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Microsoft General Information

Microsoft General Information

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Published by Ayesha Khan
Microsoft General Information
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Microsoft General Information
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Published by: Ayesha Khan on Feb 20, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Microsoft Affects on Consumer 
Microsoft is currently the biggest program writing company. Popular Microsoft products include the Windows OperatingSystems, and MSN Messenger. People from all over the world interact through these products. The use of Microsoft programs isnot limited to home use, many businesses use the systems for professional uses.
Microsoft’s A
ect on the WordBill Gates: how a geek changed the worldBy Charles MillerBBC Money ProgrammeBill Gates ends his full-time job at Microsoft on a Friday afternoon and the company opens for business after the weekend as if nothing has changed. Atleast, that is how Gates' successors want to play it. The 'transition,’ as it is called inside the company, was announced two years ago.On the face ofit, the only di
erence after 27 June will be that Gates will be non-executive chairman rather than executive chairman, spending just one day aweek on Microsoft business.Seamless transition?The new leaders, none much younger than Gates himself, mix warm tributes to their founder with reassurances that all will be
ne without him.What they're going to lose is that founding focus, and the ability to rally the troopsCharlene Li, Forrester ResearchTimeline: Bill Gates CareerSo Ray Ozzie, who took on Gates' role as chief software architect two years ago, says the company is now so big there is "no single point of failure.”And Steve Ballmer, Gates' long-time partner, and chief executive since 2000, says Microsoft "won't miss a beat" as a result of next week's move.But Gates' departure has a symbolic value that no amount of PR planning can avoid.Microsoft sta
ers who don't know the o
cial company line happily admit that "Bill is Microsoft.” And outsiders agree:"No-one speaks Microsoft, lives Microsoft, embodies Microsoft as Bill Gates does," says Charlene Li, from consultants Forrester Research."What they're going to lose is that founding focus, and the ability to rally the troops."Gates' achievement since se
ing up Microsoft in 1975 has been world-changing.Mission statementHe has all but accomplished his famous mission statement, to put "a computer on every desk and in every home" - at least in developed countries.And Microsoft's extraordinary
nancial performance - with pro
t margins still an enviable 30% - has made him the richest man in the world for 13 straight years according to Fortune magazine's authoritative list.To those who say the computer revolution would have happened without him, he can point out that more than 90% of computers run Microsoft's Windows.With programming skills to add credibility to his business success, he is a hard act to follow.
Steve Ballmer is a big character with a strong track record at Microsoft, but he will never acquire Gates' status.For Gates, all the PR positives have been counterbalanced by Microsoft's apparently endless anti-trust ba
les, and the leagues of Microsoft-haters amongthe technorati, who persist in thinking of Microsoft as the evil empire.But Gates' altruism is a new factor pu
ing him on the side of the angels.In his post-Microsoft life, he will be concentrating on giving away his money - promoting research into neglected diseases and
nding other ways to improvethe lives of the poor of the world.For even the most cynical, it's hard to argue that his $30bn donation to his Foundation, with the promise of more to come over the years ahead, is some kindof grand public relations exercise.The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation claims to be the world's biggest philanthropic organization, and none have yet stepped forward to contradict that.Even with Gates only popping in as a part-timer, Microsoft looks set fair for a good few years. Its cash cows, Windows and O
ce, still earn huge sums andthere are new enterprises such as Xbox and Windows Server, IT in the heart of businesses, that are substantial and growing.ThreatsThe company makes weekly pro
ts of almost a 1bn.That's about four times as much as Google.But deep in the psyche of the company is a fear that just as IBM de
ned the
rst computer generation and was displaced by Microsoft, so Microsoft could
nd itself part of the technology infrastructure rather than at the cu
ing edge.And the size and solidity of its pro
ts o
er no protection against that.Ray Ozzie admits Microsoft, like other technology giants, always needs to fear "two guys in a garage" who come up with something new and move fast.Some say that has already happened."Much as IBMwas the de
ning company in the seventies," says technology writer John Ba
elle, "and Microsoft in the nineties, Ithinkthat this is Google'sdecade."Microsoft's recent a
empt to buy Yahoo! is a sign that behind the soothing mood music from company HQ is a sense of urgency about the future.And it has much to do with Google's ever-expanding portfolio of services, any of which could join its runaway search engine as a source of big pro
ts.Gates himselfis keen to keep the Yahoo! bid in perspective, pointing out that ifit had been successful it would have represented just 15% ofthe value of Microsoft.But it would still have been Microsoft's biggest acquisition, and the bid itself drew a
ention to the company's poor results from its online businesses.A botched Yahoo! bid has been, in many ways, the worst possible way ofmarking Gates' departure.The internet is a high pro
le part of the company'sbusiness to which Gates himself has devoted considerable time and energy.It was back in 1995 that he wrote his famous company memo, warning of the "internet tidal wave". He said the internet would be as big as the original PCrevolution. It was considered an impressive example of his ability to make the company "turn on a dime".Today Microsoft has extensive web o
erings and there's an acceptance that online advertising will be an important part of the revenue mix in future.But there's relatively li
le in new income to show from the online focus of the past decade and more.As Gates leaves to pursue his altruistic work, the internet increasingly looks like un
nished business for Microsoft.
Kevin Johnson: Facebook and Microsoft Expand Strategic Alliance ConferenceRemarks by Kevin Johnson, President, Platforms & Services Division, Microsoft Corporation andOwen Van Na
a, Vice President,Operations andChief Revenue O
cer, FacebookFacebook and Microsoft Expand Strategic Alliance ConferencePalo Alto, Calif., and Redmond, Wash.Oct. 24, 2007(Operator Direction.)VIVEKVARMA:Thank you.Thank you for joining us. I'm Vivek Varma with Microsoft. I'm joined for the announcement today by Owen Van Na
a, ChiefRevenueO
cer for Facebook; Brandee Barker, director ofcorporate communications for Facebook; and Kevin Johnson, President ofthe Platforms and Servicesdivision at Microsoft.First a couple of housekeeping notes.There will be a replay ofthis call available for one week. The toll free number is 866.435.1324, and the internationalnumber is 203.369.1020.Also, you'll note from Microsoft on today's callwe will not be discussing results or guidance for our quarter just ended for the
scal year or other topicsnormally handled in our earnings call to take place tomorrow.I wanted to take a quick moment to run through the press release. We had a couple of errors on the press release that went over the wire. There will be areissue. I am going to now read the press release, the
nal press release between Facebook and Microsoft. Sorry for the confusion on that.So, Facebook and Microsoft expand strategic alliance, the two companies expand advertising deal to cover international markets; Microsoft to take equitystake in Facebook.Facebook and Microsoft Corp today announced that the two companies would expand their advertising partnership, and that Microsoft will take a $240million equity stake in Facebook's next round of 
nancing at a $15 billion valuation. Under the expanded strategic alliance, Microsoft will be the exclusivethird-party advertising platform partner for Facebook, and will begin to sell advertising for Facebook internationally, in addition to the United States."We are pleased to take our Microsoft partnership to the next level," said Owen Van Na
a, chiefrevenue o
cer, Facebook. "We think this expandedrelationship will allow Facebook to continue to innovate and grow as a technology leader and major player in social computing, as well as bring relevantadvertising to nearly 50 million active users of Facebook.""Making this investment and expanding this partnership will position Microsoft and Facebook to be
er take advantage ofadvertising opportunities aroundthe world, and is a great win for not only for our two companies, but also our collective users and advertisers,"said Kevin Johnson, president of the Platformsand Services Division at Microsoft. "We have partnered well over the past year and look forward to doing some exciting things together in the future. Theopportunity to further collaborate as advertising partners is a big reason we have decided to take an equity stake, and is a strong statement ofourcon
dence in the long-term economics of this partnership."Facebook continues to experience strong growth both in the U.S. and international markets.Almost 60 percent ofFacebook's users are outside the U.S.With an average of 250,000 new users registering each day, Facebook continues to be one of the most tra
cked sites on the Internet.On Aug. 22, 2006, the companies announced a U.S.-only strategic alliance that named Microsoft the exclusive provider ofstandard banner advertising onFacebook using Microsoft's digital advertising solutions, and the Microsoft adCenter platform. In early 2007, the terms were extended to 2011.With that scintillating reading ofthe press release, I'm going to turn it over to Owen and Kevin, if there are any additional comments from the two ofthem,and then we'll go to questions, operator.

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