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SSAFI Newsletter 2012

SSAFI Newsletter 2012

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Published by m-here
SSAFI Newsletter 2012
SSAFI Newsletter 2012

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Published by: m-here on Feb 18, 2012
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t’s getting increasinglyharder to write messageslike this these days becausethe Facebook gets ahead of me.But I guess, SSC, like everybodyelse, has walked with the rest of the world from snailmail toFacebook.And one accomplishment we’re very proud to report to all of you is how our SSAFIFacebook group and SSAFI Yahoo group grew by leaps andbounds all within the year just passed.Today, I am indulging in the luxury of getting in touch
with all of you from a beautifully designed new SSAFI Ofice
near St. Cecilia’s Hall. (If you haven’t seen it yet, take a peepon your way to your car or on your way to St. Cecilia’s Hall towatch a concert or fetch a daughter or granddaughter froma rehearsal.Yes, it really is a joy to come to SSC these days- in spite of 
the trafic all around us.
Of course things have changed. The tarpaulin on ourwalls tells us that loud and clear.But entering Gate 1 sort of shuts out the din outside andbrings us into the sober, scholarly, monastic air that, in spiteof its innovativeness and its courageous participation inpresent realities, still is the expected setting for a Benedictineand Scholastican Education.The pergola with its beautiful arches at once brings usmemories of bygone days, situating us both in the past andthe present with elegance and simplicity. Suddenly, steppingin from the gate, one gets a sense of peace and quiet.And as we walk through familiar, hallowed halls, thenew structures blending beautifully with the old ones, sobeautifully it seems that they had always been there before;somewhere just a corridor or a garden away, our youngerScholasticans are learning how to be true Scholasticans bystudying the 10 Hallmarks of a Benedictine and ScholasticanEducation. Nobody talked of those hallmarks in our day. But 
Dar Alma,Wlcom o Homcomig Day!Or Copis boas o a w fvsory bildig, S. Ccilia’s Bildig. I ishom o h school o Msic as wll ash Collg Library, AVC. Giv s a call soyo ca hav a or o his w bildig.For his iss, w carry wo mohr& daghr aricls. W askd Mari Paggala, alma ogiv s a pda o hr mohr, Mrs. D Vra, wll kowacly i h high school soo ar, h yogs daghro Mrs. D Vra, Faima d Vra, was i h ws as BPioyaward. Rad abo hmW carry alma ws ad hr aricls o h GradSchool ad Collg o pda yo o wha is happig aS. Scholasica’s Collg.Lasly, plas rad h provisios o or By-laws haar d or chag. Yor vo is dd.Wlcom Hom!
Maria asuncion ‘charlie’ aZcuna
Collg ‘83
Melba aro-SantoS
HS ‘72 – President 
President Message
St. Scholastica’s Alumnae Foundation, Inc.
Board of TrusTees
Melba Aro Santos, HS’72
InteRnAL VICe-PReSIDent:
 Adelaida P. Villegas, HS’65/AB’69
exteRnAL VICe-PReSIDent:
Ma. Socorro Magpile Del Rosario, HS’69/AB’73
Sylvia A. Karaan, HS’79
Ma. Cristina G. Puno, HS86
Consuelo L. Tan, HS’38/BSE’41
Ma. Asuncion Aunario Azcuna, AB’83
Ma. April Lorelei Wycoco Pineda, HS’79
  ASSt. PRO:
Michelle B. Lazaro, HS85
Florina Feliciano Castillo, HS’60/AB’65Salud Donato De Castro, HS’48/AB’52Patricia Viola De Veyra, HS’56 Virginia Domingo Gonzalez, HS’39 Amparo C. Lim, HS’70/AB’74Ma. Lourdes Simon Lim, HS’71Sigrid Reymundo Lizares, HS’76/AB’80 
Ma. Magdalena del Rosario Lopez, HS’62/AB’66
Ma. Elsa Lava Mapua, HS’63/AB’67Ma. Anicia Pacquia Mejia, AB/BSC’72Ma. Rosario Hizon Nepomuceno, HS’71/AB’75Ma. Angeles G. Prats, HS’70/ABBA’74Ma. Lourdes Castro Roa, HS’59/AB’63Michelle M. Rodriguez, HS’82Rosemary Mallillin Rodriguez, HS’50/AB’54Elenita San Agustin Sandejas, HS’56/AB’60
Sr. Mary Placid Abejo, OSB, BM’5
they must have been there somewhere, nestling beneath the
soft folds of black veils lying in the wind on hot summer
days, sounding along with the Angelus bells and the soundsof Vespers at twilight and the patient voices of Germanteachers giving Math drills or treating eager high school girlsto Shakespeare in heavy German accents.Past and present, we walk the talk, each generation kin-dling in their hearts what makes them truly Scholastican.But what does? What truly does?Perhaps the answer is in what our Silver Jubilarianswant to tell the world and each other simply by saying WA-LANG KUPAS.I'm sure the many answers to that question will be asmany as the stars above us.But one thing I am sure of is that it takes more than oneperson to make a Scholastican truly Scholastican. It takesmany people . It takes a community. It takes many years. Allof these, WALANG KUPAS.I happened to ask a group of young alumnae what theythought was WALANG KUPAS in St. Scholastica's College. Andthey gave such a beautiful answer: “Miss Camu,” one of themsaid, “because until now, we imitate the way she taught ushow to sing our First Communion songs.”The making of a Scholastican takes many people like MissCamu. A Scholastican, giving back to St. Scholastica's what nurtured her as a student. Maybe , that 's my message forthis issue. In the midst of old and new buildings, as we comeback home to this old-new SSC with Sr. Tammy's somethingold, something new, something borrowed , something blue,
I hope we can ind and celebrate what is WALANG KUPAS forall of us. And like them, I hope we shall ind it in our hearts to
give back what we have been so generously given.And don't forget. SSAFI is always there waiting to be withyou in giving back.
Presidential Installation
Installation of Sr. Mary Thomas Prado as 18th President of St. Scholastica’s College, August 6, 2011.

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