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Races and Classes

Races and Classes

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Published by monkeyalpha

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Published by: monkeyalpha on Nov 20, 2008
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4E Races and Classes
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RACIAL TRAITSAverage Height:
3' 4"- 3' 8"
Average Weight:
50-75 lbs.
Ability Scores:
+2 Intelligence, +2 Charisma
5 squares
Common, Elvin
Skill Bonuses:
+2 Arcana, +2 Stealth
Reactive Stealth:
If you have cover or concealmentwhen you make an initiative check, you can make aStealth check to escape notice.
Fade Away:
You can use
fade away 
as an encounterpower.
Fade Away
Gnome Racial Power
You turn invisible in response to an enemy’s attack.
IllusionImmediate Reaction PersonalTrigger:
You take damage.
You are invisible until you attack or until the endof your next turn.
Play a Gnome if you want…
to be a prankish character who delights in causingmischief
to be fun-loving, vivacious and jovial.
to be a race that favors the illusionist, wizard or bardclass.
Physical Qualities
Gnomes are just under four feet in height and weighabout 60 lbs. They tend to have human proportions, butmales sport well-groomed beards and both gendershave prominent noses and slightly pointed ears.Gnomes tend to have earth-colored skin, ranging fromlight tan to deep umber colors. Their hair tends to be aslightly lighter or darker shade than their skin, rangingfrom a platinum blonde to a night-black color. It is notuncommon for their hair and beards to quickly gray oncethey reach maturity.Gnomes typically dress in bright, often clashingcolors. They enjoy wearing accessories, such as hats,vests and other raiment that allow them to pour on thecolor. Gnomes often incorporate patterns of burrowinganimals or songbirds into the borders of their clothing,and such motifs are often prominent in other artwork oftheir kind.Gnomes have life spans much longer thanhumans, but not quite as long as dwarves.
Playing a Gnome
Gnomes are cunning and mischievous, readywith a hearty laugh and smarting prank on the unwary.Originally creatures of the feywild, they were bothattracted by the needs of the wilderness of the mortalworld and by their curiosity of the beings who dwellwithin in it.Gnomes are hard-working, but unlike the stoicdwarves, seek relief from boredom and monotony intheir daily lives with song, laughter and joy. They enjoysimple pleasures between bouts of work, often seekingwealth or other treasures to enjoy for their work.Gnomish communities are organized intorelated, working clans who carry on the family businessfrom generations past. Most gnomes are expected tocarry on their ancestor’s work, but on occasion a gnomeshows a knack for a new line of work, and may migrateto a new clan in the same or distant community to pickup a new trade.Wanderlust is common among younger gnomes,and is often the source of adventuring gnomes. Not yettied down in the affairs of apprenticeship, these gnomestend to wander to find their place in the world beforesettling down into a particular clan.
Gnomish Characteristics:
Cunning, curious, crafty,determined, eccentric, inventive, mischievous, optimistic,resourceful
Male Names:
Addoaen, Baeras, Erfenn, Gimble,Hedarum, Neblin, Noblin, Vanerf
Female Names:
Chikerva, Faerneba, Kaerenne,Raerpinne, Rasenne, Wedenne
Gnome Adventurers
Neblin is a gnome illusionist with a heart of gold.Always ready with a pun, Neblin wields a knotted pieceof wood taken from the feywild as his magic wand.Dressed in a green jerkin with black underclothes, he isalways ready to sneak onto the battlefield to upsurp his
4E Races and Classes
Page 2 of 99foes with illusions, announcing the superiority of hisgnomish mind as they fall prey to his powerful magic.Gimble is a gnome bard and a scoundrel atheart. There is nothing safe from his dexterous fingers,and his skill with the ancestral, gem-studded lutes of hisforefathers is unmatched. He rides into battle singing hiscompanions praises and fighting with rapier. Those whohear the approach of this gnomes ballads quake withfear, for they know their doom is approaching.Kaerenne is a gnome wizardess who draws hermagic from the powerful forces of primordial chaos.Kaerenne has scorned the feywild ancestry of her oldclan to instead embrace the might of ancient magic evenolder than the trees of the Wild Forest. Armed with anorb of power dredged from the heart of the primordialchaos itself, she intents to rain ruin upon her foes as shepursues the path that will lead her to growing power andprestige.
4E Races and Classes
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RACIAL TRAITSAverage Height:
5' 8"- 6' 6"
Average Weight:
150-275 lbs.
Ability Scores:
+2 Strength, +2 Wisdom
6 squares
Common, Orc
Skill Bonuses:
+2 Intimidate, +2 Athletics
Primal Hunter:
You gain a +1 racial bonus to damageagainst bloodied foes
Dual Heritage:
You can take feats that are either Orc orHuman, as long as you meet all other prerequisites.
Primal Fury:
You can use Primal Fury as an Encounterpower
Primal Fury
Half-Orc Racial Power
You unleash the savageness of the orc blood flowing through your veins 
RacialMinor Action
If you make a melee attack roll and miss, youcan roll again. You must take the second roll, even if itis worse.Play A Half-Orc if you want...
To be an intimidating presence on the battlefield
To be an outcast among civilized society
To be able to dish out as much punishment to thefoes as you can
To be a member of a race that favors the cleric,fighter and barbarian classes.
Half-orcs tend to have a burly frame and are fairlyimpressive in height, averaging just a little over 6 feet.Half-orcs strongly resemble humans, with enlargedincisors and a faint green or brown tint to their skin.Half-orcs tend to have black hair and brown or yelloweyes, though the full range of human hair and eye coloris possible. Male half-orcs do not grow beards, but dohave profuse body hair. Females tend to be fairly huskyand almost squat. Their teeth are less pronounced, andthey have slightly less body hair than males. Half-orcsrarely make their own clothes or equipment and tend tofollow either orc or human fashion, depending on whomthey were raised among.
Half-orcs are the union of human and orc, a fateusually brought about by one side forcing themselves onthe other - most usually orcs raiding and plunderinghuman socities. However, this is not the case for allhalf-orcs, and there are some places where humans andorcs have willingly intermixed and the result is half-orc.Half-orcs tend to come from two completelydifferent outlooks. Among orcs, half-orcs tend to besmarter, though often not stronger. They are oftenbullied, but their cleverness tends to cause them to riseto positions of power among their brothers. Amonghuman society, half-orcs tend to be pitied or lookeddown as less intelligent or brutish. Half-orcs amonghumans are often loners who use their brute strength toget what they want.
Half-orc Characteristics:
Bully, brave, cunning, dense,intimidating.
Male Names:
Dench, Feng, Gell, Gorkan, Henk, Holg,Imsh, Krunk, Krusk, Lurtz, Ront, Shump, Thokk.
Female Names:
Baggi, Emen, Engong, Gurthon,Larutza, Myev, Neega, Ovak, Ownka, Shautha, Thranth,Thraska, Vola, Volen.
Krusk is a half-orc barbarian, raised among orcs andtaken in by humans after his tribe was wiped out for itsmisdeeds. Krusk burns with the inner rage of his orcblood, but knows that his own tribe's wicked acts waswhat brought their downfall. He thus fights on the side oflight, unleashing his naked fury on those deserving of hiswrath.Gorkan One-Eye is a half-orc cleric devoted to Kord, godof strength. A former worshipper of the orcish godGruumsh, he switched his alliegence after being bestedin a wrestling match by a cleric of Kord. Now Gorkantravels seeking to test his strength against all comers.He has come to realize that while one person can haveamazing strength, the strength that comes from numbersis even far more impressive, and has joined forces with awandering band of adventurers to allow him to take oneven more impressive opponents.Thrask is a half-orc mercenary fighter who wanders fromtown to town, seeking odd jobs for coin or glory. Armedwith a longsword and dressed in scale mail, Thrask isconstantly on the lookout for trouble, and willing to start itwhere he can. Despite his mercenary ways, Thrask

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