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Tutorial 3 - Linear Function

Tutorial 3 - Linear Function

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Published by: Wan Muhammad Abdul Hakim on Feb 20, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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1. Find the slope of the straight line that passes through the given points.a) A (5,4) and B(-1,2)b) P(11,-3) and Q(-3,7)c) R(k, 2k 
) and S(3,6k)2.Given that the slope of a line passes through point (0,6) and point (7,b) is b, find thevalue of b. 3.Given points A(-5,4), B(-2,0), C(-4,-1) and D(0,2), show that (slope of line AB) x(slope of line CD) = -1. What is the conclusion that can be drawn from these two lines.4.Find an equation of a straight line that has the indicated properties,a)Has slope ½ and passes through (-1,-2) b)Passes through (4,8) and (0,-3)c)x- intercept = ½ and y-intercept = -35.The coordinate of point A, B and C are (2,7), (1,0) and (5,8) respectively. Finda)An equation of the straight line that passes through B and C. b)An equation of a straight line that passes through A and parallel to line BC.6.Determine whether the lines are parallel or perpendicular:a)y = 7x + 2 and y = 7x – 3 b)y = 3 and x = –3c)y =5x + 2 and –5x + y – 3 = 0d) 3x + y = 4 and x – 3y + 1 = 07.Find an equation of a straight line satisfying the given conditions,a)Passing through (3, –1) and parallel to y = 4x + 5 b)Passing through (2, 2) and parallel to y = – 2c)Passing through (4, 3) and perpendicular to y = 3x – 5d)Passing through (7, – 4) and perpendicular to y = 58. Find the intersection point between the following two straight lines:a) 2x – y = 6 and 3x + 2y = –5b) 4x + 5y =3 and 3x + 4y = 2c) 2x – 5y =1 and x + 2y = 29.The straight line 7y = 3x – 6 intersects with x-axis at point A.The straight line 3y =18 – x intersects with y – axis at point B. These two straight lines intersect each other at point C.a) Compute the coordinate of point A, B and C.b) If O is the origin (0,0), show that line OC is perpendicular to line AB.
10.The demand for a product is 40 kgs when the price is RM 12 per gram and 25kgs at RM 18 per gram. Find,
a) the demand equation. (assume x represents the quantity and y represents the price) b) price per kg when 30 kgs is purchasedc) quantity of demand at price RM 15d) the equilibrium point if the supply equation is given by y = x,11. A toothpaste manufacturer sells the products at price RM4 per unit. The variable cost isRM 0.50 per unit and the fixed cost is RM 3500.(Assume x is the quantity of toothpaste produced)a.Write the equation of total revenue. b.Write the equation of total cost.c.Find the break even point.d.How much total revenue obtained if 900 units of tootpaste are sold? Statewhether the manufacturer will gain profit or loss if 900 units are sold. Givereason for your answer.e.In the same diagram, sketch the graph of total revenue and total cost. Hence,indicate the break even point.12. The profit function for a company that produces decorative lamp is given by
= 30x – 900 and the total cost is C(x) = 15x + 900 (x represents the quantity). Find,a) The minimum quantity of the product should be produced to enable the company togain profit. b) Total Revenue function, R(x)c) Price of the decorative lamp per unitd) profit function if the company agrees to reduce the price of the decorative lamp toRM30.

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