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Published by duykhanhbk

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Published by: duykhanhbk on Feb 20, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Top of FormA network administrator has received complaints about slow network performance on one segment of a Layer 2 switched network. To determine whtypes of traffic are on the segment, the administrator decides to configure SPAN to allow the installation of a packet sniffer. Which two items must bconfigured to allow SPAN to function? (Choose two.)a monitored port or VLANthe threshold value of monitored trafficthe port that connects to the packet sniffer the sampling rate of the monitored port or VLANthe dot1q encapsulation on the monitored portBottom of Form
Top of FormWhat is the effect of the
snmp-server ifindex persist
command?All SNMP messages will remain in memory until the next interface reset.The SNMP community string index will be encrypted and stored in NVRAM.The SNMP interfaces for all devices in the community will be synchronized in NVRAM.The SNMP interface index for each interface will stay the same, even if the device is rebooted.Bottom of Form
Top of FormRefer to the exhibit. A network administrator used an extended ping to verify connectivity to a remote location. The ping indicated a 50 percent packloss. What could be the cause of the problem?NAT is filtering the echo reply packets.The packet size is exceeding the MTU.
An ACL is blocking the echo reply packets.An ACL is blocking the echo request packets.Load balancing is occurring with packet loss on one path.Bottom of Form
Top of FormA network administrator has noticed an unusual amount of traffic being received on a switch port that is connected to a college classroom computer Which tool would the administrator use from the NOC to take a closer look at the type of traffic that is being sent to the PC?RSPANa port scanner an IDSthe
show interfaces fa0/x
commandSNMP agent softwareBottom of Form
Top of FormA newly established branch office is reporting connectivity issues with the server farm that is located at the main office. The network administrator suggests that the problem could be with the path MTU. How could the network administrator verify that this is the problem?Consult the network documentation to determine the MTU.Use the
command to determine where packets are being lost.Adjust the MTU parameter on the router in the server farm to determine the acceptable path MTU.Use the extended ping option to send packets of increasing size to the destination to determine the path MTU.Bottom of Form
Top of Form
Refer to the exhibit. What information does this output provide?The router has a connected default route.The router is installing five routes in its routing table.The router received routing updates from router is advertising its routes to the router with the address of Form
Top of FormWhich two symptoms would the
show processes cpu
command be helpful in troubleshooting? (Choose two.)no link lightsfailed Telnet sessions to router output queue dropsinput queue dropsexcessive collisionsBottom of Form
Top of FormEmbedded Event Manager events can be triggered based on which three Cisco IOS subsystems? (Choose three.)

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