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The Art of Choas

The Art of Choas

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Published by Ayesha Khan
The Art of Chaos, Chaos, What is Chaos
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The Art of Chaos, Chaos, What is Chaos
Visit www.schoolofquranunlimited.blogspot.com
for more posts

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Published by: Ayesha Khan on Feb 20, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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What Is Chaos? 
Personally I believe that in this universe, everything is based on some
. We call this logic sequences order. This meansthat there is no such thing called chaos. Is it true? The question is how can we define chaos?Some theories believe that there is
absolute chaos
. Every action, movement or construction on the universe isbased in mathematical equations. The one we don’t understand, or cannot predict its results, we call it chaos. For example if youthrough a piece of paper on the air. Can you know exactly where is it going to land? Will some people say yes you can! If youcalculate the weight, wind directions, gravity, shape of paper, angle of the through, force which initiated the action and air flowaround the paper then you may be able to determine where when and how this paper will land.This action for other people is just a through. Luck goes under the same category of chaos. Some people believe in luck and otherdo not. This leads us to the
Cause and Effect theory
. Everything that is happing around us is a chain of action andreaction. A small action can lead to a bigger one and start a chain of reactions which may intersect with other chains at a certainpoint causing new reactions.With the development of computers, now architects and designers are able to introduce organic forms in to there design.Computers gave us the chance to calculate and designs structures which were not applicable before. It is also gave scientists abetter understanding of universe. Every day pass the order behind chaotic nature are being revealed. The more knowledge humangain the better understanding of chaos.Chaos is the unknown to us. Chaos is the
. Wars are a form of chaos. One of the key aspects ofvictory is being unknown, chaotic and not being understood to the enemy. If you are being predictable, your enemy will have theupper hand.This subject can open many doors, but it effect all aspect of life.
I believe in deeplyordered chaos
Francis Bacon
Oxford Dictionary Definitions 
complete disorder and confusion
: snow caused chaos in the region.• Physics behavior so unpredictable as to appear random, owing to great sensitivity to small changes in conditions.• the formless matter supposed to have existed before the creation of the universe.• (
) Greek Mythology the first created being, from which came the primeval deities Gaia, Tartarus, Erebus, and Nyx.ORIGIN late 15th cent. (denoting a gaping void or chasm, later formless primordial matter): via French and Latin from Greek
khaos‘vast chasm, void.’
in a state of complete confusion and disorder
: a chaotic jumble of spools, tapes, and books.• Physics of or relating to systems that exhibit chaos.DERIVATIVES
| adverbORIGIN early 18th cent.: from
, on the pattern of words such as hypnotic.
Scientific and Everyday Meaning of Chaos 
In everyday language "chaos" implies the
existence of unpredictable or random behavior 
. The word usually carries anegative meaning involving
undesirable disorganization or confusion
. However, in the scientific realm thisunpredictable behavior is not necessarily undesirable.Chaos:In short, chaos embodies three important principles:
extreme sensitivity to initial conditionscause and effect are not proportionalnonlinearity
"Chaosoften breeds life, whenorder breeds habit."
Henry Adams
This observation by Henry Adams emphasizes the ability of complexstructures (life) to bederived from simple ones (e.g. sperm and egg).

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