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2010 Heil Newsletter

2010 Heil Newsletter

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Published by gomarkgo

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Published by: gomarkgo on Feb 19, 2012
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Faith Followers Newsletter 2010: Page 1
Faith Followers 2010
   D   e   c   e   m    b   e   r   N   o   v   e   m    b   e   r   O   c   t   o    b   e   r   S   e   p   t   e   m    b   e   r   A   u   g   u   s   t   J   u    l   y   J   u   n   e   M   a   y   A   p   r   i    l   M   a   r   c    h   F   e    b   r   u   a   r   y   J   a   n   u   a   r   y 
Mika: Big Sister
When visiting in the hospital, Mika wasn't very interested inCoby, but once we brought him home, she was extremelyexcited! She offers help with her baby brother, enjoys giving himhugs, and often watches out for his safety too. She is a wonderfulolder sister!
Wrapping up Year #1 at YISS
As the weather finally warmed inMay, we began end-of-the-yearfestivities at the school, includingconcerts, project displays, andgraduations. It was rewarding to hearthe appreciation from students andparents for Mark's hard work.Amidst all this, we also packed ourentire house into boxes for themovers to transport to an apartmentduring the summer.
Mark, Malia, Mika, & Coby Heil
Coby Maxwell Kenji
On February 11, we welcomed our son into our family! He was born in snowy Seoul, right beforethe much celebrated Lunar New Year. The nurse immediately commented that he looked likeMark, and over the months to come, Coby continued to receive this compliment from friendsand relatives. We're so grateful for his safe arrival and the blessing he's been as a calm andcontent baby.
Family Comes to Help
 Malia's mom Adela and brotherChris traveled to Korea in Marchto help us as we transitionedinto a family of four. Their helpwas so valuable!
Mark Honored as an Educator
At the end of March, Mark attended the Apple Distinguished Educator conference in Singapore. Out of over 600 applicants for this honor, Mark was one of the 50 chosen and awarded with this collaborativemeeting of some of the best computer and technology teachers from around the world.
Back to Bangkok
 For our spring break, we brought our two children (bothsitting on our laps on the flights) to Thailand. It was aspectacular week of reconnecting with friends, students,and our church there. Every day was exciting as we metpeople for meals, brought our kids to play with our friends'kids, visited ICS (our former school), and spent much time just hanging out with our students who will soon begraduating and going to college (most in other countries).In addition to seeing those with whom we expected to visit, we were surprisedand thrilled to find Thai friends whom we had thought we'd never see again!The Lord timed our visits to Bangkok in the same week!-New Year's with theRhoades on Maui-COBY'S BIRTH!-Malia's mom visits-Chris visits-Mark goes to Singaporefor ADE-Visit to Bangkok-Packing the house-Oregon&Washington-PFO in Tennessee-Hawaii-Back to Seoul, Korea-Whitneys visit-Mika turns 2!-Coaching varsityvolleyball-Fall break in Thailand-Mark's birthday party-Far East volleyballtournament in Japan-ACSI conference-Malia's dad visits-Christmas in Hawaii
Faith Followers Newsletter 2010: Page 2
2010 Big Answered Prayers
-Just days before his birth, Cobyturned over from a breech positionso he could be born naturally!-Against the odds, we were able tofind an apartment that is muchbetter suited for us!
Teaching and Learning Online
Even with our traveling in the summer, Mark made time eachnight to go online and teach and/or learn. He managed anonline Computer Application class with 35 students for theduration of the summer break. At the sametime, he was working on his dissertationproposal for his doctoral program.Mark's work on his dissertation continuesinto the new year. His projected completionand graduation date is in the summer of 2012.
Mark's Classes/Clubs
-Computer Applications-Digital Media-Sports Website: yisspn.com-Discipleship Group(studying leadership in sports)
Settled in Seoul
Upon returning to Korea, we set up our home in our "new" apartment,which sits on the tenth floor and has a beautiful view of the river and Namsanmountain.Mark jumped right into his classroom with a heavier teaching load than lastyear. He also makes time to play basketball, screen golf, and fantasy footballwith his friends.Malia began a schedule for her and the two kids, including daily walks to theHan River and visits to other moms and the school. She also began a book clubwith a number of the women in our community to read and discuss literatureonce a month, and she continues to attend a weekly women's Bible study.Along with our busy volleyball season, our work and hobbies have helped ussettle in to the city and our lives abroad in Korea.
Summer with Family in the States
During the months of June and July, we visited family in America. In Oregon, we spent time with Mark's parents (whocame up from Texas to meet us) and sister, brother, and sister-in-law. Because we stayed at the camp at which Mark'ssiblings work, Mika was able to play with animals every day! She enjoyed looking at the horses from a distance butwould chase the dogs whenever she had a chance. We also took a day trip to the coast!In Washington, Malia's aunt, uncle, and cousin welcomed us for a weekend stay. Wecelebrated Father's Day with them and also took Mika to learn about science at the SeattleCity Center. They had two cats in their house, and Mika would call one ("Ollie! Ollie!") whilerunning around looking for him. (The cat was hiding from her.)In Hawaii, Malia's extended
welcomed us back and brought the kids to the zoo, the aquarium, and the beaches. Mika especiallyloved playing with her cousins in the inflatable pool we set up in the backyard. Coby enjoyed being held by all his family members, and hewarmed up to Lila (his great-grandmother) immediately.
Pre-Field Orientation (PFO)
For two weeks in June, we were in Tennessee for training by our missionsorganization, Network of International Christian Schools (NICS). Thesessions focused on topics like cross-cultural missions, third-culture kids,and overseas safety. Even though we've lived abroad for four years, wefound the conference both helpful and inspiring. While we attended lectures, our kids werein a daycare program provided by the host church. Mika and Coby's caretakerscomplimented them on their good behavior and happy dispositions. They were also able tomake friends with children who are now our neighbors here in Seoul! Likewise, we were alsoprivileged to meet other teachers bound for YISS.
Our Coaching Mission
This fall, we had the unique privilege of coaching varsity volleyball together. Theexperience strengthened us both ascoaches and also in ourmarriage. Even beforetryouts, we resolved toteach our team skills as well as morals, discipline, commitment, andcompassion. We pray that we were able to model godly traits whilewe aimed to mold their talents and spirits alike toward excellence.Their hard work in practices truly paid off in early November when they placed3rd in a large volleyball conference in Japan. This was the best our school hasever done at this tournament!
Faith Followers Newsletter 2010: Page 3
Two Fall Visits
We were thrilled to host our friends David and AllieWhitney during their "visa run" in August! During theirstay, they went shopping, visited Mark at school, helpedwith volleyball practice, and played much with our kids.In early December, Malia's dad, Dr. Rhoades, stoppedin on a layover from Sri Lanka. Even though it was aquick visit, we four were thrilled to see "grandpa"!
Contact Information Overseas
Snail Mail:
Mark Heil c/o YISSSan 10-213 Hannam 2 dongYongsan ku, Seoul, 140-210 Korea
Our Two Little Ones: Mika and Coby
We are both so thrilled with our children. They arequite different--it's amazing!Mika is our wild child. She has enough energy to runcircles (literally) around Mark when he comeshome from work. She is always eager to give ahug and a kiss and just as likely to test aboundary while looking over her shoulder atone of us. Her favorite television show is "YoGabba Gabba," and she likes to sing "HappyBirthday" and "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star." InNovember, we began potty training her, and she'smaking good progress!Coby is remarkably content. From his earliest days, hehas amazed us with his quick smile and quiet focus ontoys or images. Now, as he crawlseverywhere and pulls himself up onfurniture, we are seeing his energycome out as well. With Mika'sencouragement, he can let out a wail asloud as his sister can! And his cry sounds like the call of a pterodactyl! So Malia sometimes says, "Calm down,dinosaur." His favorite foods are Cheerios and bananas(but not together), he and enjoys eating paperwhenever he can get away with it.
While attending PFO and learning about missions,Malia penned this sonnet on transition...
Eyes Upward
I'm on the brink of change in time and place,An airplane's flight away to foreign lands,An instant's switch in food, in words, in race,Before me beams a light on God's great plan--Still, fear can grip a well-intentioned heartAnd lead my feet to trip when followingSo that I flinch when it is time to start.(Anxiety burns and tempts some wallowing.)But God is there as much as He is here,And prayer works just as well abroad.As I pause, I hear His "do not fear,"And bow my head to obediently nod.The mission field is ripe and ready, Lord.Send me now and keep my eyes upward.
Chusok Holiday in Thailand
We returned to Bangkok during a weekbreak celebrating Chusok. (This is aKorean holiday when everyone returnshome to visit relatives.) Once again,friends welcomed and blessed usduring our stay. We were even able totravel to Hua Hin to enjoy the beachfor two days and rest. We're so grateful that wecan fly to Thailand much easier now that we live inSeoul. (It's usually a direct flight!) We can keep ourconnections there and visit some of our closestfriends.
A New Year's Just Begun...
We look forward to another year abroadand are open and eager to serve our Godwhile here. Please pray with us as wedecide how to best use our time and giftswhile also prioritizing our marriage andchildren.It's exciting to trust our future to the Lord!We pray that your 2011 will also be filledwith faith, hope, and love."The steadfast of mind You will keep in perfect peace, Because he trusts in You." Isaiah 26:3

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