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2007 Heil Newsletter

2007 Heil Newsletter

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Published by gomarkgo

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Published by: gomarkgo on Feb 19, 2012
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Faith Followers 2007 Newsletter 
Page 1
January February March April May June July August September October November December
-Trip to Seoul,Korea-David & AllieWhitney visit-Basketball trip toChiang Mai-Scott Heil visits-Trip to Philippines
with Mark’s dad
 -Summer school andsports camps-Move intoParkland apartment-Tommy & LoriMcmillan visit-Chris Rhoades goeswith us to China-Mark teaches inTaiwan-Malia beginsteaching in slums-
Mark’s b
-day partywith 88 students-Newsong churchretreat-Hawaii forChristmas & New
En Route to China
David and Allie Whitney came to seeus in February before going to missionstraining in Chiang Mai. We touredBangkok and spent a dayat the beach. What a blessing to be refreshed by friends!
SY 2006-2007:Finishing Strong
Our primary focus until June wasthe constant ministry at ICS. Markended his computer and businessclasses with impressive projects like building model computers andproducing original CDs. Maliafound her literature students readyto analyze independently after manymonths of practice and projects. Theend-of-the year events included ahigh school banquet, a staff banquet,graduation, and a SOC banquet. Allof the 2007 graduates headed off touniversities all around the world,some even going to our home statesof Texas and Hawaii.
 Just for Fun!
Mark: basketball, golf, working out, graphicdesign, WiiMalia: Tae Kwon Do, writing, reading, dancing
With 2007 closing, we pause to thank God for His provisions and to ask Him to continue guiding usthrough our work and relationships here in Thailand.
 A White After-Christmas
In early January, we stopped in Seoul, Korea, for four winter-cold days. Our collegeclassmate, Eunsung Park, graciously hosted us, and we spent our time catching trainsand busses around the snow-covered city, eating amazing Koreanfood, and enriching our cultural perspectives. Mark (alone) wasdisappointed that the tour to North Korea was snowed out.
PhilippinesFamily Reunion
Mark’s father has a 30
-year-oldconnection to Palawan where he servedin the Peace Corp before gettingmarried. This year, he arranged forhim and his youngest son, Scott, tominister there again during Spring
Break. Since they’d be so close to us,
we decided to meet up with both of them. Scott came to visit us in Bangkok for one week (before returning to school inOregon), then we traveled to Manila for another week with Dad. With Scott, wevisited historical sites (such as the Grand Palace and Ayutthaya) and enjoyedourselves at Dreamworld (a miniature theme park). While in the Philippines with
Dad, we bussed up to Ilocos Norte to visit Malia’s family— 
and gave Lila a surprise!After saying goodbye to Dad at theLaoag airport, we flew down toIloilo where we spent a few daysvacationing with our collegeclassmate (and matchmaker) Adrian Varon.
Coach of All Seasons
 Mark proved a versatile leader by taking onthree coaching roles in the spring semester.He led the JV and varsity girls in basketballthrough February and also coached theunder-15 volleyball team from March throughApril. For the last month of the school year, hesupervised off-season practices for both basketball and volleyball
open to all of highschool. He was the only coach to have beenserving in all seasons of the year. He continuedthe tradition into this fall semester
varsity girls’ volleyball from September throughNovember. Currently, he’s working hard with the
girls’ basketball team, getting them ready for our Chiang
Mai tournament upon return from Christmas break.
Faith Followers
2007 highlights
Faith Followers 2007 Newsletter 
Page 2
Parkland Move and Groove
On June 28, we moved into Parkland, tower 2, room801. This is in an apartment complex adjacent to ourschool, and it allows us to be in the Thai communityrather than living on campus. From our living room, wehave an incredible view of green fields that eventuallymerge with buildings in the distance. At night, the citylights dazzle, reminding us of where we are and why weare here.Having a larger living room also allows usto entertain guests, especially students. At
Mark’s birthday party (which lasted from
3pm until 9pm), we had 88 students comethrough to celebrate. Scattered throughoutour apartment were these four stations:Wii, Guitar Hero, DDR, and
School of Rock
 (the movie was projected onto a wall).
 A Vocational Mosaic
One of the biggest decisionsmade this year came about inMarch when Malia decided notto return as a teacher in the
’08 school year. Advised by
many caring people, she chose toenroll at Assumption University to pursue herPh.D. in English Literature and Languages. Then, a
week prior to students’ arrival, ICS asked her to
teach AP English, as there was no teacher assignedto the class. Around the same time, the schooladministration approved the beginning of a newministry program
high school societies
of whichwe became head coordinators. Therefore, this year,
Malia’s schedule is a hodgepodge of part
-time roles:student, teacher, tutor, manager, volunteer,and...wife.
“Season of Change”
As a new ministry of ICS, Mark initiated summer sports camps: week long training sessions for both basketball andvolleyball. He personally designed T-shirts, recruited coaches, and set up daily schedules resembling this:stretching, conditioning, drills, games, snack and spiritual challenge, and ending with a sports competition(narrowing in on one skill of that sport). Volleyball camp ran from June 18-22, and basketball camp was from July2-
6. They were both themed “season of change.” Mark chose this theme knowing that the summer season is
usually a time for no sports, and he encouraged the students to take the time to makechanges in their lives: bothfor physical and spiritualimprovement.
Chris arrived on June 29 and stayed until July 20.Not only was his being here a riot but it was also a
taste of home…as he brought with him the love of 
the islands and the ease of local living. We laughedall the time! While together, we ran basketballcamp, visited Pattaya and Ayutthaya, got 2-hour Thaimassages, and traveled to China!
Beijing, Tianjin, and X`ian
On July 7, the three of us flew from Bangkok to Beijing and were greeted by Davidand Allie Whitney, who were impressively progressing in their Chinese languagestudies. Here is a short list of things we did: the Great Wall, Peking duck, the SilkStreet market, the Forbidden City, the Lama Temple, the Temple of Heaven, aTianjin boat tour and culture street shopping, a Christian pagoda, a bike ride on the bordering wall of X`ian, the Terracotta Warriors, and a midnight hike up Hua Shan.The last on this list was our climax: We hiked up the mountain from 9pm until3:30am and watched the sunrise around 5am. Then on the hike down, we were ableto see the majesty of the mountain we had peaked, and it was a postcard photo.
Tommy and Lori
Sent by our mission mentors, Larry and CheritaGeraldson, Tommy and Lori came to Bangkok on July 1.For one week, we toured Thailand together and sharedour passions and ministries with them. However, theycame as great helps to us. Tommy, being a basketballcoach of both college and high school, greatly aided Markduring the summer basketball camp. And both Tommyand Lori provided needed encouragement and hilariouscompany. They also brought Dr. Pepper, which was a hitwith Mark and other teachers.

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