freely throughout the energetic body.Subtle ama is also known as karma. Removing karmas from the subtle body is the overall goal ofany asana practice. This starts the awakening process described by Patanjali. A person who practices yoga is called a yogi, someone aspiring toward higher understanding.Yoga demands that you look closer at your actions and intentions. Enjoy your asana class, but becareful not to become complacent. Explore the rich wisdom at the foundation of yoga. The benefitsof hot yoga are the top most tip of the iceberg. Alan has a keen interest in many sports and healthy exercises. He recommends athletic trainingprograms for muscle buildup and toning, and the practice of yoga to bring the spirit and body

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